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Season & Time of Day:
Newleaf (Mar/Apr/May)
Mid-afternoon (4-5pm)

Weather & News:
Snow is beginning to fall on the territories, covering everything in a blanket of soft white powder. The winds are chilly coming off of the mountains, and it is suggested that everyone save their strength for hunting and training to defend your territory.
WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed A Clan (Work-In-Progress!)

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Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed A Clan (Work-In-Progress!)

Post by ItsAboutThyme on Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:18 pm


The following character names are completely made up in my mind. Any similarities between character names and those of members' OCs or names in the original WARRIORS series by Erin Hunter are entirely coincidental. If any similarities are found, please accept my sincerest apologies. These names can be used as OCs for you guys if you want, but some of them I will be using in the main RP. You have been warned.

Thank you!

Clans & Cast:
RainClan Allegiance:

Leader ~
      RIPPLESTAR - thick-furred black and white she-cat; amber-green eyes; mate of Tigerstripes; expecting Tigerstripes's kits: Echokit (very pale gray she-kit), Brokenkit (dark gray tom with white face mask), Otterkit (white and black tabby tom), Creamkit (cream and white she-kit), Icekit (white she-kit), and Twokit (black tom with two white spots)
Deputy ~
      FERRETTAIL - golden brown spotted she-cat; green eyes
Medicine Cats ~
      FRECKLEDFACE - gray and brown speckled she-cat; milky amber eyes; blind-born
           APPRENTICE; MINNOWPAW (silver tom; green eyes)
Warriors ~
      DRIZZLEWIND - white and black tom; amber eyes; mate to Graypatch
      RIVERSTEP - brown tabby she-cat; blue eyes
      TROUTCLAW - silver tabby tom; green eyes
      SHININGDAWN - pale ginger she-cat; brown eyes
      TIGERSTRIPES - white and black striped tabby tom; brown eyes; mate to Ripplestar
      BADGERFANG - brown tom; amber eyes; mate to Lilyfeather
      BUBBLESNOW - white she-cat with dark gray splotches; amber eyes
      TALONHEART - light brown tabby tom with a white tail tip and underbelly; green eyes
      BROOKWHISKER - fluffy-tailed brown tabby she-cat with white muzzle, paws, tail tip, and underbelly; green eyes
      TOADFEET - light brown and white speckled tom; amber eyes
Queens ~
      GRAYPATCH - white she-cat with gray back and shoulders; amber eyes; nursing Drizzlewind's kits: Pigeonkit (gray and white she-kit), Rainkit (gray tom), Nightkit (black tom with white paws), and Stormkit (gray and black tabby tom)
      LILYFEATHER - silver tabby she-cat; blue eyes; expecting Badgerfang's kits: Lakekit (brown speckled she-kit) and Sagekit (cream tabby tom)
Apprentices ~
      CLAWPAW - light brown tabby tom with black speck on chest; amber eyes
      LIZARDPAW - brown and gray speckled tom; green eyes
      MOONPAW - gray and white she-cat; blue eyes
      PEBBLEPAW - light brown and white she-cat; brown eyes
      WATERPAW - silver tabby tom with faint darker gray stripes; green eyes
      WILLOWPAW - silver tabby she-cat; amber eyes
Elders ~
      STRIPECLAW - brown tabby tom; milky eyes, blind due to aging; oldest cat in RainClan
DayClan Allegiance:

Leader ~
      DAWNSTAR - pale ginger tabby she-cat; green eyes
Deputy ~
      FERNLEAP - brown tabby she-cat; amber eyes
Medicine Cats ~
      BERRYSPECKS - tortoiseshell she-cat with a twisted hind foot, preventing her from walking without a limp; amber eyes
           APPRENTICE; MISTPAW (gray she-cat; blue eyes)
Warriors ~
      RABBITTAIL - brown tom with white tail; amber eyes; mate to Morninglight
      COYOTESONG - light brown tabby she-cat; blue eyes
      CRICKETWING - tortoiseshell tom with distinctive white paws, white face-mask, and ginger tail; green eyes              APPRENTICE; NEWTPAW
      EAGLEFLIGHT - light brown tabby tom; green eyes; mate to Tallflower
      WINDFEATHER - gray tabby she-cat; amber eyes
      WHITESKY - white she-cat; amber eyes
      FUZZYFUR - thick-furred dark gray tom with messy pelt; green eyes
      RUNNINGPELT - brown tabby she-cat; blue eyes
      CROWWING - black tom with white tail tip; amber eyes; mate to Russetpoppy
      PEARLHEART - white she-cat with faint gray splotches; green eyes
      WHISKERFACE - dark brown tom with really long whiskers, giving him his name; amber eyes
Queens ~
      RUSSETPOPPY - russet she-cat; green eyes; nursing Crowwing's kits: Blackkit (black tom), Patchkit (russet she-kit with black patches), and Speckledkit (russet she-kit with a black speckled coat)
      MORNINGLIGHT - light golden tabby she-cat; amber eyes; nursing Rabbittail's kits: Brownkit (brown tom), Featherkit (white she-kit with golden splotches), Harekit (brown tabby she-kit), and Goldkit (golden tabby tom)
      TALLFLOWER - long-legged brown she-cat; green eyes; nursing Eagleflight's kits: Hawkkit (brown speckled tom) and Robinkit (russet she-kit with brown underbelly and chest)
Apprentices ~
      CLOUDPAW - white tom; green eyes
      FROGPAW - brown tabby tom; amber eyes
      MOUSEPAW - light brown she-cat; amber eyes
      NEWTPAW - dark brown tom; green eyes
      SHIMMERPAW - silver tabby she-cat; amber eyes
      SKYPAW - pale brown she-cat with brown paws and underbelly; brown eyes
Elders ~
      OLDFOOT - old dark gray tom with a broken leg that never healed properly; green eyes; oldest tom in DayClan
      DAPPLEDFUR - dappled-pelted she-cat with her right ear missing; milky eyes, blind due to aging; oldest she-cat in DayClan
LeafClan Allegiance:

Leader ~
      BRUSHSTAR - brown speckled tom; green eyes; mate to Doveflight
Deputy ~
      OWLCLAW - light brown spotted tom; amber eyes
Medicine Cats ~
      SHADEDMOON - dark gray she-cat with white patches of fur; green eyes
           APPRENTICE; MAPLEPAW (russet tom with white underbelly and paws; green eyes)
Warriors ~
      BRAMBLELEAF - light brown tabby she-cat; green eyes
      OAKFUR - russet tom with white tail tip and chest patch; amber eyes
      OCELOTSPOTS - golden spotted she-cat; amber eyes
      SPARROWFEATHER - light brown tom; green eyes; amber eyes; mate to Oceanbreeze
      HUMMINGBIRD - light gray she-cat with dark gray underbelly, paws, tail tip, and chest; brown eyes
      GOOSEFLIGHT - light gray and darker gray splotched tom; green eyes; mate to Silvercloud
      JUNIPERCLOUD - dark gray she-cat with white underbelly; icy-blue eyes
      UNDERTOE - gray she-cat with a twisted fore-paw, couldn't become medicine cat; icy-blue eyes
      SQUIRRELCHASE - light gray tom with black paws, chest, underbelly, face-mask, and tail; brown eyes
      REEDFOOT - russet she-cat; amber eyes
Queens ~
      DOVEFLIGHT - light gray she-cat; brown eyes; nursing Brushstar's kits: Berrykit (brown and gray speckled she-kit), Lionkit (light brown tom), and Deerkit (light brown tabby she-kit)
      OCEANBREEEZE - silver tabby she-cat; green eyes; expecting Sparrowfeather's kits: Finchkit (silver and tan tabby she-kit), Wrenkit (brown tabby she-kit), Eggkit (cream tabby tom with white face mask), and Acornkit (light golden brown she-kit)
      SILVERCLOUD - silver she-cat with gray splotches; amber eyes; nursing Gooseflight's kits: Swankit (white she-kit), Lightkit (light gray she-kit), Quillkit (light gray tom with dark gray splotches), and Graykit (gray tom)
Apprentices ~
      CLASHPAW - light brown tabby tom with white tail tip and underbelly; brown eyes
      FOXPAW - russet she-cat; green eyes
      HOPPAW - light gray she-cat; icy-blue eyes
      SOOTPAW - black tom with white tail tip and speck on chest; amber eyes
      TUMBLEPAW - light brown tom with spiraling stripes on pelt; green eyes
Elders ~
      HEATHERFOOT - light brown she-cat with white face mask; milky eyes, blind due to aging; oldest cat in LeafClan
NightClan Allegiance:

Leader ~
      RAINSTAR - light gray tom with dark gray paws; brown eyes
Deputy ~
      NIGHTSKY - black tom with white face mask, tail tip, and paws; green eyes; mate to Snowfeather
Medicine Cats ~
      ASPENLEAP - light gray she-cat with dark gray splotches; amber eyes
           APPRENTICE; BIRDPAW (white tom; green eyes)
Warriors ~
      IVORYCLAW - white tom; amber eyes
      GINGERBIRD - ginger she-cat; amber eyes
      ACORNDRIZZLE - tortoiseshell she-cat with distinctive ginger tail; green eyes
      CHESNUTPATH - chestnut colored tom; brown eyes; mate to Goldencloud
      FORESTCALL - dark gray she-cat; green eyes
      BRACKENWING - light golden tabby tom; amber eyes
      BLUESKY - blue-gray she-cat; blue eyes
      CREEKFUR - tortoiseshell tom; green eyes
      HEATHERSPLOTCH - silvery she-cat with darker gray splotches; amber eyes
Queens ~
      GOLDENCLOUD - golden tabby she-cat; green eyes; nursing Chestnutpath's kits: Treekit (dark brown tom), Branchkit (light brown tabby she-kit), Birchkit (dark brown tom with white paws), and Mosskit (light golden she-kit)
      SNOWFEATHER - fluffy white she-cat; amber eyes; nursing Nightsky's kits: Littlekit (light gray she-kit), Spiderkit (dark brown tom with white legs), Beetlekit (brown tabby tom with black stripes), Webkit (light gray tabby she-kit with thin black stripes), and Ghostkit (thick-furred white she-kit with faint gray patches)
Apprentices ~
      DAPPLEPAW - calico she-cat; brown eyes
      DUSKPAW - black tom with white paws; green eyes
      SUNNYPAW - light golden she-cat; amber eyes
      TAWNYPAW - brown tabby she-cat; icy-blue eyes
Elders ~
      ROBINPATCH - gray she-cat with a ginger tail; green eyes; oldest cat in NightClan
PitchClan Allegiance:

Leader ~
      DEATHSTAR - very dark gray speckled she-cat; two different colored eyes, left is blue, right is brown
Deputy ~
      MOUNTAINFOOT - very large brown tabby tom with scars across back; amber eyes; mate to Paledust
Warriors ~
      HORNETSTING - light brown tabby tom; green eyes
      RAVENCALL - black she-cat with white stripe down middle of back; amber eyes
      BRISTLEFUR - brown speckled tom with white underbelly; brown eyes; formerly a rouge
      ZEBRASTRIPES - white she-cat with thin black stripes; green eyes
      OTTERSWIM - brown tom with white underbelly; amber eyes
      FAKEHEART - black tom with white fore-paws; amber eyes
      THISTLECLOUD - dark brown speckled she-cat with white paws, face mask, chest, and tail tip; icy-blue eyes; formerly a rouge
      OLIVENOSE - light gray tom with scarred face; brown eyes; mate to Rosepetal
      KILLCLAW - light golden tabby tom; green eyes
      BEEFLIGHT - light golden tabby she-cat with brown legs, underbelly, and chest; amber eyes
      REDBRANCH - russet she-cat with brown legs; green eyes
      AMBERLEAF - russet she-cat with brown legs and ears; amber eyes
      TWILIGHTCLAW - black and white speckled tom; brown eyes; mate to Yellowstep
      GORSEFANG - sand-colored tom with brown ears; green eyes
Queens ~
      YELLOWSTEP - sand-colored tabby she-cat; brown eyes; nursing Twilightclaw's kits: Pandakit (russet she-kit with black splotches), Nettlekit (sand-colored she-kit), and Jumpkit (black and brown speckled tom)
      PALEDUST - pale ginger tabby she-cat; green eyes; expecting Mountainfoot's kits: Darkkit (dark brown tabby tom with white chest and paws) and Grizzlykit (dark brown tom)
      ROSEPETAL - russet she-cat with white underbelly and face mask; green eyes; nursing Olivenose's kits: Cherrykit (russet she-kit), Cardinalkit (russet tom), and Minkkit (brown tom)
Apprentices ~
      BLOODPAW - russet tom with brown underbelly; amber eyes
      BUMBLEPAW - light golden tom; green eyes
      DEADPAW - dark brown tom with lame fore-paw, giving him his name; amber eyes
      GECKOPAW - light golden tabby tom; brown eyes
      QUICKPAW - light gray she-cat; green eyes
      OPALPAW - calico she-cat; icy-blue eyes
Cats Outside The Clans:

      MOTHWING - old light gray she-cat; green eyes; formerly of PitchClan
      WHISTLEFOOT - light gray tom; brown eyes; formerly of PitchClan
      DAISYHEART - white she-cat with faint ginger tint to fur; brown eyes; formerly of PitchClan
      DESERTSAND - old sand-colored tabby tom; milky eyes, blind due to aging; formerly of PitchClan
      SANDFLOWER - sand-colored tabby she-cat; icy-blue eyes; formerly of PitchClan; nursing old mate's kits: Honeykit (sand colored she-kit, blind) and Grasskit (light brown tabby tom, deaf)
      JAYWING - old blue-gray tom; milky eyes, blind due to aging; formerly of PitchClan
      PALESKY - pale gray she-cat with a broken hind leg; green eyes; formerly of PitchClan
      SWAMPSTEP - old light brown tom with brown paws and underbelly; amber eyes; formerly of PitchClan
      JACKIE - brown tabby tom; green eyes; rouge
      RED - russet she-cat with white face mask; amber eyes; rouge
      FLUFFY - thick-furred white tom; blue eyes; kitty-pet
      HARRY - dark brown tom with white chest patch; green eyes; kitty-pet
      DOMINO - white tom with black spots throughout pelt; brown eyes; kitty-pet
      SPARKLES - white she-cat with gray stripes; amber eyes; kitty-pet


        Rain pattered on the leaves as the cold water fell from the sky overhead. The clouds above were dark gray and it was almost night time. The peacefulness of the natural sounds were broken by the new sound of a cat's angry screeches and then the fast-moving pawsteps of a cat running. 8 cats broke out from the underbrush. 3 of them looked like elderly cats, for two of them had milky, clouded-over eyes. They were blind. 2 cats among them, a white she-cat with a ginger tint to her fur, and a light brown tom with darker brown markings were carrying something in their maws. 2 kits. Each of them weren't very old, had just opened their eyes. "We have to take shelter somewhere else, the sooner we get the kits out of the rain, the better!" a light gray tom among them shouted as he paused to look back at the group.
        A cat was struggling to follow, it was one of the older cats. The old blue-gray tom with milky eyes. The light gray tom hissed under his breath and padded over to the fellow tom's side, the two of them looking like father and son. "Hurry Jaywing, we don't have much time, they nearly caught you. Here, let me guide you." the light gray tom said to his elder. Jaywing, lifted his head, his breath coming in quick pants, he was nearly exhausted. "I don't need any help!" the old blue-gray tom spat, but it was obvious he had lied, for he stopped walking and his legs were shaking. His old age had caught up with him moons ago, but it seemed he was twice his age now.
        All the other cats stopped in order to have the elder catch up. Eventually after several minutes passed the small group continued as fast as they could until they reached places where they found abandoned badger dens. The light gray tom from before helped a sand-colored tabby she-cat settle in. "How are your kits, Sandflower?" he asked her worriedly. The queen looked worried and scared, but she relaxed and lowered her head. "They're fine, Whistlefoot, thanks to Swampstep and Daisyheart." she answered him, still panting. Her ears twitched as she heard one of her kits mewling. She went inside and curled around her two kits. One of them was dark brown and the other shared the same coat as their mother. She licked them purring lovingly to calm them both down. She lifted her head after they had calmed and he could see sorrow clouding her icy-blue eyes. "Why did the new leader do this? This is against our old codes!" she hissed partially, her tail going from side to side in agitation.
        Whistlefoot sighed deeply and closed his brown eyes. "I wish I knew the answer to that, but I don't. All we can do now is hope." he answered sadly. The new leader of their former Clan, PitchClan, had created a new custom - a new rule. The Clan was not to keep and care for elders, the sick, the wounded, or the deformed. They had chased them away into banishment and had killed half of the queen's kits when she had tried so hard to protect them. The light gray tom had a sorrowful expression on his face now, he had watched his only sibling be killed as she had protected their mother from a warrior's strike. Mothwing had survived, but had witnessed the same thing he had.
        Whistlefoot couldn't bare the loss no more than she could, he now had to protect everyone here despite having been a warrior for a few moons. He gently licked the queen between her ears, trying to comfort her and tell her everything was going to be okay, even though the 8 cats were completely cut off from food, their old Clan-mates, and a water source. "We should rest here for the night, I will keep watch over-" he began but paused as the ginger-tinted white furred she-cat stepped forward he recognized as Daisyheart. "I'll keep watch with you." she mewed softly. He nodded slowly and glanced towards the others. A pale gray she-cat with green eyes was gently licking Jaywing's shoulders. The other cats which included his mother Mothwing, Swampstep, a senior warrior who had helped carry one of Sandflower's kits, and Barrensand, Sandflower's father, who had narrowly escaped being killed but had been wounded by a warrior before they escaped to safety.
        Whistlefoot sent up a silent prayer to StarClan that his wounds would heal quickly without an infection. They would have to be treated soon, for they were open and still bleeding. He could see the elderly tom wince in pain as Palesky, who happened to be Whistlefoot's neice, came over and placed some dry leaves on the claw wound. He turned towards Daisyheart and they both exited the abandoned badger den and stood silently outside, their eyes glued on the area in front of them, their ears pricked forward to hear every sound.
        When dawn came to be, Whistlefoot was still awake. The rain was gone but the gloomy mood was still there from yesterday. He shook the wetness from his fur, he and his companion had stayed outside in the rain all night and they were both soaked to the skin with water. He glanced towards the den, wondering if everything was going to be okay. He then glanced towards Daisyheart, who was still watching the brush surrounding them. "Daisyheart, can you ask Swampstep and Palesky to come out here if they're awake?" he asked her politely. The pale ginger and white she-cat nodded and he watched her tail disappear into the den. Soon Swampstep and Palesky stepped out and padded slowly to his side. "Yes Whistlefoot, what is it?" the light brown tom asked. His paws and underbelly a darker brown than the rest of his fur. "I want you two to collect as much moss as you can and bring it back here for nest material, make sure to shake the wetness from it and check it for thorns. While you're out try to find some healing herbs, we need to treat Barrensand's side before infection gets to it. If you see any prey, kill it and bring it back." he mewed commands to them. They both nodded and quickly ran off.
        He sighed deeply and padded inside. He came up to his mother's sleeping figure and rubbed his face against her cheek, purring lovingly. She woke up and licked his cheek, however he'd notice she did not purr back. He imagined she was still sad about his sister's death. He slowly laid down next to her. "How are you feeling?" he asked her worriedly, licking her forehead. "My legs ache and I feel sick to my stomach." she answered him, her voice cracking with old age. She curled her tail around him and laid her head back down, scars ran across her back from countless battles she had been in moons ago. "Are you fit enough to eat fresh-kill when it arrives?" Whistlefoot mewed gently. His mother didn't answer, he assumed she was still thinking of what had happened yesterday or she wasn't sure how to answer. He glanced towards Sandflower as her kits woke up.
        The main reason why her kits had been killed was because of the new leader's rule, about not caring. Sandflower's kits, Honeykit and Grasskit were only 2 moons old now. Her other two kits had been killed because Honeykit was blind and Grasskit was deaf. Deathstar, the new leader of their former Clan, had ordered all her kits to be killed along with their mother, saying that "bad blood is not welcome in my Clan". Sandflower's mate had been wounded protecting her, he wasn't sure if the fellow tom had made it. Jaywing and Barrensand were elders with his mother, both toms had become blind due to aging. He wondered if there was ever a chance they could go back to their old Clan, or find one of the others.
        He knew RainClan and LeafClan were the closest Clans to theirs, since their borders both touch their old Clan's. But the journey would be exhausting and just by going to one of them, they'd have to pass through their old Clan's territory in order to reach them and he felt like that was too risky of an option. His thought were interrupted as Swampstep and Palesky returned, both their maws filled with nice fresh moss. All of the other cats including himself stood and let them make the nests out of the material they had brought. "Nice work." the light gray tom mewed to them. They nodded in acknowledgement since both their maws were still full.
        Today would be a very busy day and with 2 elders blind, his mother too hurt to walk, and Sandflower taking care of her kits, they were short-handed. Only him and 3 others were fit enough to work although Swampstep was wounded he held strong despite being a senior warrior, he was only a few moons younger than his mother. He worried they might need help from a former Clan-mate. He knew Ravencall, Thistleburst, and Amberleaf would not be too aggressive if he went to them for help, but if he was caught by another warrior he would most likely come back with an injury himself. He also knew Opalpaw and Deadpaw would gladly help them out, for Opalpaw was a newbie who didn't understand Clan-life just yet and Deadpaw was surely to be banished eventually due to his lame fore-paw.
        He just didn't know how he would encounter any of them without encountering someone who would easily over-power him. Then he thought of Gorsefang, Sandflower's brother. He would be willing to do anything for his sisters, for both of them have kits they are nursing. He needed to find some of his former Clan-mates and ask them for help. "Palesky, I'm going back to our Clan." he said strongly. His niece must've been shocked because she quickly spit out the moss she had left in her maw. "Are you mouse-brained?! If you're seen by anyone they wouldn't hesitate to rip you to shreds!" she yowled in surprise, her green eyes wide open. "I seriously doubt Gorsefang, Thistleburst, Ravencall, Amberleaf, Opalpaw, and Deadpaw would do anything to me. Gorsefang would do anything if I told him Sandflower was in trouble and the others are so good-natured I'm surprised they didn't come with us." he countered her argument. Palesky narrowed her eyes. "Yes, but most of them are either accompanied by Mountainfoot, Hornetsting, Twilightclaw, and Fakeheart. If either one of those toms see you, you are as good as crowfood!" she exclaimed, pelt bristled now.
        "I have to try! Trying's better than not trying at all! We are short-handed, we're hungry, wounded, and tired! We need all the help we can get!" he hissed at her. This must've surprised her more because she cowered and seemed to shrink into her pelt. "Alright, but I'm going too." she mewed strongly. He shook his head. "You are needed here, if I go alone I'd be less intimidating." he added. "And in more danger of being killed and we need you alive!" she protested. Whistlefoot hissed under his breath and quickly sprinted out of the den, heading towards his old Clan's territory. He had to be careful, for even if one of the cats he's looking for is in a patrol, the others may not take kindly of his appearance.
        He stalked through the brush and stopped as he heard cats talking close by. "That pigeon was so mouse-brained a kit half the size of me would've caught it!" a young male voice sounded, he recognized it as Deadpaw's. He silently snuck closer until he could see the small group. It was Deadpaw, his mentor Killclaw, Ravencall, and Beeflight. Deadpaw was standing next to a dead pigeon he assumed the apprentice had killed. "Quiet, Deadpaw, you'll scare away the rest of the prey." Killclaw scolded his apprentice, but Whistlefoot noticed something was off about Killclaw. Usually the tom showed very little emotion besides grumpiness, now he noticed a flicker of unease and sorrow in his eyes. He must be worried he'd lose his apprentice soon enough! Whistlefoot thought. Ravencall lifted her head from the ground and Whistlefoot immediately noticed his scent was wafting in the air.
        All 4 cats stood erect, glancing around. Killclaw and Beeflight hissed and took their claws out, ready for a fight. Deadpaw and Ravencall were alert, but neither of them looked hostile in any way. "The scent is stale, we don't need to worry about him being close by." Ravencall announced. All the other cats relaxed. "Go on ahead of me, I think me and Deadpaw need to hunt here for a bit, the one part of the border needs new scent posts." she added in cleverly. The light gray tom realized she was sticking up for him, because she had glanced right at him for a split second. To his surprise, Beeflight and Killclaw agreed and slowly padded off. Even after the two hostile cats were out of sight, Whistlefoot refused to move at all, afraid Ravencall and Deadpaw weren't sticking up for him as much as he'd wanted them to.
        Ravencall glanced towards him again and so did Deadpaw. "What are you doing here, Whistlefoot? You're lucky your scent wasn't as fresh as it could've been." she mewed gently. He slowly stepped out into the open, fur bristled uneasily. "I came here worried about the others. We're short-handed, only 4 of us are able to get anything done currently and Swampstep is wounded." he explained, lowering his ears and tail sadly. Deadpaw sniffed the air around him. "I know how worried you are, after Rivercloud's death I would be too. Did you come here seeking help?" she asked him softly, he could see kindness in her eyes and it made him relax. He nodded slowly. "Do you know if you could help give us some prey or some herbs? Or do you know where I could find Gorsefang, Thistlecloud, or Opalpaw?" he asked her in soft mews.
        Ravencall flicked her tail. "I can answer all of those. Deadpaw can help you hunt while I find some herbs. Gorsefang, Thistlecloud, Opalpaw, and Fakeheart are all scouting the borders today, they should come through this area before sunhigh, however be careful of Fakeheart." she answered him. Whistlefoot couldn't help but rub his cheek against her shoulder. "Thank you, Ravencall, I don't know what I would do without you." he mewed gently to her. Ravencall's fur heated up and she chuckled. "You're making my fur heat up." she said, making him pull away. She turned towards Deadpaw and nodded towards him. Deadpaw slowly walked towards him, a limp in his step due to his lame fore-paw.
        In a way, he felt bad for the young tom, since he was only 6 moons old and he had just became an apprentice. After a quick hunt with him, Whistlefoot brought the prey back to the others before going to find Gorsefang. He knew the tom would like to check and see if his sister and her remaining kits were alright, as if his father was. But as he waited he heard loud yowls coming from the distance and they were drawing closer. Soon 4 cats were spotted by him - Deadpaw, Olivenose, Hornetsting, and Killclaw. All four of them were fighting one another. His heart pounded in his chest as he realized what was happening. Deadpaw was being banished and Killclaw was trying to prevent it!
        Olivenose was furiously slashing at Killclaw, who had became a warrior the same time as Whistlefoot had, and it was knocking his old Clan-mate off-balance. He watched in horror as Hornetsting had Deadpaw by the tail and was clawing towards his belly. He had to help out! He hissed and charged towards Hornetsting, headbutting the tom clean off of the younger tom's figure. "Run Deadpaw, run!" he shouted urgently towards the young tom. He quickly stood up and made a run for it, he wasn't pursued. He glanced after him and was surprise attacked by a slash in the face by Hornetsting. "You shouldn't have interfered!" he yowled furiously. He leaped towards Whistlefoot but he ducked and then raised his back, knocking the older tom head-first into a thorn bush. He then slashed out at the fellow tom's flank.
        Hornetsting hissed furiously and retreated, running back towards camp. He then glanced back and Killclaw and Olivenose were now a snarling and screeching rolling mass. Eventually it stopped and Olivenose retreated with some bad clawed wounds and a bite near the neck. Whistlefoot panted heavily, adrenaline still pumping his blood faster through his veins. He could feel his ear stinging with the cut and he felt claw marks on his left shoulder but he slowly turned towards Killclaw. His brown eyes widened greatly. Killclaw had a really bad bite to the neck and it was bleeding really badly. "Killclaw, lay down! That wound is deep!" he told the fellow warrior.
        Killclaw panted heavily and then collapsed onto his side weakly, blood was quickly pooling onto the ground, staining the grass. Whistlefoot quickly raced over to the fellow tom's side and tried his best to stop the bleeding. "Killclaw, keep your eyes open, stay with me!" he pleaded, he could feel tears rush to his eyes, blurring his vision somewhat. Killclaw gurgled on some of his own blood, the sound of it horrifying to the light gray tom. "K-k-keep D-d-Deadpaw safe an-and......avenge me...........m-my friend." Killclaw managed to whisper out. Whistlefoot gasped. "No! I'm not giving up on you! Killclaw, you can't leave Deadpaw behind! Not yet! PLEASE!" he pleaded, the tears from before now dripping onto the ground. He gasped again as Killclaw fell still and the light died in the fellow tom's eyes.
        "No, Killclaw! WAKE UP! Killclaw! PLEASE!" Whistlefoot screamed tearfully and nudged the tom harshly. He had been there with him since he was a kit! Eventually he stopped as he saw Killclaw was gone for good. Tears dripped from his face. All this death was because of his former Clan's new leader. This was all Deathstar's fault, she was living up to her name! He crouched down and touched noses with Killclaw for the last time. What was he going to say to Deadpaw? What was Beeflight, his sister, going to think? He sniffled and let the tears keep coming. He gently grasped Killclaw by the ruff of his neck and carried him towards the abandoned badger dens, he knew Deadpaw would've followed the scent there.
        When he arrived he could see the shock on everyone's face as he carried Killclaw's limp form towards them. He reached the center of the clearing and gently set the fellow tom's body on the ground, licking his eyes closed for the last time. Deadpaw's eyes watered and he quickly bounded towards his mentor. He slowed as he neared and tears dripped from his eyes. He nudged his mentor's head with his own and then sobbed. Swampstep stepped forward, shocked to see the body of his own son laying there before him. He drew closer and cried alongside the younger tom's body. Both of them crouched down next to Killclaw. Whistlefoot panted heavily and glanced towards everyone else. All of them looked shocked and sad, some of them even cried. This new leader had split families apart, and now only StarClan knew how they would bare this.

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Re: Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed A Clan (Work-In-Progress!)

Post by Hela on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:22 pm

Omg I love this


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Re: Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed A Clan (Work-In-Progress!)

Post by ItsAboutThyme on Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:09 pm

Chapter 1:

           "Her eyes should've been open by now, shouldn't they?" Graypatch's voice sounded. Her four kits were about 2 moons old however her one kit, who happened to be the only she-kit of that litter, hadn't yet opened her eyes even though her siblings had theirs open 2 days previous. "She'll open them when she's ready to, Graypatch. There's no need to be worried." Lilyfeather, a fellow queen comforted Graypatch. Pigeonkit slowly tried to open her eyes and the light that came from the den exit blinded her so much she squinted. "There! See, they're open! Oh my!" Lilyfeather exclaimed, staring at the tiny she-kit. The silver tabby queen was expecting Badgerfang's kits in another moon or so, her belly bulging. "W-what's wrong?!" Graypatch asked worriedly, looking at her daughter. Pigeonkit became confused since she couldn't see her mother yet until she turned her head towards her, she didn't yet realize her left eye was completely blind.
        The tiny she-kit then watched as her mother's face became one of shock. "Sh-she's got a blind eye! B-but how?! This is my second litter!" the gray and white queen exclaimed in shock. "Sweetie, calm down, Freckledface is blind as well, some cats are just born that way." Lilyfeather tried to calm her friend down. Pigeonkit glanced away and saw her 3 brothers a little ways away. Her brothers Nightkit and Rainkit were tussling over one another, play-fighting. Her brother Stormkit, whose pelt was tabby unlike both their parents, was sitting close by watching them in boredom. Pigeonkit stood up from her sitting position and walked towards them curiously. Rainkit saw her and smiled. "Hey, you finally opened them! About ti-" he cut off as he saw her blind eye. "What's wrong with your eye, it's all white and milky-looking?" he asked her. Nightkit pushed his brother off of him since Rainkit was currently pinning him to the moss. "What do you mean what's wrong with my eye?" Pigeonkit asked.
        "Come on, Rainkit! Leave her be and lets go play outside!" Nightkit said impatiently, interrupting them with his tail swishing from side to side. "You four aren't going outside." Graypatch scolded them, smirking a bit. She was still sitting in her nest, she looked like she hadn't gotten enough sleep last night. "Awww come on, Graypatch, what's the worst that could happen? They're going to explore camp one way or another so you might as well let them outside the nursery for a day. Besides I'm sure their older sisters will help watch over them." Lilyfeather mewed calmly to the fellow queen. Graypatch hesitated but then sighed deeply. "Alright." she mewed finally after some seconds of thinking. "Watch them while I find their father." she told Lilyfeather before she slowly padded outside. Rainkit and Nightkit tried to follow but Lilyfeather did what she was told and kept them from leaving.
        Graypatch looked around camp for her mate Drizzlewind, who was the only sibling to their leader Ripplestar. She spotted Ripplestar right away since her mate and her leader were almost identical twins, she only noticed her because she was looking for a black and white pelt. She realized it was Ripplestar right away because her mate had amber eyes and Ripplestar has a greenish color to her eyes. Ripplestar's fur was also a lot thicker than her mate's fur. His was more thin and hers was thicker than her own. She padded over anyways, but not before getting cut off due to a smaller cat running past in front of her. It was Lizardpaw, not the brightest of apprentices in her Clan, but still a good apprentice overall. He was the younger brother of Freckledface, her Clan's medicine cat. Most cats still wondered what happened to their other siblings or if their parents were just unlucky and only 1 kit survived after each litter. She noticed he was heading towards her sister, Bubblesnow, his mentor.
        She wasn't sure how her sister put up with Lizardpaw's ignorance when she was the sweetest she-cat she had known. She finally padded over to Ripplestar. "Greetings Ripplestar, do you know where I can find your brother?" she asked curiously. Usually Drizzlewind was in camp around this time of day, which was before sunhigh. Ripplestar flicked her thick-furred tail and curled it around her paws as she sat outside her den. "He led the border patrol, but they should be returning soon." she answered. "How are the kits doing?" she asked curiously. "They're doing fine. Nightkit and Rainkit are always keeping me up play-tackling. Stormkit's like his father when he was his age, and Pigeonkit finally opened her eyes." Graypatch explained. "That's great news, I hope I get to see them out and about today." Ripplestar exclaimed happily, purring and whiskers twitching with amusement as she heard about her nephews.
        Movement caught Graypatch's eye and she glanced towards the clearing to see her mate pad into camp followed by Toadfeet, Riverstep, Badgerfang, and Pebblepaw. She smiled as she saw how much her first-born kit had grown. Pebblepaw used to be the size of her paw, now she was about the size of a full-grown cat. She quickly bowed a goodbye to Ripplestar before bounding over to Drizzlewind. He stopped and mewed a greeting to her. "Pigeonkit's opened her eyes." Graypatch told him. Drizzlewind smiled happily and purred as he licked her cheek. "That is wonderful news, what color are they?" he asked curiously. "Well, you see, her left eye is.......blind." the white and gray queen mewed sadly. "What?" Drizzlewind asked, confused. "How could it be blind? Is it milky white?" he asked and looked shocked as his mate nodded her head. He quickly padded towards the nursery to see if this were true. He saw Pigeonkit's face and gasped as what his mate said was true. He never doubted his mate, he just didn't want to face the fact his youngest daughter was half blind.
        "Hi dad!" Rainkit greeted his father as Nightkit pinned him to the moss nest. Drizzlewind glanced towards his sons and then towards Pigeonkit. Lilyfeather seemed to be glaring at him so he forced a smile. Pigeonkit looked normal despite the blind left eye. She walked rather slow, but with proper training she might make a good warrior. He glanced towards his mate as she stepped inside. "Shall I let them explore camp?" she asked him. Drizzlewind nodded. "Pebblepaw's done training for today so she can help watch over them. Not sure where Moonpaw would be though." he agreed with her. Graypatch nodded and slowly nudged her kits towards the exit of the nursery. Nightkit and Rainkit quickly bounded outside. Stormkit padded after his mother followed by Pigeonkit. They all gasped at how large the outside was. "This is so exciting! I didn't know it was so big!" Nightkit said, his pelt bristled with excitement. Rainkit nodded in agreement, immediately starting to play-fight again. He bit into his brother ear as hard as he could and the two started shouting at one another.
        Drizzlewind rolled his eyes, neither of them were like him when he was a kit, Stormkit was mostly like him, only less curious than he was. Pigeonkit seemed the most adventurous whereas Nightkit and Rainkit just liked starting fights. He stepped out and watched them while his mate got something to eat from the fresh-kill pile. He noticed Toadfoot avoid his sons rolling into him and noticed his glare, they certainly wouldn't be good around Stripeclaw, his Clan's elder who constantly complained. As an apprentice he had gotten a soft spot for the elder, but nowadays he was once again a nuisance. Pigeonkit didn't hesitate to disappear from his sight and he wondered where she was. He finally spotted her across the clearing, playing with the unresponsive tail of Troutclaw, who was peacefully sleeping in the shade.
        He couldn't help but chuckle at her boldness, Troutclaw wasn't his favorite warrior and often too bossy for his own good, he kind of reminded him of Lizardpaw. He was Lilyfeather's brother but they acted not anything alike. Troutclaw woke up and  pushed Pigeonkit away only for her to clamp onto his tail with her claws this time. "Would you get off me?!" he could hear Troutclaw shout. Pigeonkit let go and quickly ran off as he tried chasing her. She hid behind Minnowpaw, who was sitting outside the medicine den. He looked down at her and chuckled. "So, first time out of the nursery, huh?" Minnowpaw said to her. Pigeonkit looked up at him and nodded. "Yes..............who are you?" she asked curiously. Minnowpaw smiled down at her. "I'm Minnowpaw, and you must be Pigeonkit." he introduced himself casually. "How'd you know my name?" Pigeonkit asked. "Good question. I helped your mom birth you. I'm a medicine cat apprentice." he answered her.
        Minnowpaw glanced away as a brown and gray speckled she-cat stepped towards them, one who had milky amber eyes. It was his mentor Freckledface. Minnowpaw had became her apprentice since he took interest in her as a kit and started helping her with certain things. After asking her about 5 times if he could become her apprentice she finally allowed it, though he has irritated her by asking so many times. She smelled him out but hesitated and he knew why. She didn't recognize Piegonkit by scent yet and it had thrown her off. "Who are you talking to, Minnowpaw?" she asked, flicking her tail. "Pigeonkit, Drizzlewind's youngest daughter." he answered his mentor calmly. Freckledface glanced down to where Pigeonkit was and Minnowpaw frowned as Piegonkit shrunk down low as if scared. "Don't worry Pigeonkit, she only eats big kits." Minnowpaw teased her gently. Freckledface laughed at his joke. "Oh come on now, don't scare her even more. Come Minnowpaw, lets sort these herbs." she said, stepping completely over Pigeonkit and into her den.
        So far Pigeonkit wasn't sure how she felt about the two of them. She saw a black and white striped cat leaving camp and ran after them. The cat stopped and looked at her with its brown eyes. "And what exactly do you think you're doing, young one?" the tom asked. "Going with you?" Pigeonkit said, smiling happily. The tom chuckled and picked her up by the ruff of her neck. "Sorry, but you're a bit too young to follow me Pigeonkit, better go play with your brothers and stay inside camp." he mewed as he carried her. Pigeonkit struggled but eventually he set her down next to her brother Stormkit, who hadn't moved at all. Pigeonkit frowned. "Sorry for the trouble, Tigerstripes." Drizzlewind apologized. "There's no trouble at all, I do so enjoy adventurous kits, it's what makes RainClan the way it is." the black and white warrior responded. He soon padded off and once again Pigeonkit tried to follow only was grabbed by the tail by her father's fore-paw and he wouldn't let her budge. She eventually collapsed onto her belly and pouted. "Why can't I leave the camp like he can?" she asked her father, turning her head to face him, her ears down. "It's because you're not yet 6 moons old. When you become an apprentice you can come and go as you please, but you're only just a kit." her father explained.
        "But I want to be an apprentice now!" Pigeonkit squealed in frustration. Drizzlewind rolled his eyes. "Perhaps meeting more of the Clan will help settle your curiosity?" Drizzlewind asked her. Pigeonkit frowned and pouted more but he could see the interest sparkle in her eyes. "I guess so." she said, moping a bit. He chuckled and picked her up by the ruff and carried her towards the warrior's den. As he was about to enter a she-cat stepped out with a brown tabby and white coat. She had a fluffy tail with a white muzzle, paws, tail tip, and underbelly. He recognized her as Brookwhisker, Stripeclaw's only daughter. She glanced at his maw and smiled, her whiskers twitching with amusement. "I didn't realize you'd be sleeping with the warriors at only 2 moons old." she said, her voice friendly, but he could see she was only teasing. Drizzlewind set Pigeonkit down and flicked his tail. "Sorry for bothering you Brookwhisker." he said, his ears going down slightly in embarrassment. If it weren't for Graypatch being in his Clan then he would probably he mates with the she-cat before him. Brookwhisker mrowwed in laughter. "Bothering me? Oh Drizzlewind, the sibling of Ripplestar could never bother me, especially with your daughter." she explained.
        Drizzlewind's pelt seemed to relax before he realized it had previously bristled. "No need for praising me, Brookwhisker." he said and then flinched. He turned towards his daughter and she was trying to dig her teeth into his tail. He chuckled. "Pigeonkit, my tail is not a toy." he said, flicking it upwards. This only made things worse, now Pigeonkit saw it as a game and started jumping for it, trying to catch it again. Now this was rather awkward. Drizzlewind, the strong and brave brother to Ripplestar was now seen in public "playing" with his 2-moon-old daughter. He cleared his throat and just let Pigeonkit catch it. He turned back to Brookwhisker, who was just staring in admiration at Pigeonkit. He wondered if one day Brookwhisker would have kits of her own. He admitted she'd make a really good mother, possibly even better than his mom had been. "I was just going to show Pigeonkit around a little bit." he finally managed to say. Brookwhisker smiled wider, this got her interested. "Well, I could take over for you, you probably need to watch over her 3 brothers as well." she offered generously. Another reason why she'd make a good mother! Drizzlewind thought to himself. "Um, actually I think my sons are playing nicely together and I don't really see the reason to-" he cut off as an angry yowl broke out in the clearing.
        His head spun to the source. Nightkit and Rainkit were playing rather roughly with Stripeclaw, they were basically climbing all over him. Brookwhisker laughed. "I can see what kind of reports they'll get from Stripeclaw when they get apprenticed." she teased. Drizzlewind responded to the tease with a smirk and a tail twitch. "Take Pigeonkit around and introduce her, I better go separate them before they turn Stripeclaw into a hissing mess." he said and then quickly ran off to go fetch those two. Brookwhisper chuckled and purred with amusement. Pigeonkit looked up at her with wonder and happiness, in a way she was like a kit, but she was also like an adult. She wondered if she was always like this or if she only was like this every now and then. "So why'd you offer to show me around?" Pigeonkit asked her. Brookwhisker smiled and purred. "Well, I don't see a reason why I shouldn't have. Do you?" she asked the tiny kit. Pigeonkit pouted and lowered her ears. "I wish I could leave camp. Can you show me outside of camp? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease????" Pigeonkit begged the she-cat warrior.
        Brookwhisker lowered her ears. "Sorry, but I can't really do that unless I can keep you safe, and I doubt you'd be able to keep up with me being as small as you are, you'd barely see through the tallgrass." Brookwhisker stated. This made Pigeonkit sad and she felt like on the urge of tears. "B-but I want to go outside." Pigeonkit stated again, sniffling. Brookwhisker gulped nervously and then saw Ripplestar approaching. Now she was in for it! How would Ripplestar react seeing as she had made her youngest niece cry?! "Hey Ripplestar." Brookwhisker greeted in fake cheerfulness. Ripplestar thankfully didn't catch onto that. "Greetings Brookwhisker, I couldn't help but notice Pigeonkit was here with-" she cut off as her ears pricked forward. Brookwhisker knew it was because she heard Pigeonkit sniffling. "What's wrong dearie?" Ripplestar asked her youngest niece. "B-br-Brookwhisker said she wouldn't bring me outside of camp.....because I'm just a kit." Pigeonkit answered, starting to tear up now. Ripplestar frowned deeply. "I could take her with me to the river." she told the queen. Brookwhisker dipped her head and padded off. Pigeonkit smiled. "Will you really take me out of camp?!" she squealed to her aunt.
        Ripplestar nodded her head in response. She then picked Pigeonkit up in her maw and carried the kit towards the camp exit. Pigeonkit frowned. "Can I walk the way there?" she mewed softly to Ripplestar. Ripplestar obliged and set the tiny she-kit down onto the ground. "If you get tired I'll carry you the rest of the way back." the fluffy black and white leader mewed. Ripplestar slowly began leading her northwest towards the river which separated her Clan from LeafClan. She worried that since her niece had one blind eye that she wouldn't become a good warrior. But she shook that thought away. I got another 5 moons to think about how well she'll be, no need to worry about it now, Ripplestar thought to herself. As they headed uphill she glanced behind her to see how Pigeonkit was keeping up. The tiny she-kit was struggling to follow since she kept tripping over tiny twigs on the ground. Ripplestar flicked her tail and came back to Pigeonkit's side to help the she-kit along. After about 20 minutes the pair soon arrived at the river.  Ripplestar stared at the rocks that were at the banks. Pigeonkit tried to climb onto one but hopped off as it fell into the river. "Be careful Pigeonkit, you barely got off it in time." Ripplestar warned. Pigeonkit came bounding to her side adorably. Rustling was heard across the river and Ripplestar stiffened. It was probably the border patrol for LeafClan. She sighed as Pigeonkit hid under her tail as she faced the brush along the other bank. Light brown fur was spotted through the underbrush before 2 sets of eyes were seen.
        Two figures approached which surprised Ripplestar. It was Brambleleaf and Shadedmoon. The medicine she-cat gazed at her. "Is there any way we can cross, we're short on feverfew and some kits are sick?" the wise medicine cat asked. Brambleleaf was a young warrior of her Clan, Ripplestar assumed she was only protecting Shadedmoon. Ripplestar flicked her tail. "I guess so, Freckledface wouldn't mind a visit." the fluffy black and white leader answered the dark gray and white medicine cat. Ripplestar stood up and Pigeonkit crawled out from under her tail. "Oh Ripplestar, I didn't realize you had a kit." Shadedmoon said as she swam across alongside Brambleleaf. "She's not mine, she's my brother's. Come along and quickly." Ripplestar stated before she picked up Pigeonkit and carried her towards camp. She could hear the two she-cats behind her shake the water from their fur. Ripplestar wondered how her Clan would react to their coming, she knew the border patrol wasn't far from arriving. She decided to walk a bit faster, if they could beat the patrol she could avoid giving an explanation. Brambleleaf bounded forward so she was now at Ripplestar's side. "So who's this little cutey?" she asked, looking at Pigeonkit. "I-I'm Pigeonkit." Pigeonkit mewed nervously. 
        Brambleleaf smiled and her whiskers twitched. "How'd you get that name? You look nothing like a pigeon." she said. "I'm Brambleleaf, warrior of LeafClan." she humbly introduced herself. "Well, you look nothing like a bramble." Pigeonkit stated intelligently. Brambleleaf couldn't help but purr. "You're a feisty little one." she said. When they all finally reached camp all the ones inside stared at the camp entrance/exit in aggression. Their ears back, tails whipping from side-to-side. Ripplestar set Pigeonkit down. "Shadedmoon and Brambleleaf came asking for feverfew, they're short and have kits sick at their camp." Ripplestar told her Clan, though some remained glaring at the two she-cats, like Troutclaw was. While they went to see the medicine cat she went to find her brother or his mate. She found Graypatch in the nursery so she returned Pigeonkit to her. "Thank StarClan you're alright, I heard she almost follow Tigerstripes out of camp earlier." the gray and white queen exclaimed, licking Pigeonkit's face lovingly while a loud purr came from her mouth. 
        "What's Brambleleaf and Shadedmoon here for?" Pigeonkit could hear Ferrettail ask her leader. "2 of Brushstar's kits are sick and we need feverfew." she heard Brambleleaf answer for Ripplestar. Pigeonkit looked curiously towards Ripplestar, for some reason the she-cat looked a lot fatter than usual. Graypatch certainly noticed as well did Ferrettail, for they both looked excited about something. Her thoughts were blocked when her mother decided to lick her between the ears. Pigeonkit purred, she enjoyed the attention her mother gave her, whereas her brother's would hiss and run off. "So Brushstar's kits had been born. That's good news, more kits for new-leaf the better." she heard Ripplestar mew through her purring and her mother's purring. Ripplestar walked away from the two LeafClan cats as they entered the medicine den. Pigeonkit's curiosity got the worst of her and she bolted after the two she-cats of LeafClan. Once inside the nursery den she glanced around in surprise as she hadn't realized how big it would be. Piles of herbs lined the walls in an orderly fashion and then she caught sight of Minnowpaw, the silver tom was sorting through some goldenrod and lavender. The tiny yellow-orange flowers in his maw smelled sweet to her nostrils and she felt the calmness of their scent. 
        The silver tom glanced towards her, his green eyes twinkling. with unease. "Pigeonkit! You shouldn't be in here!" Minnowpaw said, his pupils dilated. Pigeonkit tilted her head to the side. Had she done something wrong following Brambleleaf? She could hear Freckledface's mew from across the den and listened closer so she could hear what the she-cat medicine cat was saying. "So Berrykit and Lionkit are sick and so you've come to collect some feverfew since you have none in stock and they need treatment as soon as possible?" Freckledface asked the two she-cats. "Yes, Lionkit doesn't look like he'll last much longer, that's why we came as soon as we could." Brambleleaf answered her. "Lionkit's my only nephew, I can't lose him so suddenly because of a cold." the light brown tabby she-cat mewed sadly. Freckledface blinked in understanding and gently picked up a plant in her maw and handed it over to Shadedmoon. "Take this, there should be enough to cure them both. May StarClan light your path and may those kits turn out okay." Freckledface mewed. How could she tell the plant was feverfew? Maybe it was the scent? Perhaps she could teach me how to scent things too so I know where everything is! Pigeonkit thought to herself. Teeth suddenly grasped her ruff behind her and she was hoisted into the jaws of another cat. She didn't recognize the scent at all, who was this cat?! "HELP!" Pigeonkit squealed. Below her she could see the cat's feet who had picked her up. It was a black cat with white paws. 
        Loud screeches were heard behind her and two cats raced to her aid, one being Brambleleaf and the second being her father. "Nightsky, let her go!" she heard her father's hiss. Suddenly the ground was quickly upon her as the tom holding her crouched down and then leaped over her father's back and ran towards the camp exit, she was bounced all over the place. Loud screeches and hisses followed as her Clan-mates were trying to rescue her from this cat. He smelled of carrion so maybe it was a rogue? But he smelled of no rogue, this must be a Clan cat! Suddenly she was flung from the cat's jaws, she fell against a rock rather hard with her front paw, she let out a squeal of pain. She turned her sights on the scene in front of her. Drizzlewind and Bubblesnow were fighting the tom who had picked her up. She could now see what the tom looked like. Jet-black except for a white face-mask, tail, and paws. Drizzlewind tried biting the cat in the neck but the tom grabbed ahold of her father's paw with his jaws and flung him into Brambleleaf. Both her Clan-mates yowled in surprise and Nightsky ran towards her, picking her up yet again and running with her, outside of camp. "Please, let me go! What do you want with me?! DAD!" Pigeonkit squealed tears in her eyes as she started feeling like she'd never see her family again! 
        She squirmed as much as she could in Nightsky's maw, but the tom bit down harder, making her struggling cease. The NightClan deputy wasn't far from camp before she could hear cats pursuing them. Dad! she thought happily. But to her dismay it wasn't her father, it was a tortoiseshell she-cat with a ginger tail and a white tom. The white tom was carrying a black figure in his maw. Nightkit! "Let me go, you mouse-brain!" she could hear her brother shout but it was no use, they were being carried towards the NightClan border. Cats were pursuing them, this time she could detect the scents of her own Clan, but it was too late. The Thunderpath came into view and they ran across it, right in front of a monster. The monster swerved off the road and towards her father. "DADDY!" Pigeonkit screamed, tears streaming down her face as her father disappeared from view. There was too much dust stirred up for her to see him anymore. 
        The two NightClan cats who were carrying her and her brother didn't stop but the tortoiseshell she-cat did. "Go on Nightsky, go on Ivoryclaw, you best get them both to camp, I'll hold off any survivors." the she-cat mewed, she seemed too calm for this situation. Nightsky nodded and he headed northwest towards the high mountains. Pigeonkit was still crying, she didn't know if her father made it or not, and now her and Nightkit were being held prisoner!

        Back at camp Drizzlewind returned with large scratch on his shoulder that was heavily bleeding. "We lost them at the Thunderpath." he said sadly. Freckledface raced to his side and tended to his wound. Brambleleaf wasn't hurt that much but she still had her tail fluffed up. "We have to aid you in getting them back, two kits are gone and NightClan has them! What do they want with your kits?" she asked sadly. Ripplestar hissed furiously. "We must sneak into NightClan camp and get them back, we'll need every warrior present except for you Drizzlewind, you need to rest with that wounded shoulder. The rest will follow me to their camp." Ripplestar yowled across the clearing. Stormkit and Rainkit were shaking at their mother's paws, tears in their eyes. They had witnessed Nightkit and Pigeonkit be taken away from camp with absolutely no trouble whatsoever. Graypatch was worried sick so much that Freckledface had offered to give her poppy seeds to clear her mind but she didn't accept them. "Ripplestar, I don't want you to fight." Freckledface spoke up. "I know what's going on with you and Tigerstripes, would you risk your unborn kits' safety as well?" the old medicine cat asked her leader. Ripplestar's gaze fell upon her warriors gathered under her and her tail twitched from side to side. "Who will lead them, I know the best way to their camp, I have to go. I'll leave Shiningdawn, Bubblesnow, Badgerfang, and Troutclaw to guard the camp. Whatever apprentice wants to stay can stay with them and help guard the camp, there might be more of them." Ripplestar said and began heading towards the camp exit.
        Drizzlewind padded after his sister, he was going to be an uncle?! "Ripplestar please, I'll lead them, I also know the way. I know I'm wounded but that can wait, the fate of my son and daughter rests in this mission and I'm not sitting this one out. I'm getting Pigeonkit and Nightkit back if it's the last thing I do!" the black and white male protested against his sister's orders. Ripplestar sighed deeply and then dipped her head. "Very well, but if the fighting becomes too much for you, run." she demanded him and continued to lead her cats into battle, hoping, praying to StarClan, that they'd get those kits back.

        Pigeonkit hadn't stopped shaking since the moment her and her brother were set down in NightClan camp. She glanced around for any hostile cats but they only gazed at her sweetly. "Calm down little one, this is your new home now." a tom spoke gently. She glanced towards the source to see a light golden tabby tom with amber eyes who she'd soon learn was named Brackenwing. A very tall shadow suddenly came upon them and they saw a large gray tom standing on the dead, leaning tree above them. His pelt was light gray except for his paws which were darker. Nightkit fell silent beside his sister and shuddered fearfully. "Rainstar." he whispered, he had heard about this cat. Pigeonkit gazed up at the leader, she was scared to death. "Rainstar, we brought you two RainClan kits, perhaps one of our queens will raise them." a she-cat called out from the crowd. Nightkit turned his head quickly to see a dark gray she-cat with green eyes approaching them. "What are your names?" she asked them both. Pigeonkit and Nightkit remained silent. "I heard from a RainClan cat calling them Nightkit and Pigeonkit." Ivoryclaw explained to his Clan. "Very good." Rainstar's voice suddenly boomed. "Take them in to see Goldencloud, she'll care for them hopefully." Rainstar added in and then hopped down until they were right before the two RainClan kits. He was taller than their father Drizzlewind and twice as muscular. 
        Teeth grasped Pigeonkit's ruff and she forced herself to struggle against the grip on it. "Calm down there she-kit, I won't hurt you." it was the dark gray she-cat's voice. Nightkit was heard hissing close by as Ivoryclaw picked him up and they were carried into a den which had been dug into the soil. The air was filled with the scent of milk and Pigeonkit and Nightkit realized just how hungry they were. A golden tabby she-cat with green eyes glanced towards them. Huddled against her body they could see four little moving balls of fur. The queen's kits. "This is Nightkit and Pigeonkit, take care of them." Ivoryclaw said and Pigeonkit and her brother were set down. Goldencloud dipped her head and as the two Clan-mates left she slowly sat up and shook her pelt. "Come here young ones, I won't harm you." the golden tabby queen said warmly. Nightkit's stomach growled beside Pigeonkit and she flicked her ear at him. Don't tell me he's going to trust these strangers! Pigeonkit thought. "Meet Birchkit, Mosskit, Treekit, and Branchkit." Goldencloud said, pointing to each kit in turn with her fore-paw. "They're so tiny." Nightkit said as he slowly walked over to them. Goldencloud nodded her head. "Well, they are only a moon old, so they will be tiny." she mewed softly to them. Pigeonkit then heard loud shouts coming from outside and cats yowling. A cat appeared at the entrance of the den. It was the black and white tabby tom from earlier - Tigerstripes. He hissed at the queens. "Nightkit, Pigeonkit. Follow me and stay close!" he called to them. Pigeonkit and her brother quickly nodded and ran to his side. He led them outside and Pigeonkit watched as the cats fought furiously. She recognized Brookwhisker, Pebblepaw, Lizardpaw all fighting Rainstar, knocking the gray leader off his feet. "I see them. RainClan retreat!" she heard Ripplestar yowl. Tigerstripes quickly picked her up and Toadfeet, who had a bad claw mark on his shoulder picked up Nightkit. 
           Pigeonkit squealed a little as she was picked up and all her Clan-mates ran off, getting chased by NightClan cats. She saw her father stop and leap into Nightsky, pinning the NughtClan deputy to the ground, sinking his teeth into the tom's shoulder. Eventually all if then disappeared from view as they got farther away. Minutes later they returned to camp sagw and sound. Troutclaw was lying on the ground, a pool of blood on the ground below him. Freckledface was tending to his wounds, she looked worried. "Minnowpaw, bring more goldenrod!" the medicine cat shouted, her apprentice quickly running back into the medicine den. Ripplestar gasped. "What happened here?" she asked, shocked at this. "DayClan attacked without warning. We never saw them coming." Bubblesnow said, blood patches all over her light pelt, making it almost red. "How dare they!" Ripplestar hissed, her ears going back. Lilyfeather stepped forward, she could tell the queen was worried about her brother. "Is he going to make it?" she asked Freckledface worriedly. "I'm not sure, he's lost quite a lot of blood." the gray and brown speckled she-cat answered. Lilyfeather gulped and her ears lowered. 

      From then on Pigeonkit learned to expect the unexpected to happen to her Clan.

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Re: Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed A Clan (Work-In-Progress!)

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