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Snow is beginning to fall on the territories, covering everything in a blanket of soft white powder. The winds are chilly coming off of the mountains, and it is suggested that everyone save their strength for hunting and training to defend your territory.
WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Cloudmist of Frostclan

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Cloudmist of Frostclan

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:18 am

Cloudkit // Cloudpaw // Cloudmist

13 Moons


Cloudmist is a sweet and caring she-cat that is soft on games and other things. She never sneaks out and is never troublesome. Almost a goody-two-shoes, which many call her, she's never grumpy or mean, always bright and cheerful. She's always understanding with friends and will always be welcoming and very friendly. Cloudmist is also very loyal, hardworking and helpful.

A pale sandy brown-ish colour with dark gray front feet and same coloured muzzle and chest. Her tail tip is white and so are her hind-leg's toes. Her paw pads, inside ears and nose is pink and her eyes are a crystal ice-like blue. Cloudmist has white above her gray legs and a white streak on her back and down her pelt, to her stomach. She also has white streak along her muzzle, across her eyes and on her forehead. She has tufts of fur on her cheeks and elbows of her front legs. Her fur is short and smooth+soft.
(see pic in comments if this doesn't really show in your mind)


Born to Windheart and Snowwhisper of Frostclan. Has one sister named Icewish.
As a kit, she was kind and caring, but didn't ever dare to do troublesome things such as sneaking out of camp
As a apprentice, she was always obedient and hardworking, she listened well to the teaching from her mentor and once caught a eagle with the help of her mentor and Icewing. As a warrior, she fights bravely in battles for her clan and will help anyone in need and with her clan.

Mother-Snowwhisper-pure white- alive n' open
Father- Windheart- silver tabby- alive n' open
Sister- Icewish- white and silver tabby patched- alive n' open

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Re: Cloudmist of Frostclan

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:20 am


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Re: Cloudmist of Frostclan

Post by Leopardspots on Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:57 pm


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DuskClan: Blueshine(elder), Coldfoot(medicine cat), Tawnysky, Dawnfire, Shadowblaze, Hawksky
FireClan: Soraflight(med. cat), Birchstripe, Robinheart, Martenstrike, Flamekit
WaterClan: Turtlesplash(deputy), Marshfeather(app Carppaw), Snailnose, Carrotnose, Leopardspots, Willowpaw(Lostblaze), Spiderpaw(____)
BrightClan: Hazelflight(med. cat) Petrelflight(app Snowpaw), Jasperheart(app Blizzardpaw), Riptidewind, Crabpaw(Snowyspirit) , Mothpaw(Crimsonfang)
FrostClan: Dapplestar, Hailstreak, Fennelstrike, Owlstripe, Crowsong (app: Badgerpaw)
Other: Shard, Jingle, Angus, Dottie, Raccoon

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Re: Cloudmist of Frostclan

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