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Guide :: Cat Body Language

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Guide :: Cat Body Language

Post by Skybreeze on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:35 pm


Purring - When cats purr its a signal they are happy, right? Actually a purr can mean more than being content or happy. Often a cat will purr during painful moments, while they are ill, and during traumatic moments.

Growling/Hissing - When a cat feels threatened it will growl or hiss. This serves as a warning to whatever the cat is feeling threatened by.

Chirp - A short, high-pitched sound, used when anticipating something good to happen.

Chirrup or Trill - A cross between a meow and purr, signaling happiness.

Spit - A short popping noise, a cat will do this when startled.

Arched Back - A signal of fear or aggression.

Flattened Ears - Cat is feeling threatened and may attack.

Lowered Head - This is a sign of submission. Meaning the cat is showing acceptance of a superior force.

Touching Noses - A friendly gesture used when a cat s greeting another.

Face Rubbing - When a cat rubs his or her face along its owners cheek, hands, or ankles it is a sign of affection. Or it is used to 'mark territory' leaving a scent from a scent gland on there cheek. Could be used with kittypets who are overprotective of their humans =P.

Tail Wagging - Expresses a state of conflict, or state of heightened excitement. Combinations of signals express the differences.

Tail Held High And Twitching - A sign of excitement.

Scared or Surprised Cat - Cat will puff up its tail, hair along its back may stand up straight. A cat will turn its body sideways to threat, in order to increase apparent size. Cats such as the manx who only have tail stubs will move the stub around as if they have a full tail.

Grooming - To show care and affection. Cat who always grooms others is thought to be the dominant.

Kneading - Used alongside purring to shown contentment and affection. It can also indicate curiosity. A cat may do this when in pain or dying in order to comfort itself.

Scent - Urine, feces, and chemicals in skin glands located around the mouth, tail, and paws are used to communicate and mark territory.

Head-Butting - A friendly action that often ends up as a whole body rub and tail twining is possible also.

Touching noses - “I like you!”

Lick on the cheek - “I really like you.”

Lick on the ear - Comforting.

Lick on forehead - “I love you!” / “Will you be my mate?”

Brushing tail on back or flank - Calming.

Touching nose to cheek - “I’m happy for you” / Comforting.

Nuzzle - Comfort / “You’re hilarious!” (The second is for mates)

Touch nose to cheek - “I’m glad you’re here.” (For lovers)

Lick own chest fur - To hide embarrassment.

Lick on the shoulder - Respect.

Lick on the paw - “You are my friend!”

Lick below the chin - “I want you forever!”

Lick on the nose - “Do you want to play?”

Rubs tail anywhere - Flirty, comforting or curious.

Rubbing against you - “I like you.” / “Don’t worry.” / “I love you.”

Licking constantly - Cleaning.

Flat ears - “Back off!”

Bares teeth - “Get away from me!"

Lunging at you - “Back off now!”

Roll on your back - “You are stronger than me, I respect you.”

Tail tucked - Scared.

Ear motions

Content Or Relaxed: Ears facing forwards but slightly tilted back.

One Ear Folded Down: Cat isn't sure how to react to what is going on.

Aggressive: Ears pricked forwards, flattened out sideways, and flattened back with pupils delated.


Relaxed/Neutral: whiskers Held slightly to the side.

Interested: Whiskers perk forwards.

Fearful: Pulls whiskers back along cheeks.

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