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SoulClan's Respect - Code 10

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SoulClan's Respect - Code 10

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:40 am

SoulClan's Respect
A story of the Warrior Code

A young, light grey tabby she-cat padded across the island, looking around frantically for the voice that had called out her name. A bulky, pitch black tom appeared from the water. He shook out his fur and licked Morningbreeze's ear.
"Rowan..." she meowed, looking down at her paws. "We can't keep visiting here. FireClan has been talking and Stormstar wants all of the Clans to visit here during a full moon. And if I keep seeing you we might run into the Clans and then everything will be a mess!" she took a deep breath, pushing her head into Rowan's shoulder with a sigh.
"Oh, Morningbreeze. Look at the sky." Rowan chuckled, pausing to gaze at the stars twinkling over a navy blue, cloudless night. "It's a half moon, we'll be alright."
Morningbreeze glanced around, watching the stepping stones where she had gotten to the island from curiously. "I-I guess you're right."

Stormstar padded on top of a tall tree, watching most of the FireClan cats circle around the island and sniffing around for any dangers. He flicked his tail to invite his first deputy, Waveheart, on a lower elevated part of the tree. "We gather here beneath the full moon and light of Silverpelt." he began, trying to find a comfortable position on the thick branch he was sitting on. "I have spoken to the other Clans about somewhere to share news and air concerns, and therefore we have all agreed to meet here, on this now sacred island, every full moon." With that, Stormstar leaped off the branch and led his Clan back across the stream.
But one cat stayed, hidden in the darkness as the moon slowly hid behind the clouds.
"Rowan, are you there?" Morningbreeze called softly, keeping her eyes fixed on the last of the FireClan cats leaving the clearing.
The black tom lumbered out, some leaves and twigs in his fur. "Morningbree-" he meowed, but was interrupted when Morningbreeze put her tail to his mouth.
"Shush! We don't want Stormstar to hear us." she warned, glancing back once again and feeling her stomach clench when she saw her leader right in front of her.
"What do you think you're doing, Morningbreeze? We defy the life of a kittypet." Stormstar spat, growling at Rowan.
"Stormstar, please, he was just leaving." Morningbreeze pleaded.
"No. We are to respect SoulClan here and kittypets don't believe in them. Now go, mousebrain." he snarled, stepping forward and looming over Rowan.
"I'm not a kittypet. I'm a loner. I would never eat those bat droppings that those Twolegs use as food." Rowan shot back, but quickly trotted away when Morningbreeze softly hissed at him.
"I can't believe this. How long have you two been visiting each other here?" Stormstar meowed angrily as he walked side-by-side with Morningbreeze across the stepping stones.
"E-ever since you wanted to have all the Clans meet here." Morningbreeze replied shakily.
Stormstar didn't say anything. He looked disappointed. When the Clan returned back to camp he scrambled on top of the Skyrock and let out a yowl for cats to gather.
"Tonight I would like to make something official. The island is now sacred ground purely for Clan cats and SoulClan. A Gathering of all of the Clans will be held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among Clans at this time, and this can be treated as a time to air concerns and share good news." Stormstar announced, glancing down at Morningbreeze, who was looking down at her paws as she walked into the warriors den.

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Re: SoulClan's Respect - Code 10

Post by Leopardspots on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:13 am

The gathering place was actually discovered by Froststar, first leader of FrostClan,

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