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Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.

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Seagull, the loner

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Seagull, the loner

Post by Willowstorm on Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:21 pm

sparkle S E A G U L L sparkle
60 moons || tom || loner

Seagull is a black and white roughly patched tom with a very scarred pelt, a torn ear, and a scrappy look but strong muscles. His eyes are pale amber, and he appears rather scary even from a distance.

Though Seagull appears rather grouchy, even when you get to know him well enough, he does have a kind soul that is very genuine. Since he was abandoned as a kit he makes sure any cat that needs help that crosses his path is helped, whether they're lost, injured, or just need an ear to talk to. He can be fierce if necessary and most of the time will refuse to lay claws on another cat, but a dog is a different story. His favourite scent is the salt coming off the sea, and as he's made his home in the dunes, he is at peace with himself and the world around him.

Fighting - 3
Hunting - 6
Tracking - 7
Running - 5
Swimming - 9
Climbing - 2
Strength - 5
Memory - 6
Herb lore - 3

His mother was a cat named Dido, who loved her youngest kit very much but had to give him up when her Twolegs, a rather abusive pair of scruffy-looking creatures, forcibly separated the two cats. Seagull was initially named Titus, to give him strength, but when he was cast out at the age of only five moons, he renamed himself for the strange seabirds, which he could always see from the grimy window of the nest. He took care of himself mostly, talking to many a strange cat along the way, and never knowing where to stop. He wandered the mountains and the forests for a while, not getting along well with those strange strays in the moors, and eventually found himself back in the sand dunes of the Seagull Beach when he was almost 50 moons old. Once he realised where he was he raced to find his mother again, desperate to see her, only to find the nest he once lived in was a burnt-out shell that stunk strongly of some sort of oil he couldn't place. Heartbroken he stayed nearby for a few night, until one night he heard the mewling voices of kits from the bushes of the burnt-out property. The kits were terrified when he revealed himself to them, but they soon came to trust him as he hunted and fed them. The kits had no names, none they could remember, and so Seagull named them after his favourite things. Shark was the strongest of the three, and the one who clawed the tom initially when he found them; Dune was the smartest and the quietest of the three; and tiny Seashell almost died of illness but regained her strength quickly, and all three have grown to love their adoptive father like a real parent. The three grew up on stories of Seagull's adventures, not all of them entirely true, and hang around the area though they have their own spaces now.

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sparkle W I L L O W S T O R M sparkle

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Re: Seagull, the loner

Post by Panthermask on Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:54 am

bumpity bump

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