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Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

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Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

Post by Guest on Fri May 12, 2017 2:32 am

This isn't supposed to be accurate in the Warrior Clan history, so just excuse those parts.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - Lakepaw's Point Of View
Lakepaw scuffled her paws in nervous excitement as she waited for the rest of Waterclan's apprentices to make their way out of the den. There seemed to be a blockage at the front, the entrance of the den had collapsed during last night's storm. Fortunately, the rest of the den didn't. Finally, they each slipped out the den, one by one. It was already past dawn, so they all missed the dawn patrol already. Sandshade was organizing the last patrol that he would be leading. Lakepaw quickly bounded over to the deputy in excitement. She shoved her way across the group of four cats surrounding the tom and gave a big grin. "Sandshade! Can I join? Please?" She begged, her tail lashing anxiously. The tom only chuckled in amusement, "Lakepaw, do you think Boulderheart would like you dissapearing from camp while he had some training planned for you?" Lakepaw only looked down at her paws and shuffled them while thinking of his answer, "What if I ask him? If he says yes, I can g-" The enthusiastic apprentice was interrupted by a deeper voice from behind. She turned around to meet her mentor's cold gaze and stepped back out of the way. "Alright, we can go. You should ask me about it before asking Sandshade, that's what you can do when you're a warrior, but for now, you listen to me," The gray tom instructed with a purr to show Lakepaw not to feel embarrassed. Sandshade nodded and flicked his tail, "Alright, let's go!" He announced to the border patrol. The group consisted of Wolfthorn, Cloverbelly, Birdfall and Darkfoot, as well as Lakepaw, Boulderheart and Sandshade. It seemed like a large patrol, but they were on a mission to find the rogues that had been roaming in the territories. They had been reported of stealing prey and attacking patrols of both Waterclan and Brightclan. Buzzardstar, although she was old, she was wise, had made a truce with Ivorystar, the new leader of Brightclan, that if either was attacked by rogues, they would help each other. Lakepaw quickly snapped out of ther thoughts as Boulderheart called her name, and  she quickly bounded after the patrol, slipping out the camp entrance.
The patrol was already marking and refreshing at the Brightclan and Waterclan border. Sandshade was perking his ears and staring at the border, while Darkfoot was guarding the opposite side in case they noticed any signs of rogues trespassing. This was ordered by Buzzardstar to do, since one of the recent patrols was ambushed by them. They lost a life that day, whom was a senior warrior with the name of Crowtail. Lakepaw hadn't gotten to know him very well, but he seemed like a very honorable cat, along with all his battle scars. Suddenly, a loud commotion of sounds came from the border of Brightclan. All the cats tensed themselves as Sandshade held his tail up for the order of staying still. However, a rogue did not come out, but only a Brightclan cat. And one that seemed distressed. "Rogues. At the other side of the border. A-attacking us and a s-small Frostclan hunting patrol. We need h-help!" He explained, panting heavily from the running. Sandshade nodded right away and flicked his ear, "Let's go. Lakepaw, go back to camp and inform Buzzardstar of our where-abouts. She'll need to know of the fight while we are gone." He ordered before taking off across the stream with the rest of the patrol following. Lakepaw didn't even get a chance to retort his command. Although she knew it was the wrong thing to do, and after hesitating for a while, she sprinted after them. Her heart was beating quickly, and the unfamiliar territory made it harder to find her way through, but her patrol's scent was still fresh. She finally found them and ducked under a clump of tall grass, watching the cats steadily. She noticed the rest of the Brightclan patrol with three other cats, and the smaller Frostclan patrol with one apprentice and one warrior. No fair! Why does that apprentice get to go and I don't?! She wondered with a narrowed eyes as she studied  the dark gray cat. Finally, as the rest of the rogues were chased off, she noticed him bending down over one of  the injured cats and applying herbs and cobwebs. "Oh," She blurted out, and right then Lakepaw knew she made a huge mistake. One of the Brightclan cats noticed her and pounced at her, rolling her out of the clump of grasses and pinning her down, his claws at her shoulders layed gently. "What?! Frostclan? What are you doing here, apprentice?" He questioned, quickly stepping off of her. Sandshade and Boulderheart returned from the chase and she noticed her mentor's disappointed look. "I-I was only making sure th-" Once again, Boulderheart interrupted her, and this time she should have been nervous, "Lakepaw. Get back to camp now. You're in serious trouble," He ordered with his whiskers twitching. As the patrol walked her back, she quickly glanced up at her mentor and the deputy, "What am I going to have to do? Or not do?" She questioned, knowing there'd be a consequence. Sandshade fixed his gaze on hers and smiled, giving her a reassuring look, "Buzzardstar will answer that question." Even though he had a charming smile to calm her fur down, his answer only alarmed her even more.

chapter 2:

Chapter 2 - Graypaw's Point Of View

Graypaw watched as the last of the Waterclan patrol left the border and glanced back at Pineclaw and Kestralsnow for the next orders. Pineclaw noticed the tom's wariness and nodded to the Brightclan patrol. "We'll be going now, thank you for helping us chase off the rogues. Dapplestar will be greatful." He meowed, dipping his head to the cats. The Brightclan cats did the same in response, and carried off their wounded clanmate. Pineclaw flicked his tail and with a nod, they left to their camp. It was already noon as they returned, the time for sharing-tongues. Pineclaw reported back to Dapplestar, who seemed very concerned that the fact rogues were ambushing patrols out of nowhere. Kestrelfrost limped over to the medicine den, and Graypaw sighed, knowing he'd have to skip his break to help him out. Luckily, his mentor, Specklefrost shook her head towards him, signaling that he wasn't needed. Graypaw stood up and padded over to the fresh-kill pile, picking through the prey and placing his paw down on a juicy-looking black bird. However, another cat had the same prey in mind. Graypaw glanced up in surprise as someone else pulled the prey from under his paw. He noticed a calico she-cat with piercing blue eyes. She smiled at him, but not a sweet way, rather a sly smile. "Sorry mouse-heart, I got it first," She purred, then flicked her tail to the pile and continued with a sarcastic tone, "You can try one of those. They might be a bit soggy, but it probably doesn't bug you since you chew on leaves all day." And with that, she bolted off to a group of apprentices. Graypaw flattened his ears and wanted to yell at her back, but he knew it was  the wrong thing. He kept his fur flat and picked a nice shrew instead, avoiding the soggy prey. And thanks for pointing out which prey I shouldn't take! He wanted to add in, but she probably wouldn't hear over all the chattering. Graypaw's brother, Stormpaw, sat down beside him and nudged him playfully. "Hey, sorry about her. She's Thornpaw, and can be pretty rude at times," Stormpaw explained, staring at the she-cat with his gray-blue eyes. "More like super-rude. She seems fox hearted, I can't even think about how you sleep in the same den as her," Graypaw replied, then took a small, polite bite. He glanced up at Stormpaw, who was munching loudly on a mouse. Stormpaw noticed his staring and quickly gulped the prey down, "But anyways, what happened with the rogues?" Graypaw stared at him astonished, how did he know already? He didn't remember telling anyone. Pineclaw knew better then spreading it, and Kestrelfrost was probably asleep from his exhaustion from the fight. Stormpaw purred, noticing his brother's startled expression, "Hey, you can't blame me, word travels fast. Now tell me about what happened."
Graypaw blinked his eyes open as Kestrelfrost fidgeted in his sleep. He was put right beside him instead of in the spare area for ill cats since Specklefrost didn't want him catching any illnesses from the two cats in there. Kestrelfrost jolted up in his sleep and flinched from his wound on his shoulder. He turned to look at Graypaw and noticed he was awake, "Sorry, Graypaw. It's just my head keeps hurting. Do you have any water in here?" He questioned, his eyes flashing with embaressment. Graypaw felt sorry for the warrior and stood up, "No, but I can go fetch some from the shore by the lake." Kestrelfrost nodded and lay back down in satisfaction, his eyes soon drifting off to sleep. Graypaw silently slipped out the den with moss clamped in his jaws and nodded to Tattereddusk, who was on guard. The tom let him through, knowing he must be on medicine cat business. As Graypaw trekked through the forest, sprinting through and leaping over fallen branches from the storm last night, he reached the lake. The sky was more clear here, and the moonlight shined down onto the island. He shuddered from a chilly breeze passing by. Before he went to soak up the water, he noticed rustling in the gathering island. He perked his ears in alarm, "H-hello?" He called out with a frown. Nothing responded. It must have just been a bird or something. He reassured himself before stooping down to get the water. The moss was well absorbed now, and he intended on turning back home, however, it wouldn't be a fun night for him. Out of nowhere, a flash of black leaped onto the tom, raking it's claws onto his side. Graypaw yowled in pain and surprise, dropping his moss. He was shoved into the lake, and pulled under by the mysterious cat. Graypaw kicked his hindlegs, releasing himself from the grip and plashed around wildly. His eyes were wide and searching for something to grab hold on. He didn't know how to swim, so he was sinking slowly. Graypaw looked to his left, the shore was too far now. To his right, the gathering place. Maybe he could reach it...maybe. The tom began a desperate paddle, but his head sunk under. He pointed his muzzle above the water, took a deep breath and shouted, "HELP!" The apprentice thought it was all over for him, however jaws clamped down onto his scruff and he was dragged to shore. He looked up, coughing and sputtering water out of his mouth and blinking quickly to get used to the dark light since the trees blocked the moonlight. Above he saw a young she-cat, about his age. She had beautiful hazel-blue eyes  that studied him wildly. Noticing he was alive, she quickly stepped off of him. "Who are you?" Graypaw questioned in confusion, unable to make out the scent, nor the looks, but he knew it had to be a Waterclan cat, for she got him out the water. The she-cat opened her mouth and began to laugh at him.

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Re: Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

Post by Valkyrie on Fri May 12, 2017 3:23 am

oh sounds good lel Very Happy

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Re: Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

Post by Daisyleap on Fri May 12, 2017 9:05 am

Awesome Smile

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Re: Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

Post by Guest on Sat May 13, 2017 12:46 am

Thank you, both!

Chapter 2 is up. You'll have to figure out who it is tomorrow, but it's pretty obvious. Lol

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Re: Breaking the Code // Warrior Cats story by Sky

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