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Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


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Wind a cat in min's group.

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Wind a cat in min's group.

Post by Sorrelflight on Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:08 am

name: Wind
clan: none, a rouge in mins group
age/gender: 29 moons/ she-cat
mother: Lark
father: River
siblings: none
appearance: Wind is a light brown she-cat that is very lean. She has long legs and a long tail. She has a pink nose and amber eyes. She has a scar down her right flank.

past life: Wind was born on the border of the Brightclan/twolegplace. Her parents quickly moved away from there, wanting to get away from the clans. They settled deep in the twolegplace. They stayed there for a few moons. Then twolegs came and took her parents. They tried to get her but she was to quick. She ran as far away as she could from that twolegplace without going into clan territory, this brought her to the Duskclan/twolegplace border. She wandered around for a few days until she found min. She begged and begged them to let her in but they refused. She swore she would prove to them she would be valuably to the group. Everyday she would bring a piece of prey to them, often starving herself to try to get in the group. After a moon they finally agreed to let her in.

personality: Wind is a very brave she-cat. She is very confident. Ravenheart is a very curious, headstrong, and competitive she-cat. She is always trying her hardest to prove she's the best. She is very independent, and hates to ask for help. Ravenheart is a very confident, tough cat. She always stands up for her friends. She doesn't care what others think and does what she wants. Wind is not very sematic and is horrible at conferting other cats. She thinks it's stupid to get emotional, some people call her cold for this.

fighting: 6/10
hunting: 9/10
climbing: 3/10
swimming: 1/10
tracking: 8/10
herb knowledge: 1/10
memory: 6/10
stamina: 8/10
sneak attacks: 7/10

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FrostClan: Redstripe, Suntail, Oakpaw , Larksong, Thrushwhisker, Blackfrost Blossomkit, Owlkit, Sorrel(Kit), Pheonixpaw,

BrightClan: Nightmoon, Springpaw, Barkwing, Mudwhisker, Dovefeather, Ivypaw, Lightningpaw, Storkkit, Eagleflame, Seabreeze, Azureflame, Wishflight.

FireClan: Darkshadow, Ravenheart, Sedgekit, Sunflight, Fawnshadow, Wolfkit, Cougarki,

WaterClan: Riverpaw, Stormwing, Wrenfeather, Silverwing, Chervikit, Tansykit,

DuskClan: Honeyfllight, Lilypaw, Mistystorm, Ivorykit, Fawnkit, Icekit, Eaglekit, Thornclaw,

Rouges: Wind, Willow, Shadow, Dust, Sand, Ivy, Blaze, Flash, Scar, Thor, Hatuh, Lapu, Sevel, Breeze, Sparrow(Kit) or (Linx)

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Re: Wind a cat in min's group.

Post by Valkyrie on Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:10 am



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