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Mini-Guide :: How to Roleplay Properly

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Mini-Guide :: How to Roleplay Properly

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:03 pm

Howdy, everybody! This is a mini-guide on how to roleplay properly. Lots of you have trouble knowing the correct roleplaying skills, and I can tell you that it sometimes annoys us mods and admins. This guide will help you get a better understanding of how to roleplay, and fix our understanding of what you're trying to say in a post.


If you want to talk to someone out of character while roleplaying, please put "OOC", which means "Out of Character", and when you return to your regular post for roleplaying, put "IC", or "BIC", which means "In Character" or "Back in Character". If you want to talk to someone, go to the chatbox! We don't want to see the Clan topics flooded with out of character conversations. The chatbox can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of any page you are on, or the big box below the homepage message.

We encourage third person roleplay, including creating a character like that. "I" is not acceptable, please use "They", "She", or "He".
Roleplay in past, not present. Say "Waterstep purred, curling up beside Frostwater", not "Waterstep purrs and curls up beside Frostwater".

Capitalization and Spelling

Capitalization and spelling heavily weigh in to how good you are of a roleplayer. Most of us are not fond of reading posts with constantly misspelled words and no capitalization whatsoever.
" birdfoot pdded into te wrriors den . "
That is not a good post. This example is better:
"Birdfoot padded into the warriors den."
Remember, we always understand the occasional typo, but there's a mouse on your computer for a reason. Spell-check your post!


Punctuation is a key factor when roleplaying. But, it's best not to overdo it, use them properly.
"How are you?" she asked.
" How are you?, " she asked.
Which one is incorrect? The second one!
"Hello there" after his greeting thr tom sat down by the prey heap and picked out a bird.
"Hello there." After his greeting, the tom sat down by the prey heap and carefully picked out a bird.
The first one is incorrect!
Bad example - "Hi" she exclaimed.
Good example - "HI!" she exclaimed.
PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE QUOTES WHEN TALKING. You place it like this: "Hello." Not like this: " Hello .!~ "

Complete Words

Lots of people decide that roleplaying is silly and just like every other place on the Internet, a place to use chatspeak, which is words like:
- plz
- thx
- lol
- ur great
- bai, etc
We understand in the chatbox, but in the roleplay it's just wrong! How would you like to read a post that says:
"'Thx, ur great,' Puddlecloud said, saying bai to his friend, loling as he left back to camp."
That looks plain horrible. Now you understand! I'm sure it's not too much effort to add a few more letters to these chatspeak words in the roleplay. This is better:
"'Thanks, you're great!' Puddlecloud exclaimed, waving his tail in goodbye to his friend, laughing out loud from his joke as he left back to camp."
Now that's better!


A lot of people like to include description in their posts, whether they're describing the scenery or their character it is something most people like to use. However, you do not want to go overboard with descriptive words, especially ones that aren't known or understood by other members. It is fine to look into the thesaurus for more descriptive words to replace simple ones, such as "transparent" instead of "clear", but do not pick out the longest, most confusing word. An easy way to tell if they are too advanced for the role-play is to ask yourself if someone would know the word before entering college. If not then it may be better to stick away from using it. Rarely do people like to spend half their time looking up the words to understand the posts.
On the other hand, a lot of inexperienced role-players tend to describe their characters as,

"The prettiest she-cat in the camp,"

"The most handsome tom that all the she-cats wanted."
Please refrain from using those such things in your posts. Such posts give the impression of you being needy and desperate for love. Everyone had a moment in the past when they did the same, but its better to not do that when looking for romance in your character's role-play. It is better to make a creative personality than make yourself appear desperate. Creating mini plots with other role-players can also help to create romantic potential.


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