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Post by Daisyleap on Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:40 am

credit to daisyleap and quake for the overall idea; do not steal or reproduce in any way

What is the backstory of this RP?
We're Sick is a roleplay about people with mental illnesses that have been sent to a mental hospital called Silverstone Lunatic Asylum on the Faroe Islands. However, seven dangerous individuals on Level 4 of the asylum did not begin with these illnesses. They were taken against their will from their homes across the globe for experimenting, and seven of them were exposed to radiation and developed a mental disease. Most of the other subjects revealed to the radiation of the experiment were killed from a plague that was in the chemicals... but the seven were not effected. Other than receiving mental illnesses, and supernatural powers. They developed strange abilities and had a significantly high intellectual capacity compared to the scientists and other people on Earth.
The Dangerous Seven, as they're referred to by the scientists, have been trying to escape for years now since they've been thrown into the laboratory. To other people, The Dangerous Seven are secrets. Nobody has an exact location of the lab or who the actual Dangerous Seven are except the scientists. The Dangerous Seven don't know the outdoors are real... yet.

How will the plot look like in the roleplay?
The roleplay will begin in springtime of 2020. The Dangerous Seven have been in the lab for 2 years now, taken in 2018.
In the summertime of 2020, the remaining subjects with mental illnesses that weren't killed by the chemical plague in the radiation will try and escape but eventually get killed by the scientists in the long run (*just whip up quick characters for this!*).
In the autumntime of 2020, scientists from a government agency will have found the laboratory and try to take The Dangerous Seven to the President and make them his slaves. The Dangerous Seven will be in hiding on Level 4 in secret padded rooms under surveillance by the Silverstone Lunatic Asylum scientists and guards. The government agency will eventually leave... but they'll come back later.
In the wintertime of 2020, The Dangerous Seven will be abducted by the government agency who have come back secretly from underground the asylum. The patients have never seen the outdoors before, so it is surprising to them. When they are taken to the President he makes them his slaves for a while. However, when he sends them on a risky quest off the island, he forgets that they are now vulnerable to be taken back to Silverstone... or find their old homes and live in peace again.
If this RP reaches until winter, I'll discuss with my deputies what might happen next.


:: [Silverstone Lunatic Asylum Rules] ::
1. Curfew is at 11:00 pm.
2. Do not try to leave this asylum. It will result in punishment.
3. If there is a medical problem, contact a nurse immediately with the phone connected in your room.
4. If there is a threat, contact a head guard or 2nd guard immediately with the phone connected in your room.
5. You must follow the guards' orders.
6. When in the testing and injection rooms, do not attempt to steal the medical equipment.
7. Keep your hands to yourself.
8. Lastly... don't kill yourself.

:: [Silverstone Lunatic Asylum Policy for Patients] ::
The following are punishments for various crimes.

  • Theft will result in no lunch for the day and service to wronged party.
  • Endangerment of yourself or others will result in an extra session with your psychiatrist.
  • Breaking objects, including medical supplies, test beakers, documents for study, tables, chairs, jewelry, and others, will result in an extra session with your psychiatrist and service to the wronged party.
  • Using your powers to hurt something or someone else will result in a trip for 4 hours to The Cage, where your powers are useless.

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We're Sick - Plot, Lore, and More Alleyo10
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