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Post by Lunaar on Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:17 am

Tiana is a regular loner, but she soon discovers a rogue group, who call themselves "Royalty."


Tiana stared at the camp, she was puzzled. "Why do you call yourselves, "Royalty" anyways?" She meowed, following Seri around. Seri looked back at her, "I'm not sure.. But King Harris says it's because were special." She meowed, purring at the thought. Tiana's head tilted, and she looked puzzled once again. "What is that supposed to mean?" She meowed. Seri looked at her "well, like I said, I'm not sure. But lets not focus on that. King Harris!" The large male turned, and Seri flattened her ears. "Sorry, sir.. but.. erm.. Tiana has some questions." She meowed shakily, before padding away. Tiana confronted the male, and took a deep breath. "Welcome to my group." He meowed, licking his paw. Tiana looked at his paw, it
was stained red. She shivered. "I um, was asking why you were called royalty.." She mewed, curling her tail around herself. Harris stopped, staring into her eyes.

SORRY if I keep on changing the prologue, I cant decide.

The characters are currently a WIP. But the ones that are done are listed below!

26 Moons / Female

Tiana is a smart and a self-centered cat. She can often ask many questions, since she is very curious, she loves flowers and the beauty of nature. But is very over-protective of her best friend, Karlie. Who is a kittypet. She learns how to hunt on her own, and doesn't take a chance with herbs, causing her to get very sick. But Karlie, tells her what to do with herbs, since she had a bit of experience with a nearby rogue named Harris. She often takes advice, but also listens to herself. She prefers not to fight, and doesn't enjoy talking with large groups.
King Harris:

Harris Gorge
57 Moons / Male

Harris is a snappy and rude cat to anybody, though he takes things very seriously. He is loyal to his mate, Queen Luci and always respects her wishes. Though he isn't the friendliest, he tries his best to make his group nice and neat. Whenever in battle, he might intend to kill any cats he despises just for his pleasure. He had a past mate, Queen Lidia. Though she fell sick after her second litter, and died just after giving birth. Harris took another mate under his paws, Luci. She has had two litters safely, and had just fallen pregnant. Now, with all the cats in the group, Harris feels like a true leader. He currently teaches young Bruce, an excellent hunter. He hasn't run into any problems with any of the other groups, though he has caught some thrown out rogues on his territory.
Queen Luci:

Luci Farel
52 Moons / Female

Luci is a gentle and wise cat. She prefers to be left alone and doesn't appreciate arguments, especially with her mate. She is treated with respect and kind words from her friends. She enjoys watching her mate impress her, but isn't as blood-thirsty as he is. She doesn't often fight, but she is quite strong. She grew up in the Two-legplace, where she became best friends with a cat who called herself Ana Schuyler. When passing the thunderpath, Ana got hit and died instantly. Luci watched, mortified. Later on she met Harris and she fell in love, she is currently pregnant with her second litter. She teaches George, but he is now being taught by another cat, since she is pregnant.
Court Seri:

Seri Malo
37 Moons / Female

Seri is a young, intelligent cat. She works as a court, and helps with the king's duties. She is a bit of a jokester, but is strict and quiet. She came from a two-leg, who adopted her. But she soon escaped threw the doggy door. She came with her sibling, Samantha, and was introduced to the group. Samantha didn't take things easily, and became very awkward. But Seri cheered her up, later on, after Mary died, Seri was put as the court. She loves her duties, and teaches Lola and George.
Tom DiGrasia:

Tom DiGrasia
39 Moons / Male

Tom is a lazy, chilled cat. He's friendly and a sweetheart, but his laziness kicks in most of the time. He usually helps take care of the older members, hearing their legends and stories about how blood splattered everyone's fur when in battle. He isn't the smartest of cats, but he has been a bit flirty to a particular she-cat.
Lori Blackwell:

Lori Blackwell
48 Moons / Female

Lori is a hot-headed prick. She hates kittens, but proves her loyalty most of the time. She normally naps, and doesn't like talking. She is blood-thirst and loves battles. She kills cats that came across her way when she was a loner, including some kittens. Which has gotten her a painful scar just above her right eye. She recently fell pregnant with Julian, and now she doesn't know what to expect.
Julian Ski:

Julian Ski
53 Moons

Julian is a pretty friendly cat, and doesn't mind his friend Lori when she acts rude. He loves her deeply, and fights with her side by side. He can be a sweetheart and also a brat. He doesn't personally love sharing, but will do it when he has to. He was born into the group, and when he grew older, he met Lori and they fell in love. After they chatted for a while, she finally joined the group. Julian saw that she was trying to hide her belly, and he felt shook. Is she having my kits?

Cara Feri & Kaylee Feri:

Cara Feri
Female / 68 Moons
House Pet

Cara is a goof, and makes the members laugh when they're upset. She brings the kits toys she finds when her two-leg buys some, though the group is worried for her loyalty, she says that her two-leg doesn't mind when she's gone for a while. She lives in a nice two-leg nest, with her friend Kaylee. Since her and Kaylee are littermates, they visit the group from time to time to chat. Kaylee luckily managed to break her collar, removing the horrifying bell, and Cara continues to where hers, since it reminds her of home.

Kaylee Feri
68 Moons / Female
House Pet

Kaylee is a shy, awkward cat. She is funny like her sister, but doesn't show it. Her two-leg is kind enough to let them go outside, and she tastes the fresh air. Instead of going to camp, she goes by the pond to splash in the wet leaves, causing her to smell like them. Her collar broke off, and she happy. Since a two-leg came very close to their camp.

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Re: Royalty

Post by Lunaar on Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:51 pm

Just a note for anyone who likes this so far, if you want me to add one of your characters, just do a mini audition like I did, thanks!
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Re: Royalty

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:29 am

This seems really cool, I like it! Smile

Where did you find those beautiful pictures for the cats?

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Re: Royalty

Post by Lunaar on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:50 pm

Thanks Daisy!

I just searched up: "Painting of a cat" and lots of beautiful pictures come up!
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Re: Royalty

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