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Bourbon, The wildest Mare, But the most beloved

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Bourbon, The wildest Mare, But the most beloved

Post by Hela on Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:21 am

This story is based off Mustang Million, a Challenge in RVEC


Twelve years. It had been Twelve years already? I had been riding for twelve years now and I cant believe how far I have come. My family have finally bought a farm so we can live on a larger land and finally, I could get horses. My family bought several, including a Mustang cross. They even bought a Brumby just for me. By this time, however, I was 24. I was getting independent. So, I moved out with several of my horses, including my Brumby and my Mustang cross. I settled down and signed up online for a place for people who had horses could chat. It was called Redwood Valley Equestrian Centre. Most of the time it was people putting competition results and chatting about horses.

Over time, I bought horses, fed them up, competed them and then sold them to better homes. That was when Mustang Million was created. Because a large herd of Mustangs had been found in America, they needed some people to take care of them. Sydney was in charge and sent the mustangs to people who were on the site who she knew very well. That included me. She asked me but I said I was from Australia and I couldn't afford to buy a horse that had to be imported. That was when Caf stepped up. Caf told me she had bought a Mustang Million mare but the mare didn't really agree with her home. I looked at the photos and videos of the mare. She was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. So I agreed and we shared the payment of shipping. When she arrived at the airport, I held my breath. They bring down a beautiful buckskin Lace Blanket Mustang. I looked her over. You could tell she was nervous. They asked where my trailer was and they said they would load her up while I checked the papers. I tried to say that I would like to load her, but they told me to check the papers. I checked the papers. They said: "On The Rocks is a Buckskin Lace Blanket Mustang. She is about 14.3 hh and is about 5 years old. She is very strong in cutting." That was all I cared for. The rest was history. I could read that at home, because I didn't know how On the Rocks would react to the trailer. Something caught my eye on the papers. Her Barn name was Bourbon. I turned and saw that they had loaded her up. I got into the front of my car and drove away, hoping that the mare would be ok.

When I got home, I drove towards the paddock where I have decided to keep her. I turned and backed the trailer to the gate. I got out and I saw someone coming down from the house. I ignored them for a min and placed the ramp on the ground. I carefully walked into the trailer and untied Bourbon. I started taking her down the ramp. She managed to do that 'I am going into the paddock! Lets gallop there so I can get there quicker!' As soon as her hooves hit the ground, she turned, pulling the lead rope out of my hands and bolted into the paddock. I checked my hands. A bit red from rope burn but nothing much. I closed the gate behind me. The mare still had her halter on. Great. Now I had to catch her. I pulled out a carrot and stood very still. The mare looked up from where she had been grazing. She put back her ears and crab stepped, showing she was frightened. I started talking softly, some random things. I didn't notice what I was saying. She started to come towards me, but her ears stayed back. I kept my eyes down, making sure I do not show eye contact. She trotted towards me and sniffed the carrot. She ate it delicately and I slowly reached up and unbuckled the halter. I turned and walked away, putting the halter on a peg on the tack room. When I get back inside, I make myself a cup of milo and watch as the beautiful mare galloped around. I have gotten her after everyone else, so I must be quick as well. I turn and look at my bookshelf, before pulling down a battered and old book. I turn a page and a photo stares out at me, our whole family. I turn the page and look at the contents. I find training and start to read.

Chapter 1, Haltering:
Great, Just great! How many goddam times do I have to try and halter this silly mare. Ok, maybe I should tell you how it happened.

I wanted to halter the mare so I can get onto brushing her. She has managed to make herself all muddy last night. I swear there was no mud in the pasture before I put her in. Anyway, I went outside to check on her. It was a beautiful winters day, August 3rd. The currawongs were singing in the background and the sun was just coming up. I pick up the feed buckets and start doing my rounds, feeding all the horses. Finally I come up to the other part of the stable that doesn't see daylight in RVEC. This is because this, is where I breed my Gypsy Vanners. I don't exactly want everyone knowing I breed Gypsys cause my parents don't exactly want me breeding them, as my mother had a bad experience with them in the past. A nicker sounded out behind me and I turned, seeing my stallion, Rocky. His show name is Rockstar. I stroked him before going back to work. I then go into the halter room and look around. I need a good halter for this job. So I grab a breakaway halter, because I have plenty of spare parts for it and it was easily broken, so if the mare became frightened, it would snap if she bolted. I grab some carrots and walk down to where she was standing. I call her name, only getting a snort in answer. I pull out one of the carrots. She looks up and watches me before slowly approaching. I wait till she is near and feed her the carrot, before placing the halter over the head. Almost immediately, she jumps back and the halter goes flying. I have just enough time to jump back as she rears. I stand up and approach her again before pulling out another carrot. She flattens her ears and lunges, catching me on the arm with a pretty nasty bite. I jump back and she picks up the carrot I have dropped before cantering off.

So yeah, I have had a pretty rotten day. I have looked at the bite and its fine, but I put some stuff on it just in care anyway. You have no idea what germs or diseases some horses have.

After that, I start working with her again, however, she will not come near me. So I sit on the fence and snap the carrot in two. I start crunching on the end part. She approaches and then stops about five metres infront of me, before snorting and galloping away. I sit there for about an hour, my backside becoming sore before she approaches me. I give her the carrot but I leave the halter on the fence. I'll do the halter tomorrow, let's not rush things.

The next day, I do my chores before spending time with Bourbon. I tell her stories of things I have heard, as I sit on the fence. I tell her about Pegasus and all the other magnificent horses of mythology. I don't care if what i am saying is jibberish, She cares. And that's all that matters. To me anyway. Soon she is standing next to me, allowing me to comb my fingers through her mane. I then pick the halter up and offer it to her. I slowly ease it onto her face and smile. Finally. The first milestone completed.

[spoiler="Tacking Up"] As I stretch and yawn, I think of the day ahead of me. Feeding the horses, riding Rocky and Lucky and then working with Bourbon. Yes, It will be a hard day for me. But I get up anyway, get my green Jodhpurs on and grab my white riding helmet. I grab my boots, place them on and walk down to the kitchen, picking out my breakfast. Porridge and tea. I'm not poor, I just like the taste of both. I pull out my headphones and put them on, before walking outside and start feeding the horses.

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Re: Bourbon, The wildest Mare, But the most beloved

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:27 am

This is so cool! I love it!
I have an obsession with horses

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Re: Bourbon, The wildest Mare, But the most beloved

Post by Hela on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:51 pm

Thank you, Leafshadow

First chapter is up!

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Re: Bourbon, The wildest Mare, But the most beloved

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