Clan Information
Season & Time of Day:
Newleaf (Mar/Apr/May)
Mid-afternoon (4-5pm)

Weather & News:
Snow is beginning to fall on the territories, covering everything in a blanket of soft white powder. The winds are chilly coming off of the mountains, and it is suggested that everyone save their strength for hunting and training to defend your territory.
WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Cedarkit: A Cat's Adventure (Work-In-Progress!)

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Cedarkit: A Cat's Adventure (Work-In-Progress!)

Post by ItsAboutThyme on Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:00 pm


All character names featured in this story have been entirely made up in my head. Any similarities between the character names and those of members' OCs and names in the original Warriors series by Erin Hunter are entirely coincidental. If any similarities are found, please accept my sincerest apologies. Some of these names I will be using in the actual RP on this site but some you can use as your own. You have been warned.


SpiritClan Allegiance - SpiritClan is basically the StarClan of the story

Past Leaders (only ones mentioned) ~
      ROSESTAR - pale auburn-red she-cat with a white face-mask; green eyes; past leader of GrassClan; killed from a loose Two-leg dog protecting her Clan
      FRECKLESTAR - tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws and underbelly; amber eyes; past leader of RockClan; died from greencough
      REDSTAR - auburn-red tom with dark brown paws; brown eyes; past leader of StormClan; drowned under the ice
Past Deputies (only ones mentioned) ~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A heart is like glass
It can be broken
It can be put back together
It can be cherished
And can come in many sizes

FrostClan: Jaggedcliff (w), Tigerdash (w)
FireClan: Plumetree (e), Pebblepaw (app), Icepaw (app), Ebonypaw (app), and Sapphirepaw (app)
WaterClan: Badgertooth (e), Cricketsong (w), Minnowchase (w), Bubbleleap (w), Antkit (k), Violetkit (k), Pearlkit (k)
BrightClan: NONE
DuskClan: Dustfeather (queen), Treepaw (app)
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