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Shadeheart of WaterClan

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Shadeheart of WaterClan

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:20 am

Shadekit is a tortoiseshell tom with with light blue-green eyes. His long whiskers finish off his curved face and big, wet, black nose. His long legs, well only, 3 of them, are perfect for running and agility tests in the future, but his nose is sharp for tracking and dull claws make it hard to hunt but vampire-fang like teeth are perfect for fighting. Shadekit is very caring, and even though he is an only child he treats everyone like family, or, more likely, little siblings. If an older warrior is hurt, he acts as their father. In the future, after an accident as an apprentice, though, he will turn snobby and hate everyone around him. Despite being kind as of now, he is quite diffident, or shy. He doesn't like talking to new people, and only trusts his fellow Clanmates. Any rogues, loners, or kittypets accepted into the Clan are never liked by little Shadekit. He is very disapproving of Speckles and her kits after Turtlesplash let them stay. He is rather timid, but that changes in the future. He is easily frightened by an movement, and must have peace and quiet to begin sleeping before falling into a full, deep slumber. He is introverted, or reserved, for your pleasure. He doesn't like telling secrets, but he is great at keeping them. If he gets overwhelmed or stressed, though, he will blurt out everything he knows. Although, he is very optimistic and hopeful for his future. He wants to have a mate and kits and a perfect life, although he may not get it... right away, that is.
Physical Abilities
Fighting 9 (he has vampire-like fangs, or teeth, i guess, that can sink into flesh and blood perfectly)
Hunting 3 (it is hard for him since he's got such tiny, dull claws)
Jumping 5 (like any other averagely long-legged cat, he can leap pretty well to a decent surface)
Climbing 2 (as said above, he has dull claws that can't easily hang on to bark or any other climbing substance)
Running 8 (long legs equals the boss at beating everyone at races)
Strength 4 (for a guy, it's not very good)
Stamina 7 (meh, like any other)
Memory 6 (it's as well as the next cat, he can remember crucial stuff but not what he ate during feeding time last night)
Tracking 7 (it's pretty good for a kit with a little black nose!)
Medicinal 1 (he knows the important cobwebs and stuff, but... what is a herb even?)
Mother ;; Specklenose (alive, open, must be lazy, laidback, cynical, dissident, but superior)
Father ;; Whitetalon (alive, open, must be cheerful, mischievous, friendly, determined, and optimistic)
Crush ;; Spottedkit (Artemis)
As a kit, even from the start, he always liked Spottedkit. He hopes to be her future mate, even though she may start of as snobby sometimes. Other than that, he hopes he gets a great mentor since he is 6 moons old already.

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Re: Shadeheart of WaterClan

Post by MoonChan on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:18 pm

Accepted Very Happy
screeches because he's cute and adorbs

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