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WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

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Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Heatherglow of Frostclan

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Heatherglow of Frostclan

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:01 am


14 moons (?) 

Mate: -
Crush: Rattail
Kits: -

Personality: Heatherglow is the most intelligent apprentice of her generation. She is quit brave and sometimes can be a bit sassy, but mostly is a caring and kind she-cat once you get to know her. Sometimes, from being so smart, Heatherglow will be a know-it-all and learns things very quickly.

Appearance: Heatherglow is a white she-cat with orange patches along with black patches. Her tail, underbelly, chest and ears are very fluffy and more longer-furred then elsewhere. She has bright green eyes like a Heather's leaves/stem and a pink nose. She has some unique markings, five white spots on her flank, three orange slashes below her right eye, looking like claw marks and some orange freckle-like small spots on her left cheek.

Father: Snow
Mother: Belle

Herb Logic2/10

Heatherglow was born to two kittypets, both belonging to the same twolegs and living in a luxurious comfy twoleg nest/den, Her name was Heather. She was born with no siblings and being a lone kit was no fun since there was nothing to do. So, being bored, she ventured off into the wild forest. There,she found out about the clans and was invited to join them, which she agreed to. She often visited her parents secretly, but not telling them about her clan life, but eventually started to only visit them each full moon and new moon. When she joined the clans, she became best of friends with ___paw and Ratpaw. They went on many adventures doing many exciting things and risking there lives for each other in dangerous situations. Heatherpaw soon fell in love with Ratpaw, but still keeps it a close secret.

Future Plans: Heatherpaw will become Heatherglow when a warrior and will become mates with Ratpaw as warriors. They will have two kits, Rosekit and Hailkit.

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Re: Heatherglow of Frostclan

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:45 pm

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