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Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.

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Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.

Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 4 lives
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M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Mistpool), Dawnpaw (@Panthermask)

Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives
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Storkkit of BrightClan

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Storkkit of BrightClan

Post by Sorrelflight on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:22 am


Storkkit Storkpaw Storkfeather

2 moons





Storkkit is a large creamy white tom with light grey patches. He has a long tail that is completely grey. Storkkit looks quite funny with his long swaying tail, long whiskers,  long fur sticking up on his ears and large clumsy paws, but he will grow into his extremities. Storkkit has a grey head with white on his muzzle and chest, leading into his belly. He also has a grey back and a bit of grey on his flank, and everything else is white.

Storkkit is a kit that acts all sweet and innocent around adult cats, but as soon as they leave he becomes his true sneaky cunning self. Don't get Storkkit wrong, he is still very nice, but also a handful. Storkkit loves to stick his nose where is isn't suppose to be, and likes to get into trouble often. Storkkit doesn't know when to quit and often shoves past his limits when trying to get information.
Storkkit has always wanted a sibling, and when he was younger he was very lonely, but has learned to just be good friends with the kits in the nursery. Storkkit doesn't mind following the lead of another kit on certain things, but when it comes to devising a plan to play a prank or sneak out, he finds himself naturally being in charge, or trying to be.
Storkkit loves his mothers, and doesn't care if other cats talk about him having two female parents. Storkkit has learned to stand up for himself because of cats judging his family, and often has quick sharp remarks if you push him over the edge.
Storkkit is usually a nice kit, always wanting to include others in his playing or plans, but if you say bad things about certain topics you better watch out, because Storkkit will be on top of you.


                                                       As a warrior

Strength: 8/10
                                                     Hunting: 4/10

Defense: 7/10

Speed: 4/10

Stamina: 5/10

Agility: 6/10

Fighting: 8/10

Senses: 5/10

Fishing: 1/10

Tracking: 5/10

Stealth: 4/10

Swimming: 2/10

Climbing: 6/10

Jumping: 4/10

Healing: 1/10

Leading: 5/10

Intelligence: 8/10

Memory: 5/10

Creativity: 6/10

Social: 7/10


Mother | Rosedawn | Alive | Female|Quake | Queen/Warrior

Mother| Rushfeather| Alive| Female| Mistpaw| Queen/warrior

Preferred Prey: Rabbit
Romantic Orientation: Bi-sexual

0 - 6 moons |
He's only two moons old.. so not much has happened, but here's his mother(s) history on how they met:
Rushfeather soon found out she liked another kit in the nursery, Rosekit, but rosekit had paws for someone else. So, Rushfeather started growing up to be jealous of Rosepaw. Rushkit was made a apprentice one moon after Rosepaw and she got a good mentor. Rosepaw soon became a warrior and got a mate. Rushpaw felt jealous. However, after Rosedawns mates death, she got closer until finally saying that she loved her. Rosedawn was pregant and agreed to be Rushfeathers mate. When Storkkit was born, they became both mothers of him.
He is the great grandson of Creekstar

7 - 12 moons |
13+ moons | 

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FrostClan: Redstripe, Suntail, Oakpaw , Larksong, Thrushwhisker, Blackfrost Blossomkit, Owlkit, Sorrel(Kit), Pheonixpaw,

BrightClan: Nightmoon, Springpaw, Barkwing, Mudwhisker, Dovefeather, Ivypaw, Lightningpaw, Storkkit, Eagleflame, Seabreeze, Azureflame, Wishflight.

FireClan: Darkshadow, Ravenheart, Sedgekit, Sunflight, Fawnshadow, Wolfkit, Cougarki,

WaterClan: Riverpaw, Stormwing, Wrenfeather, Silverwing, Chervikit, Tansykit,

DuskClan: Honeyfllight, Lilypaw, Mistystorm, Ivorykit, Fawnkit, Icekit, Eaglekit, Thornclaw,

Rouges: Wind, Willow, Shadow, Dust, Sand, Ivy, Blaze, Flash, Scar, Thor, Hatuh, Lapu, Sevel, Breeze, Sparrow(Kit) or (Linx)

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Re: Storkkit of BrightClan

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:50 am


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