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Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

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Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:45 am

owned by daisyleap and quake

The Backstory
It is the year 7083 and 6 islands have been taken over by groups of native tribes ever since most humans living were wiped out by a virus. These Hawaiian islands are now the home of surviving humans, mutated humans, and the animals and creatures that were able to keep safe. All the underwater animals have turned into wizards, and come to the shore of the islands once a month to refuel everybody's powers. However, the strongest island has begun to breed beasts because they hate magic with a passion. The beasts were released from this island last year, and now run rampant throughout Hawaii. The strongest island, as well as having the equipment to create these beasts, have the best relationship with the modern island, which acts a trading hub. The rest of the islands have no particular alliance in this war yet, but a hidden island closest to the water is thriving, known by no one but the strongest island in the center of Hawaii. The hidden island is quick to receive their magic from the water wizards, but some of them get more magic than others and have became taxidermists. The hidden island prefers to make peace with the main island and not hurt the beasts they have produced, but the taxidermists disobey this rule and capture the beasts, studying them and then shrinking them down to model figures. Some have been exiled, but it is overpopulating with taxidermists on this hidden island, and the main island is up to something even bigger than beasts. Will the eerily calm few months finally trigger the hidden island to fight?

The Plot
-This RP will begin in summer, and the main island (also called Myrq Enclave) will continue breeding beasts in their technologically advanced laboratory. While the beasts are being let loose, the hidden island (also called Koforf Cay) will try to calm things down with main island. But, the taxidermists form their own group and team together with some creatures from their ally island. They've successfully captured many beasts, but Myrq Enclave is producing a plan to get them back; or worse, create more. The leaders of Koforf Cay have been exiling a few taxidermists they caught, sending them into the depths of the ocean to live with the strict water wizards. Myrq Enclave, however, has been forming a strong relationship with the trading hub, and made a deal with them to never sell items to Koforf Cay in exchange for extreme amounts of money. The trading hub, unfortunately, agrees. Meanwhile, Slet Archipelago, also known as Tech Island, is starting to work together with the gem island called Fruisk Chain, and although they dislike magic as well, it is undetermined who they will work with in this war. The animal island, more formally called Stars Ait, will begin to exile people because they've found out about the relationships formed with the Koforf Cay taxidermists.

@Quake please add on to this, I have no idea how to word it anymore

NoTeS bElOw
breeding beasts to attack other islands, one of the most powerful, only high ups know about hidden island, hates magic (mean)
Hidden Island has taxidermists that get exiled when they try to get the beasts (nice)
Tech Island is snobby with Gem Island (mean)
Modern Island is a trading hub (nice)
Gem Island (mean)
Animal Island works with Hidden Island and has some native tribes (nice)


[16:18:47] @ Daisyleap : And then the hidden group taxidermists disobey their leader and capture the beasts, which kind of sets off the group that bred them but then they escape and one of them has a litter of 20 more beasts and starts killing off the animal and hidden group people

Magic Water Wizards/Witches come to shore every month to give magic

Gem x Tech
Hidden x Animals
Main x Modern strong

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Re: Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

Post by Quake on Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:50 am

Yeah the notes at the bottom are what I typed up lol

Right at the bottom is what the best relationships are, like the gem island and tech island have the best relationship, as well as hidden and animal, etc etc.

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Re: Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

Post by Aquastar on Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:50 am

RP support

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Re: Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

Post by Viper on Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:36 am

RP support
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Re: Oceanos Magia RP :: OMRP

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