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Snow is beginning to fall on the territories, covering everything in a blanket of soft white powder. The winds are chilly coming off of the mountains, and it is suggested that everyone save their strength for hunting and training to defend your territory.
WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

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Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:34 pm

I'm just going to make a series of stories about some warrior cats and clans I made up, Enjoy!
Also the books won't be to long, they'll be about 5 chapters long. Lol, I'm too lazy to do longer. Wink

Desert will be in peril's claws and blood will soak the sand if Fire and Silver do not save the clans.

Leader Drystar- A sandy brown tom with torn ears and pale green eyes.
Deputy Coyotepelt- A brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and amber eyes.
Medicine Cat Sparktail- A white and yellow tabby patched she-cat with amber eyes.
Apprentice: Firepaw
Brokenheart- A dark brown tabby she-cat with a scarred out eye and one green eye.
Raggedfur- A ragged gray tom with amber eyes.
Sandbreeze- A sandy pale tabby tom with blue eyes.
Sunflight- A orange tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Apprentice: Rosepaw
Bluesky- A blue-gray furred she-cat with blue eyes.
Tallfoot- A black and white tom with yellow eyes and tall feet and ears.
Apprentice: Honeypaw
Sharpclaws- A brown tabby tom with blue eyes.
Autumnshine- A fire red orange tabby she-cat witha white underbelly and green eyes.
Cherrynose- A orange she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice: Lynxpaw
Moletooth- A dark brown tom with amber eyes.
Boulderflame- A dark gray tom with orange eyes.
Heatshadow- A calico she-cat with dark blue eyes.
Hawkeye- A white brown dappled tom with icy blue eyes.
Lizardstep- A white and black tom with green eyes.
Tumbleweed- A light brown previous loner she-cat tabby with amber eyes.
Adderstrike- A brown classic tabby tom with amber eyes.
Brightwhisker- A yellow tom with blue eyes.
Blazeleaf- A orange tabby she-cat with blazing orange eyes.
Apprentice: Specklepaw
Thistleleg- A pale tom with green eyes.
Dirtsplash- A light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice: Crackedpaw
Scorpiontail- A black she-cat with dark green eyes. Mate: Coyotepelt | Kits: Moonkit, Tawnykit and Quailkit
Grassdapple- A dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with grass-green eyes. Mate: Sandbreeze | Kits: Leafkit, Mottlekit, Grasskit and Dunekit
Bramblerose- A brown spotted she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Hawkeye | Kits: Shadekit and Oakkit
Moonkit- A dark gray tabby tom with bright blue eyes.
Tawnykit- A calico tom with green eyes.
Quailkit- A brown tabby she-kit with black paws and amber eyes.
Leafkit- A dappled tortoiseshell she-kit with deep green eyes.
Mottlekit- A pale cream white she-kit with dappled orange flecks and amber eyes.
Grasskit- A orange tabby tom with grass green eyes.
Dunekit- A pale sandy tabby tom with bright green eyes.
Shadekit- A white tom with black dapples/patches and amber eyes.
Oakkit- A brown spotted tom with icy blue eyes.
Spottedshade- A light brown spotted tom like a leopard with green eyes.
Waspclaw- A yellow tabby tom with amber eyes.
Twigspeck- A white she-cat with brown and black patches and blue eyes.
Firepaw- A red tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Honeypaw- A golden she-cat with green eyes.
Rosepaw- A red she-cat with dark green eyes and white paws.
Lynxpaw- A light gray tom with black tufts of fur on his ear tips and blue eyes.
Crackedpaw- A light brown classic tabby tom with amber eyes.
Specklepaw- A cream-brown she-cat with dark brown specks and dark brown feet.
Other Cats
Cobra- A sandy tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Scorpion- A brown tabby tom with blue eyes.
Cocoa- A deep cocoa brown tom with long ears and tail and amber eyes.
Raven- A dark gray tabby tom with gray-blue eyes.
Bella- A calico she-cat with hazel-green eyes.
Daisy- A tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.
Sunshine- A golden tabby and white patched she-cat with bright amber eyes.
Lora- A white she-cat with amber eyes.
Patches- A black and white tom with blue eyes.
Cooper- A brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Desertclan's Prophecy~Book One~ Sandstorm
Chapter 1:
Chapter 1
Firepaw woke up to a startled snort from Rosepaw, her sister. Drowsily, she got up with a yawn and fluttered her eyes open. "Is it dawn yet?" She meowed, peering through a hole that was pecked by sparrows the other day. Rosepaw shrugged, "Beats me." She muffled through her fur as she groomed it, "Maybe we can sleep a little bit more." She finally answered, curling back up next to Firepaw. Firepaw sighed and with a nod, lay back down. Even though she was a medicine cat apprentice, she needed to sleep in the apprentice's den because the elder's den was lost in a previous sandstorm, making them sleep in the medicine cat's den. So, Firepaw had to move to the apprentice's den due to the medicine cat's den being to squished. Honeypaw twitched beside her, carefully, Firepaw shifted around to face Rosepaw. "Do you think-" but before she could say anything a yowl rose through the camp, "SANDSTORM! We need to take cover NOW!"
Instantly Firepaw could hear cats waking up and shifting in their nests. She widened her eyes and nudged Honeypaw and Rosepaw awake. "Get up! It's a sandstorm!" She whispered harshly. Rosepaw stumbled up to her paws quickly with alert and Honeypaw groaned as she blinked open her eyes. "I'm not on dawn  patrol, you fur-ball." She muttered, curling back up. Rosepaw muttered something under her breath furiously and gave Honeypaw a thwack on the head. "There is a sandstorm for Nightclan's sake!" She growled. Lynxpaw, Crackedpaw and Specklepaw had already left the den in fear. Honeypaw got up warily and shuffled out the den as Rosepaw kept pushing her and stomping on her tail to get the lazy she-cat moving. As Firepaw emerged from the den, most of Desertclan's cats were all lined up, paired with their pairs that Drystar arranged them in when Sandstorm's happened. They all looked tired and pressed together, as the day was hot and dry, the night was very, very cold, especially the early morning. Sparktail scurried over to Firepaw in a jumpy way, "We need to save some herbs! I don't want all the herbs blown away like last time." She meowed shakily. Whenever Sparktail, Firepaw's mentor was nervous or afraid, she always was shaky and spoke different. Firepaw nodded and ran to the medicine den, stuffing as much herbs as she could in a leaf basket that Tumbleweed had woven. Placing the important ones carefully inside the basket, she left with two, carefully transferring one to Sparktail, and herself holding onto the other one. They got into the line with Rosepaw paired with Honeypaw in front of them. Firepaw peered behind them at the camp entrance and saw a large cloud of sand emerging from the horizon. She widened her eyes and felt almost as shaky as Sparktail was.  This... this sandstorm is giant, we've never had anything like this! Not even in the elder's stories! She thought. "Hey! Snap out of it, cloud-head!" Crackedpaw hissed behind her. Firepaw snapped out of it and turned around, the clan was already leaving the camp clearing through the emergency hole. Firepaw followed with her basket of herbs beside Sparktail, looking up she found the large jagged boulder that they would always take shelter in whenever sandstorms came, it was also used as a communication point for Sparktail and Firepaw to go to and speak with Nightclan, their ancestors. They had to go down a tunnel through the boulder to reach a crystal cave, only fit for five or six cats, their a tree with glowing mushrooms and a glowing stream surrounding it was how they communicated with Nightclan. As the clan neared the sandstorm, a yowl came from behind. Almost the whole line of cats turned to see, Spottedshade was stuck in a scarce thorn bush. Coyotepelt hopped out the line where he was helping carry Leafkit and handed her to Boulderflame to carry as he ran over to help Spottedshade. "Specklepaw, Blazeleaf, Raggedpelt, come help me." He meowed, clearly not showing any signs of fear. The three cats joined the deputy and started tugging him out. Drystar raised his tail for the clan to pay attention to him, "Keep moving, Brokenheart and Sandbreeze will be in charge if anything happens, I will stay back to make sure they make it!" He yowled, pointing his tail to the two trusted senior warriors. As the clan started moving, Spottedheart gasped, "I won't make it! Go without me!" He rasped, stopping his struggling to get out. "No, were not leaving without you!" Firepaw heard Coyotepelt protest. Spottedheart shook his head sadly, he looked up into Coyotepelt's eyes, "It is my time to join Nightclan. I have been suffering from greencough, and I know it can't be cured without catmint. I am old, Coyotepelt. You need to leave and help your clanmates." He rasped, coughing. Coyotepelt stopped struggling to help the elder and backed away. He dipped his head and touched noses with the old tom, "As you hunt in the starry fields of Nightclan and bask in the warm sun, we will never forget you." He meowed, turning his way back to the clan and bounding away with Blazeleaf and Raggedpelt following, who has said their goodbyes. Back at the boulder, the clan had made it and Drystar was counting the pairs. "Wheres Specklepaw, Blazeleaf? She was your pair!" He meowed worriedly. Blazeleaf widened his eyes, "I-I don't know, I thought she was following right behind us... she must still be with Spottedheart!" He meowed, quickly dashing to see outside the cave's shelter. He spotted the thorn bush and yowled, trying to get Specklepaw's attention.  Specklepaw appeared beside Spottedheart ignoring the yowls from her clanmates. "I'm not letting you go!" She yowled, tugging at the thorn bush furiously. Spottedheart was her foster father when she was found dropped by a rouge on the borders of Desertclan. Spottedheart shook his head. "No! You won't make it! What are doing?!" He growled, pushing the apprentice away. "But, I need you!" she wailed, tears coming to her eyes. Spottedheart let out a raspy gasp, the sandstorm was about ten coyote-lengths away. "Get beside me, try to shelter there, quick!" He rasped. Specklepaw looked up to where Spottedheart's gaze lead, she widened her eyes and stood still, frozen as a cactus. Blazeleaf watched, fear in his eyes. "Specklepaw, No!!" He cried out, but it was too late, the sandstorm had taken in Specklepaw and Spottedheart, and it was now heading their way.

Chapter 2:
Chapter 2

"Firepaw, I need you to find some Comfrey!" Firepaw heard Sparktail yell to her from the other side of the medicine cat's makeshift den. Firepaw had been tending to Grassdapple who's kits were due any time soon. Since Grassdapple was the former medicine cat, but retired because of loss of smelling and almost sight, it was surprising she was having her third litter of kits. "I'll be right back, just bite onto this stick if they come." Firepaw meowed, giving a thick broken stick to the pregnant queen. As she slipped out the den she glanced around, the camp was full of excitement and busy as a group of bees. It had been a moon since the large sandstorm had hit, taking Specklepaw's and Spottedheart's lives and tearing apart the camp. Now all the cats were occupied with fixing and mending the dens. "No! Not that way, Lynxpaw. You need to put it through the second hole!" Tumbleweed corrected the group of apprentices. Tumbleweed had been assigned to teaching the apprentice's to weave twigs and leaves, so that when the warrior's made the new dens, they could weave twigs in so the dens could be much stronger. Firepaw nodded a hello to Bluesky who was on guard for the camp as she slipped out the entrance, who returned the nod back. As Firepaw padded through the forest with dried plants and dusty tree's, she almost thought it would be impossible to find any herbs out after the sandstorm basically destroyed them all. Before she could think it through, a yowl arose from the air. What now? Firepaw thought with a wrinkled nose. As she turned to the sound's direction, Thistleleg leapt through a bush. He skidded to a halt as he noticed Firepaw their, "Oh thank goodness you here, Firepaw." The young warrior meowed. "We need you help, Dirtsplash fell into a hole!" He explained, "Her leg is bleeding, we got her out, but she's loosing blood fast!" He panicked, shuffling his paws. Firepaw nodded, "Lead me to her." She answered, trying to sound unafraid, but she was afraid her trembling paws showed it. I've done emergencies like this before, but were low on comfrey! She thought anxiously as she followed the tom through the dried tall grass. As they reached a clearing, Thistleleg stopped and moved aside. "Here." He panted, glancing at her anxiously. Firepaw took in a deep breath, "Alright, I got this." She meowed as she stumbled over some loose pebbles and placed her paws on the she-cat's leg, feeling it. "I think it might be broken, but I'm going to need some cobwebs." She meowed, looking up at Blazeleaf who was standing in panic, her eyes showing fear. Firepaw almost felt sorry for the she-cat after she witnessed her apprentice dying and an elder. Blazeleaf flicked her tail, "Oh, I'm on it!" She responded, bounding off to a bush to find cobwebs. As Firepaw gave Dirtsplash a few good licks to clean her wound, she looked up once more, Blazeleaf handing her the cobwebs and Crackedpaw standing there. "I'm sorry!"Crackedpaw meowed, distressed. Firepaw placed the cobwebs on and placed her paws on them, holding them down. "For what?" She responded, padding down the cobwebs on the she-cat's wounds. "It was my fault, I didn't mean to push her into the hole... Honestly! I didn't know there was a hole!" He panicked. Firepaw grunted in response and got up, "I need comfrey. Thistleleg, you should know." Firepaw directed, glancing at Thistleleg expectantly.  Thistleleg nodded and ran off to find the herb. The young warrior had spent a week in the medicine cat's den because he had twisted his neck as a foolish apprentice, it took a while to heal it without accidentally doing anything wrong, so he had learned a couple basic herbs while he had spent his time there. As he returned, Firepaw chewed it into a paste and had applied it to the wound, soothing it. Dirtsplash let out a sigh of relief, "That feels better." She purred.
Firepaw sat down as Sparktail pressed her paws ina various areas of Dirtsplash's hind-leg. "Does it hurt here?" "Can you bend it?" "Relax the muscles... now tense them."  She had ordered her many things. Finally, she stopped and let Dirtsplash get back in her nest, wihch was in the medicine cat's den now. "You've broken the bone, It'll take about two weeks for it to heal if your lucky." She meowed. "Lucky?! What do you mean by lucky?" Dirtsplash asked, widening her eyes. Firepaw butted in, "She's just fooling around with you." She meowed with a reassuring purr. Sparktail let out a mrow of amusement. A screech came from the nursery, Sparktail turned her head quickly and her expression got more serious. "Firepaw, get some moss with water." She ordered, slipping out the den and entering the nursery. Grassdapple was supposedly giving birth and they always needed lots of water, since the air was dry at this time and lots of dust floated around, making cats cough a lot. Firepaw grabbed a moss and dipped it in the stream of water that was once larger, but down almost a trickle. As she brang the moss to the nursery, Grassdapple was biting onto a stick and already two kits were out. Her mate, Sandbreeze was pacing outside of the den, stopping as Firepaw entered, then continued. Another kit came out quickly and then the last one, she was pushing out, she bit on the stick so hard, she snapped it. Clenching her teeth together, the fourth kit slid out. Finally finished, she gasped for breath and panted, Firepaw gave her the soaked moss. "Thank you." She croaked, but as she drank it, blood started spilling out her mouth, she coughed it up and started choking on it. Sandbreeze rushed into the den, "Grassdapple!" He wailed as her breaths shortened and went more slowly. Sparktail gasped, but before she could leave the den to retrieve herbs, Grassdapple opened her mouth, "Desert will be in peril's claws and blood will soak the sand if Fire and Silver do not save the clans." She croaked, finally she closed her eyes and let out one last breath. Her kits wailed as they searched for milk, but nothing came out. Sandbreeze let out a distressed yowl, "No! No... she can't be dead... she's gone.." He cried, burying his fur in hers. "She was too weak for kits." Sparktail meowed, shaking her head. As Firepaw watched, she thought about the words the former medicine cat spoke. Was it a prophecy?

Chapter 3:
Chapter 3

"Let all cats old enough to climb the sand dunes, meet here underneath the high-rock!"
Firepaw shuffled her paws in anticipation, wanting to go see the meeting, but Sparktail insisted on quizzing her.  "Okay, lastly, what helps eyes or heals them?"
"Celandine!" Firepaw exclaimed, lashing her tail. "Can I go now?" She meowed, already inching away to the exit of the den. Sparktail gave her a amused look and with a nod, Firepaw dashed out. Rosepaw and Honeypaw were sitting together, they waved their tails for Firepaw to join them, and so she did, cats were already chanting Oakpaw's new name. "What did I miss?" Firepaw asked, feeling tired from the test she was forced to take. "Oakpaw went first to become an apprentice, he received Bluesky as his mentor." She explained.  Drystar raised his tail for silence and looked through the camp, a proud gleam in his eyes. "We have one more new apprentice to appoint today." He announced, looking straight into Shadepaw's direction. The tom was bouncing with excitement and looked like he was ready to burst into the sky. "Shadekit, please step forward." Drystar ordered with a friendly smile. Shadekit obeyed and stepped up to the high-rock. "Shadekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Shadepaw. I ask Nightclan to watch over you and guide you until you find in your paws the strength and courage of a warrior. " He meowed. Shadepaw let out a large smile and shuffled his paws in excitement. "Blazeleaf, step forward." He meowed as Blazeleaf came forward. "Blazeleaf, you are ready to take on a second apprentice. You have received excellent training from Sandbreeze, and you have shown yourself to be fierce and brave. You will be the mentor of Shadepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him." Drystar announced. Blazeleaf touched noses with Shadepaw cheerfully and they stood to the side beside Oakpaw and Bluesky. The whole clan burst into cheers, chanting Oakpaw's and Shadepaw's new names. Firepaw glanced into their direction, chanting along and noticed Blazeleaf was feeling a bit worried, probably after her previous apprentice, Specklepaw had died in the sandstorm,  but Bluesky looked happy as ever. As the meeting dyed away, Firepaw returned to the medicine cat's den with Sparktail organizing the herbs, humming a tune. "Sparktail, Firepaw." A voice came from behind, Firepaw turned around and noticed Coyotepelt poking his head inside, he looked a bit worried and fear prickled his pelt. Before Firepaw could answer, Sparktail shoved her aside, "Yes, what's wrong?" She asked, studying the deputy if he was sick or injured. "Drystar would like to have a meeting with you and Firepaw." He announced, flicking his tail as he lead them out the den. Sparktail nodded and followed towards Drystar's den. As they entered, it was dark and chilly inside, Firepaw had to blink several times to get her vision adjusted to the dim light. "Thank Nightclan your here. I've had a dream from Nightclan, and it's urgent. " He meowed, with a flick of his tail, "Please, sit down."
Firepaw sat down beside her mentor and Coyotepelt. The air seemed colder in here to Firepaw, or was it just herself, getting shivers? Drystar sighed, " Vulturestar came to me in my dream, with Grassdapple, Cactusprickle and Shrubtail. " He started. Firepaw remembered the stories of the previous cats, Cactusprickle was the former medicine cat, Vulterstar the former leader and Shrubtail was the former deputy, who died from a coyote attack. Grassdapple was the previous medicine cat of their clan, but as she knew before, she retired, but was the apprentice of Cactusprickle.  "They brought me news of a drought, the clan won't be able to survive then and there will be more sandstorms then ever. " Drystar explained. Sparktail's paws started to shake , Firepaw noticed her face go blank and she looked quit worried. Coyotepelt narrowed his eyes in thought, "What will we do? Our water source and prey are already beginning to fade." He meowed. Firepaw's stomach started churning, The clan will die out!
Drystar nodded, "Cactusprickle explained that we would need to travel, there would be a new home for us. Shrubtail mentioned directions, follow the setting sun and once you find the black river, follow it until you settle into the valley." Drystar meowed, trying to remember the things the dream told him. Coyotepelt nodded, "That sounds fair enough." He commented. Sparktail gasped, "We can't leave! Were already weak and this had been our homes for seasons, Drystar!" She argued. Drystar shook his head sadly, "I know. But we will grow even weaker if we don't find the valley Shrubtail mentioned in my dream." He pointed out. Sparktail let out a sigh, "True, I guess your right, Drystar." She apologized, hanging her head lowly. Drystar sighed, "I understand your worries, Sparktail. It's okay." He reassured her. Drystar turned to Firepaw, staring into her eyes. Firepaw suddenyl felt uncomfortable with Coyotepelt and Sparktail now looking at her as well. "Grassdapple mentioned another prophecy that she told you." He explained. Firepaw blinked, the prophecy when she was dying! She was telling me, that's probably why Sandbreeze and Sparktail didn't even mention it! I only heard it! She thought, "Oh! Of course! She said, 'Desert will be in peril's claws and blood will soak the sand if Fire and Silver do not save the clans' that's what I heard." She meowed, shrugging, the prophecy made no sense to Firepaw and hoped Drystar would be able to understand it, but he looked questionably. "Maybe It will come to us in our travels, but whatever it means, it doesn't sound friendly."
Chapter 4:
Chapter 4

Firepaw was shooken awake by her sisters and squeezed her eyes open. "Ergh.." She groaned, wanting to have more sleep. The other night, she had not time for it because all she thought of was the prophecy and how the next day they would be leaving their home. "Come on Firepaw! You don't want to be left behind!" Rosepaw growled, batting Firepaw's face impatiently. "Yea, this is sooo exciting!" Honeypaw commented, bouncing from one paw to another. Firepaw sighed and heaved herself up, her fur ungroomed from  the restless night. Crackedpaw snickered from behind, "Wow, were you chasing tumbleweeds in your sleep or what?!" He laughed. Lynxpaw narrowed his eyes, sitting beside his brother. "Stop teasing." He mumbled, glancing at Rosepaw shyly. Firepaw ignored the tom and slipped out the apprentice's den, Rosepaw soon by her side. "Aww, Lynxpaw is so charming." She meowed, a in-love sigh escaping her mouth. Honeypaw twisted her face up, "Ewww!" She hissed, sticking out her tongue in disgust. Firepaw dug her claws in the ground, "Enough, let's go. I don't want to be stuck in the back of the line on the journey." She pointed out, hurrying over to where already a few cats were gathered beside Drystar and Coyotepelt. "Ahh, Firepaw, your up." Drystar meowed in relief. Firepaw felt hot with embarrassment, I shouldn't have slept in so much... She thought with regretting it. "Coyotepelt is organizing a few hunting patrols so we can eat before we leave for our journey." Drystar explained, "And Sparktail insisted you should have your own patrol to find herbs for travelling." He finished, dipping his head.  "Go ahead and choose your cats." Coyotepelt grinned, waving his tail to the whole camp of busy, chatting warriors. Firepaw stood still, frozen in shock for being chosen to lead her own patrol. "I, uhm. I'll take, Rosepaw, Lynxpaw, Cherrynose, Sunflight, Lizardstep and  Hawkeye." She meowed. The cats who heard their names joined beside Firepaw eagerly. Rosepaw's eyes twinkled as she stood beside Lynxpaw, happy to be in the same patrol. Hopefully they won't be off in their own little world for too long... She thought as she flicked her tail. "Okay, let's go. " Firepaw mewed in a hushed tone, leading the patrol out the entrance of Desertclan.


Firepaw scuffled through the dry and barren land, her jaws parted and her nose lifted high up. She glanced behind her at the cats behind, each of them watching her warily. Right, I'll need to tell them how the herbs look. She reminded herself, stopping quickly and turning around with her tail lifted up, signaling for the group to halt as well. "Since we've got a lot of cats on this patrol, for herbs, I think we should split up." At the sound of this, Rosepaw's eyes lit up in excitement, although Firepaw had a different idea in mind, "Cherrynose and Lynxpaw can go together down near our..former camp." She meowed, sorting them off into a group, "Rosepaw and Sunflight can each go off towards the pond. And Lizardstep, Hawkeye and I will go down to the dunes." She meowed with a triumphant, faint smile. Rosepaw frowned and flicked her tail, "Uh, you're forgetting something. We have no idea what herbs smell like or look like." She pointed out. Firepaw smiled shyly, "Oh, right." She meowed, then took a deep breath, "Well, the first one you'll need would b-"
Before Firepaw could make out what Rosepaw was yelling at her for, something heavy pinned her down on the ground. She felt a hot breath on her neck and claws digging into her shoulders. The small red she-cat squirmed under the thing, but it was useless because of the difference in their weight. She managed to tilt her head to the side, and her heart seemed to freeze for a second. Two giant fangs were bared at her with a face of a coyote. Firepaw screamed in terror as it lunged at her and before she had the chance to do anything about it, everything went black.

Chapter 5:
Chapter 5

[left]"Will she be okay?"
"I'm sure of it. It's a nasty wound, but we can take care of her. "
"How can I trust you know what your'e doing?"
"Because I'm helping your new-crush, okay?!"
"She's not my "new-crush", she's a stranger."
"Then why do you keep pestering me about her?"
"None of your business."
Firepaw blinked her blurred eyes open to see two figures looming over her and murmering. It was pretty dark and she couldn't make out where she was, everything was only lit up by the moonlight. After a while of laying there with her eyes squinted, she finally was fully awake and began to struggle to get up, before a paw pressed her back down on the chest. "Not yet, young one." A familiar voice echoed in her ear, or at least it felt like it was echoing. "You're wounded." The she-cat explained. Firepaw blinked her eyes open wider, and made out the ginger cat, noticing it was Cherrynose. "What? Where are we? And who were those cats talking above me a while ago?" She questioned drowsily, her gaze studying the den more and more. It appeared to be a cave, as she noticed stone walls glimmering in the moonlight. Cherrynose purred, "I'll tell you everything in the morning. Right now you need some rest." Before Firepaw could argue about her clearly unhelpful answer, she was asleep.
[left]Birds twittered from outside the cave and there was no sign of any other cat. Firepaw was already awake from her sleep that contained coyotes, sandstorms, starry cats and other cats that kept talking over her. A tone point in her dream she kept struggling at picking herbs up and spilling them. That might have been because she failed at collecting herbs the day before. The day before... She thought, then her green eyes widened as she remembered everything that happened. "Where are my clanmates? Where am I?" She blurted out to herself, along with a million other questions in her head.
"You're at the home of the generous cats who rescued you lot."
Firepaw whipped around, startled from the unfamiliar voice.
"Hey, calm your fur down. I'm the one you should thank, I did help your wound heal up." A sandy tabby she-cat with cheerful blue eyes that seemed to be smiling themselves stared at her. And, finally at the mention of Firepaw's wound, she flinched in pain as her neck and head seemed to be stabbed a thousand times per second. "Huh? But where are my clanmates?" She questioned, a flash of worry shown in her eyes.
"Don't worry." A new voice meowed, it was much deeper and soothing then the other who seemed to be shouting the whole time. "They're out hunting. You've been asleep for a while, It's already noon." He explained. Once Firepaw turned around, she noticed a strong, brown tabby tom with striking blue eyes. "My name is Cobra, and that guy you've been staring at for a whole moon is Scorpion." The sandy she-cat explained with a mischievous smile. "And who are you? I mean, you aren't clan cats." Firepaw added in, ignoring Cobra's tease. "We're loners. About the same age as you, a bit older. We've been living on our own out here for a long time." She explained, rolling a stone under her paw.


DEATHS: Spottedheart, Specklepaw, Grassdapple
KITS BORN: Leafkit, Mottlekit, Grasskit and Dunekit; Foster mother: Bramblerose
APPRENTICES MADE: Shadepaw, Oakpaw
MENTORS APPOINTED: Blazeleaf(for Shadepaw) and Bluesky(for Oakpaw)

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:05 pm

Added chapter 1

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:59 pm

Added chapter 2

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:15 pm

Added chapter 3

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:54 pm

Chapter 4

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Hela on Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:17 pm

This is cool Sky!!!

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.: Kittens :.
.: Fireclan :. Littlelily(W), Timberspark (W), Lionstream (W), Stealthwater (W), Cedarflare (W), Snowfall (W), Blackpaw (A), Lynxkit (K)
.: Waterclan :. Lilyshadow (W)
.: Frostclan :. Embercloud (W)
.: Duskclan :.
.: Brightclan :. Mistpaw (MA), Musicpaw (A)
.: Kittypets/Loners/Rogues :.Lillian (K), Oceania (R), Aze (R), Crusader (R), Elizabeth (R), Aric (R), Turquoise (R), Sapphire (R), Amethyst (R), Topaz (R), Wild (R), Hunter (R), Freya (R), Saxon (R), Night (R), Hades (R)
.: Gardi's Group :. Gardi (L) , Avalanche (P), Serihilda (H), Arachne (F), New Moon (F), Patches (E), Billy (PK), Felix (F), Tali (E)
.: Adam And Eve's Group :. Eve (R), Scorpius (R),
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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:50 pm

Aw, thanks! Very Happy

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:28 am

I really like the story so far, and I love storms like this so chapter 1 was my favorite ❤️

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Water- Nightfoot, Peachcloud, Salmonpelt, Seashell, Flowerbelly, Rosepaw, Shorepaw
Bright- Lynxcloud, Oceanspark, Aurorashade, Mistyheart, Scorpionbite, Sparrowbelly, Shimmerpaw, Tumblepaw
Frost- Cloverlily, Longpaw, Scorchwind, Lunarshine, Wrenpaw, Sleetpaw, Ibispaw
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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:04 am

Thank you! :3

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

Post by Guest on Mon May 08, 2017 8:25 pm

updated finally

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Re: Desertclan's Prophecy ~ By: Skybreeze

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