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Squirrel's Vengeance

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Squirrel's Vengeance

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:43 am

A story of one my rogues, Squirrel, and her history! I will be doing more of these on the pasts of some of my cats. (:

Chapter 1:

Squirrel blinked open her eyes; it had been three moons since her littermates' and her birth, and Fox had still not came out to play. She flicked her tail and scampered off to leap onto a couple of dried leaves inside of the thicket they sheltered in. However, Thistle, her littermate had a few other things planned, and bowled into the ginger she-kit, slamming her into the ground. Squirrel squeaked with protest, squirming from underneath the larger tom. "No fair!" She mewed, finally being let go to sit up, "You never said we were playing yet."
The dark gray tom only flicked his ears at her. "So? I'd beat you either way," He boasted, his chest puffing out with pride, "You couldn't catch a mouse that was dead, anyways."  
Before Squirrel could think up a good reply, she noticed movement in the back of the thicket. It was her mother, her beautiful green eyes blinked at the two kits with confusion, and her dappled pelt prickled with annoyance. "What do you think you two are doing?" She meowed, her gaze flicking to Thistle's face, and then to Squirrel's.
"We were only playing." Thistle mewed in response, licking his paws casually, and drawing it back behind his ear.
"Well go play someplace else!" She snapped suddenly, her eyes narrowed, "You'll wake up your sister; and you know how she needs the rest." Fern's stare shifted back to where a red and white she-kit lay, Fox, tiny compared to her brother, Berry who was sleeping right next to her.
Thistle flicked his tail, his gaze darting cooly from his mother, then to Squirrel. "Come on, let's go out, mother obviously doesn't want us in here now," He explained as he padded over to the exit of the makeshift den. Squirrel followed noisily, not even caring where she stomped on a leaf. "Only because of Fox," She muttered under her breath, following her brother out the den.
As the two kits padded over to a small, grassy green clearing, Squirrel quickly reared up onto her brother, swiping at his muzzle with sheathed claws. Thistle rolled over, and within a heartbeat before Squirrel could react, he swiped under her hind-legs, causing her to trip. Squirrel fell to the ground, dazed.
"Come on, Squirrel, get up!" Thistle complained, pacing beside her. Quickly, she heaved herself to her paws, and spun around to meet Thistle's face, however, instead, she met Thistle's claws. The sharp pain of his swipe made Squirrel squeak in shock. She tried to move away, but Thistle's claw snagged onto her ear, and only made it tear a chunk out. Squirrel shook herself, noticing blood crawl down to her cheek. She widened her eyes at the sight of it, her heart beating wildly. She opened her mouth to yell at him, but soon noticed her father, Russet, standing ahead. He was gazing proudly down at Thistle with a twitch of his whiskers. He picked up his prey he had caught earlier and flicked his tail at Squirrel. "Try harder next time," His voice came out muffled from the prey he carried, although a growl was hinted in his tone, "And don't let your guard down."

Main Point: How Squirrel and Thistle "play-fight" roughly

Chapter 2:

"Honestly, Squirrel. How many times have I told you not to get stuck in thorn bushes during your playing?" Fern scolded her in between licks to stop the light bleeding of her cuts. The small, ginger kit only pouted, her tail tip twitching with impatience. However, it was really from Thistle where she received the wounds. They would always fight, training to be great battlers in the future.
"She looks fine to me," Her father, Russet, stepped into the makeshift den, his red pelt gleaming in the sunlight that filtered in through the leaves and branches of the thicket, "Why don't you go off and hunt now? I'm sure you're exhausted of watching the kits, and you barely get any time to stretch your legs."
Her mother's eyes flashed with relief, and she got up to her paws, giving Russet a lick on the cheek as she passed by to leave the den. A short moment afterwards, Thistle entered the den. It seemed as if he had grown larger now that they were six moons. He had a sleek, clean pelt, with only one scar along his muzzle; which Squirrel was quite proud of giving him. However, he had given her many more to remember her training mistakes; and Russet encouraged them to fight with unsheathed claws.
Thistle gave his shoulder a couple licks, before looking up at his father. "Can we go train now?" He begged, lashing his white-tipped tail. Russet twitched his whiskers with amusement, and flicked his tail. "Of course, " He meowed, his gaze shifting over to where Berry, and Fox were playing lightly, "Let's all go train. I'd like to see how everyone has improved." At that mention, the two other kits stopped play-fighting and stared up at their father with wide, worried eyes. Fox was too small, and weak, to ever go out and play. Fern never allowed it. However, Berry was fit for training, although he always seemed to prefer play-fighting with Fox instead of the rough games that Thistle, and Squirrel did.
Knowing better to argue with their father, all four kits follow out into the sunny patch of grass in front of the den. Russet sat down, curling his tail around his paws neatly before nodding to the kits. "Thistle, Squirrel, go ahead and show them a few moves, " He meowed, flicking his tail tip towards the direction where Fox, and Berry sat. Squirrel nodded, but before she could even glance at her brother, he lunched at her and pinned her down. Without hesitation, she batted at his belly with her hind-legs, and sunk her teeth into his ear once the moment was right. Thistle reacted quicker, though, biting down onto her scruff and easily tugging her off with only a small chip of his ear taken off. The ginger shekit panted, wincing slightly at the cut on her shoulder. As if Berry could feel her pain, he jumped to his paws and rushed over, in front of Squirrel. "No! Stop!" He squeaked with his pelt prickling with fear. Russet flicked his tail. "Ah, now here's a real challenge for you, Thistle, " He meowed slyly. Berry was the same size as Thistle, but to Squirrel, he didn't seem like a real challenge with no fighting knowledge. "What about me?" Squirrel whined, digging her claws into the ground in frustration. Her father's gaze flickered over to Fox, and nodded. "You can train with your sister, " He explained. Squirrel doubted Fox would be any match to her; she was hardly the size of a full grown mouse. However, she knew Fox would probably appreciate learning some new moves, she did never get to come out and play after all.
Fox mewed with shock as Squirrel bowled into her, easily pinning her down with a thump. Fox didn't struggle, and only lay still, her mouth agape, and her eyes wide. Squirrel narrowed her eyes, and stepped off the shecat, noticing her pelt was bristling with fear, and her paws were shaking. "Russet, why is she acting like this?" She turned to her father, seeing him rush over to where Fox lay. He didn't say a word, and only picked her up by the scruff, carrying her over to the den. Squirrel couldn't help but feel something horrible had happened to her weak sister, and it was all her fault.
By sunset, her mother had returned with a rabbit, and two mice. The instant she had entered the den with her catch, she dropped it and hurried over to curl up around Fox. She glanced up sharply at Russet, noticing Berry was wounded. "What happened to him?" She meowed, her eyes narrowed with unease.
"He fell into the thorn bush, with Squirrel, " He explained calmly, "You know how clumsy he is." Squirrel widened her eyes, surprised her father had lied to her mother so easily. Fern snorted in disbelief, her tail curling over the kits. Before Squirrel could say something about Berry forced to fight with Thistle, her father cast her a sharp glance. "Squirrel, Thistle, get to your nest. It is time to sleep," He meowed, padding out the den after that, probably to go hunting. "But we never go to bed this early!" Thistle protested with frustration. Although he hated his father's decision, he stalked over to lay down beside Berry, and Squirrel followed behind shortly, quickly falling to sleep, finally noticing how tired she was from all that training. Thoughts filled her mind after the memory of fighting earlier that day, one name in particular echoed in her head, but she was too tired to ponder about it.
"Fox... Fox... Fox!" A disfigured voice came out from her mouth as she pounced over to where Fox was shaking rapidly, her eyes wide and twitching. Without controlling her body, she sunk her claws into her sister's belly, watching in horror as her body fell limp underneath hers. "Fox!" Her mother's voice wailed, waking Squirrel up with a jolt. It was the middle of the night, and all the kits were mewling in confusion, except for one. "She's dead!" Fern cried out, her nose pressed against her daughter's body. Squirrel sniffed it, and tilted her head. "But her eyes are wide open!" She pointed out, wrinkling her nose at the foul smell. She glanced around the room, noticing that Russet had still not returned yet. "Where's Russet?" Thistle questioned, but his voice only lingered in the air, and Fern did not respond. Her mother's eyes twinkling with sadness, and picked her up by the scruff to carry her out the den. "Where's she taking her?" Squirrel meowed, glancing over to where Thistle and Berry sat. Thistle only shrugged, but Berry whimpered, his ears flattened on his head. The red tabby only turned around and curled up in the nest, squeezing his eyes shut. After a while, Thistle and Squirrel fell asleep too. Their mother had not returned during that night, nor their father.

Main point: Fox's death

Chapter 3:

Squirrel kicked a pebble as she padded throughout the forest, her jaws wide to scent any prey nearby. She was now older, and larger, and definitely not a kit anymore. It had been two moons since the death of Fox, which caused everything to change. Her mother, and Berry, were very different; Squirrel herself blamed the death on her after that one fateful day of training, and her father, Russet, seemed to be appearing less and less, with a different, sweet smell on his pelt. She twitched her ear as a scuttle came from nearby, she spotted a clump of brown fur, and in a flash she pounced, holding up a mouse in her jaws with pride. A while later, she padded back to the den, dropping the mouse at her mother's paws. Fern lifted her head from the nest she slept in, her eyes squinted. "This is the best you could catch? A small mouse?" She spat, picking the mouse up and padding out the den to eat. Squirrel twitched her ears with irritation, her mother never seemed to give her any attention, unless it was snapping at her. She snorted, and took a sparrow she caught earlier in the morning for herself, and exited the den to eat outside. She passed by Berry, the red tabby widened his eyes, and picking up his half-eaten shrew, scrambling away in panic. Her brother had always been jumpy, but ever since Fox's death, he was even more nervous, and depressed. Finally, she sat down beside Thistle, the only one she felt was normal. She always confided in him when she had her worries, and they always hunted, and trained together. The dark gray tom stretched, his muscles ripping under his pelt, and his claws gleaming in the sunlight. "Took you long enough," He meowed with a twitch of his whiskers. Squirrel sat down, and took a bite from her sparrow, making sure she clawed the feathers off first. "I was only using my spare time to explore, hunting was easy, " She meowed, licking her paw and drawing it along her whiskers.
After sharing tongues, grooming pelts, and eating, the four cats soon began to slowly make their way down to the stream for water. Squirrel had to force Berry to come, on Fern's orders, and with the help of Thistle, they sent him cowering in Fern's shadow. Squirrel bounded down the slope, at the sight of the stream, her fur getting caught in a few brambles, and bushes. Fern, and Berry soon caught up, with Thistle behind them, carrying a small mouse he had caught along the way. Fern narrowed her eyes at Squirrel, and hissed, "Slow down or you'll get your whole pelt torn off!" However, her mother stopped abruptly, her gaze wondering past her daughter. Squirrel's pelt prickled, noticing her mother's green eyes, unusually wide, and filled with shock. "We're going back," She meowed, almost in a whisper. "But we haven't gotten water yet!" Squirrel protested, but she was soon cut off by Fern's sharp hiss, "Now!"
As they raced back through the undergrowth, Squirrel's whiskers twitched in frustration. How could she be so bossy? I just wanted water! Squirrel halted, her ears perked up to make sure her mother continued on running without her. "I'll get that water myself, she can't stop me!" She huffed, changing courses, and running back down through the thick forest. At last, she felt her paws hit the pebbly ground. Squirrel looked up, gazing along the stream, and finally saw what made her mother want to turn back so eagerly. There he was. Her father, Russet, his red pelt gleaming in the sunlight. He was curled up beside a pretty, silver tabby shecat, her scent wafting across the water, smelling of twolegs. A house-cat!

Main Point: They find out where Russet has been

Chapter 4:

Squirrel stretched, her ginger pelt sleek, and groomed well. She padded out into the clearing outside of the thicket, nodding a 'goodmorning' to Thistle, and Fern. However Fern only acknowledged her with a flick of her tail. Her mother had been even worse since Russet left the family for a different shecat. Squirrel shuddered at the memory of seeing him with the silver tabby, and he even left to relax in the soft life of a house-cat. "Has Berry woken up?" Fern meowed, her green eyes looking at Squirrel quizzically. "Probably," She simply answered, licking her ruffled pelt down from her sleep, and after she was given an extra glance from her mother, she shrugged, "No, he was still curled up when I left the den," She sighed. Fern's whiskers twitched, her gaze burning into Squirrel's pelt. "Well go get him then!" She hissed, lashing her tail out. Squirrel shrugged and padded back into the den, prodding her brother. "Come on Berry, get up!" She snapped, huffing with annoyance, "I don't want to get in trouble because of you, again." At last, the red tom slowly got up to his paws, glancing at his littermate from the corner of his eyes as if she was a badger in a cat's fur. The tom stumbled out through the entrance, his pelt spiked up and ungroomed. And, to Squirrel's disbelief, she could see a hint of Berry's ribs showing if she squinted hard enough. She followed along, sitting down beside Thistle who dropped a shrew in front of her after his hunting. "Thanks," Squirrel meowed, her gaze still not shifting from Berry. As if Thistle could read her worries in her mind, he looked up as well, "What's happened to him?"
"I don't kno-" Before Squirrel could respond, Berry interrupted her, his ears flattened back, and his tail lashing. "I'm leaving," He announced, his voice surprisingly not trembling as usual. Squirrel stared at him, wide-eyed in shock. She didn't need to even glance at Thistle, sensing his surprise as well. Fern stood to her paws, her pelt bristling, but she padded over to Berry calmly. Her nose touched his, and she purred, a purr she hadn't done in a long time, "You've found someone, I knew you'd be the first to start a new family, or wherever you'll be off to." Berry only gave a curt nod to his mother, and without saying anything, he turned around and blinked at Thistle, and Squirrel. A silent goodbye, perhaps. The red tom padded away, without glancing behind his shoulder or anything of the sort. That was the last they would see of him, or so they thought.

A few days later, Squirrel bolted through the thistle, her paws itching to race through the forest and dig them into prey. She shot a challenging glance at Thistle, who responded back with a twitch of his whiskers. "You think it'll be easy to beat me?" She snarled playfully, her tail tip flicking back and forth. Thistle purred, "I don't think so, I know I will!" He responded, cuffing her ear lightly. Thistle veered off to the left, leaving Squirrel to her own area to hunt in. At once, she felt the fresh, and familiar scent of mouse. She skidded to a halt, and dropped to a hunter's crouch, eyeing the lump of brown fur with hunger. With light steps, she stalked it, careful not to place her paws where it would scare the prey off farther into the underbrush. With a twitch of it's ears, the mouse perked up and sniffed the air, but before Squirrel could pounce, it ran off in fear. She charged after it, her mind set on sinking her teeth into it's fur. She could feel the rush of excitement in the chase, the wind ruffling her fur, and the thumping of her heart. The mouse was closer now, but right when she was about to hook her claws into it's tail, it dropped down into the ground. Squirrel came to a stop, padding forward with caution. Had there been a sinking hole here? Or did she travel farther then the forest she knew of? Squirrel tasted the air, and widened her eyes. With a sickening feeling churning in her stomach, she slowly peered over the edge, the scent of crow-food filling her nostrils. The scene shocked her so much, she jumped back as the mouse scrambled up the other side of the pit, escaping with luck. Squirrel gulped again, her throat felt dry. A second time, she peered over and looked more closely at the rotten body below her. At first, she had thought it was a dead rabbit, but when she inched closer, she realized it was a cat. And not any cat, one with a bright red pelt, one much like the color of a red, wild, berry. Squirrel at once turned directions, and raced back, tearing through the undergrowth, and ignoring the pain as thorns scraped her pelt. As she neared her home, she fell back with a thud. Scrabbling to her paws, she stumbled out words to Thistle, who seemed confused and slightly annoyed at her lack of communication. 
"He's dead!" She gasped out, the scene flashing in her eyes again. Berry twitched his Thistle whiskers, and sighed in puzzlement, "Who?"
"Berry...Berry's dead." 

Main Point: Berry's death 

Chapter 5:

Squirrel yawned, picking her way through the clumped up snow. The air tasted of cold frost, and barely any prey hit her nose. "There's nothing here!" She groaned out loud, scraping at the snow in frustration. Squirrel pulled out the clumps of snow, ignoring when she hit the frozen ground. Suddenly, she felt them pierce into soft flesh, and her green eyes widened. What? She peered down into the hole she made, and sniffed at the clump of brown fur. It was mouse! But what was is doing buried here? With swift glances around, she scooped it up. Must be some fox's prey or something, She wondered, the mouse causing her mouth to water as it hung from her jaws, It doesn't matter! I've got some food! 
Squirrel ducked as she entered the den, careful not to get any snow on her. She was now much larger, and couldn't possibly remember how it was when she was a kit, easily slipping through the twigs that wove patches in the den. She dropped it on to the ground and took a bite out of it, savoring the taste as she munched slowly. Prey had been scarce for a while, and her bones had begun to show through her once-sleek pelt. After gulping it down, she kicked it to the side, where Fern would eat it. A soft thud came from the entrance of the den, and a startled hiss. Squirrel whipped around and mrowed in amusement, the entrance blocked by Thistle, who was quite the sight to see. The large, broad-shouldered tom was covered in snow, most likely from the top of the den. Thistle squirmed around, trying to scrape the pile of snow off. He blinked up at Squirrel, who only stared back. "Well don't just stand there, help me!" Squirrel purred, her whiskers twitching as she scooped off piles of snow. "You should be more careful, or next time you'll cause the whole den to collapse on you!" Thistle only stood up, and shook his fur, giving Squirrel a playful scoff across the ear. With a sniff at the mouse she caught, he perked his ears. "Wow, you caught this? I hadn't managed to find anything out in that snow!" The ginger-furred shecat only shrugged. "Actually, I found it buried under the ground earlier. Something must have kept it there to keep it fresh, I'm guessing a fox." 
Pawsteps came from outside the den. "Fox? Did someone say a fox is close by?" A calico shecat entered the den, her once beautiful pelt, now ruffled up, and dull. Thistle flicked his tail. "Squirrel said she found this mouse buried near the twolegplace." 
Fern blinked at Squirrel, and then at the mouse, her eyes wide with hunger. Without saying anything else, she pushed forward past them, and dug into the mouse. After she finished, she licked her whiskers, and looked up from her crouch. "Doesn't matter. Any prey is needed for us, fox prey or not." 
Squirrel nodded, and yawned. "I'm going to go to sleep now," She meowed, "It's dusk already, and I'm too tired to hunt more." Thistle nodded, although he left the den instead. Fern curled up, her nose covered by her tail, and finally, Squirrel fell asleep in her own nest as well. 
Dawn creeped up, sending rays of sunlight through the den. Squirrel flicked her ear as a drop of water fell on her head. She stretched and got up, sighing as she noticed a patch in the den's roof. As she slipped through the den, a sudden jolt of realization struck her. The snow was melting! She felt the slush underpaw, and wrinkled her nose as mud splashed onto her paws. Better start hunting before all the prey drowns in this! She thought, eager to catch something and feel her claws dig into warm flesh. She hopped over the slush, making her way to the area of the forest besides the twolegplace. Maybe there'll be more hidden prey there... She wondered. Once she arrived, she noticed a few holes dug up. Something else had taken it before she had the chance. With disappointment, she peered into the nearest hole, noticing a half-eaten shrew laying inside. She lunged down, hooking her paws onto the prey, and throwing it out the hole. Free food for me! However, right when she thought it would be her lucky day, she felt something pummel into her side. Landing with a thud, she croaked, her breath lost and her eyes wide from the shock of the attack. A gray tabby tom was looming over her, his ears ragged, and his pelt smelling like crow-food and monsters. Finally reaching her senses, she startled the cat back by leaping to her paws and pushing him over. She pinned him down with accuracy, her claws gleaming in the sunlight as they unsheathed and pierced his fur lightly. 
The tom, surprisingly twitched his whiskers in amusement, a quiet purr rumbling from his throat. "A feisty one, aren't you?" He chuckled. To Squirrel's astonishment, he wasn't fighting back at all. Now, seeing him even clearer, she realized he had scars across his muzzle, and his chest. She felt hot-headed as he smiled at her in amusement, and quickly stepped off of him. Squirrel gave her chest a couple licks in embarrassment and frustration. "Who are you?" She meowed, meeting his cool gaze cautiously. The tom lifted his muzzle. "My name's Rat." 
Squirrel made a face, confused to why any mother would name their kit, "Rat". 
"And what are you doing here, exactly?" 
Rat snorted. "Actually, the question should be, what are you doing here?" 
Squirrel glared at him with confusion. "Huh?" 
"That's my shrew you took. And my mouse you stole yesterday, I'm guessing." 
Squirrel flattened her ears, pawing the half-eaten shrew towards him. "Err, sorry." 
Rat shrugged. "No need, I don't mind sharing my prey with a pretty she-cat like you."
Squirrel stared at him, her ear-tips warm. Was he really going to try and flirt with her?
"Well, uh, thanks," She meowed, wearily bending down to take a bites from the shrew. 
After she finished up, she sat down, curling her tail around her paws. She had felt a bit uncomfortable with the tom watching her eat every bite of the shrew, but realized that it would be mouse-brained to leave her un-guarded. "So, um, you're not from around here, are you?" She questioned, trying not to twist her face up at his scent. Rat nodded. "You're right, I come from the twolegplace, but I'm not a kittypet." 
Squirrel flicked her tail. "You're a rogue then." Rat nodded, shrugging. 
"Do you want to come?" 
Squirrel shuffled her paws. "What?" 
"To the twolegplace, I can show you the world my home." 
Squirrel glanced behind her shoulder, and back. "I don't know, my mother is probably waiting for me..." She paused as Rat gave her an amused look, "But Thistle, my brother, he's probably brought back prey for her today anyways." Rat nodded, getting up to his paws and flicked his tail. Squirrel followed him, as he lead her towards the twolegplace. They leapt over a fence, Squirrel frowning as she struggled to keep balance on the top of it. They crossed a few yards, and clawed down onto a stone-path. A thunderpath was stretched out in front of them, going four separate ways. She noticed the buildings began to grow taller here, and wrinkled her nose at the scents. As if reading her mind, Rat purred. "You'll get used to it, trust me." Yea, and that's when I'll begin to smell like it too! Squirrel followed him, her paws aching from the hard floor as they trekked on. Finally, the gray tom neared an abandoned twoleg den, much larger then the rest. "We're here," He turned to her, his playful gaze now stone cold, "Try to not get too involved." Squirrel tilted her head, puzzled by this, but followed him in anyways. She blinked her eyes as she adjusted to the dim surroundings. It was dark, but after a while, she noticed glowing eyes blinking from the shadows. A few cats approached them, and Squirrel felt her pelt prickle uneasily. Rat brushed his fur against her's. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you as long as you don't say anything." He nodded to the cats. "This is Jingle, Shard, and Minkura. Shard is our leader." He explained as the cats stared at her, some amused, some annoyed, and some curious. Who are the other two? She wondered, but dared not to ask. After Rat discusses with Shard, explaining who Squirrel was, he turned to her, his gaze reassuring. She pressed against his pelt as a few toms eyed her with scowls. "Can we go now? I think I've seen enough." She meowed in a whisper. Rat nodded, flicking his tail as he lead her out. Once they reched the forest, he turned to her. "What did you think?" 
Squirrel's fur bristled. "It was horrible! I thought you lived alone, why did you take me there anyways?" Rat seemed taken aback for a moment, pain flashing in his eyes. Squirrel flet a bit sorry for him, but kept her mouth shut. 
"I-I thought you'd be interested-"
"In you? You thought I'd be interested in being your mate, and living with you?" She hissed, frustrated by him. 
Rat stared at the ground for a few heartbeats, and finally met her sharp green gaze. 
"Would you still want to be friends?" 
Squirrel blinked, her whiskers twitching. "I guess."
Rat nodded, flicking his tail. "I'd better be going now. See you around?" 
Squirrel nodded slowly, "Yea, see you." 

Chapter 6:

Squirrel blinked open her eyes as sun shined through the bracken that wove through the den. She stretched in her nest, and padded out right after. As she slipped through the entrance, she noticed a bundle of gray and brown-ginger fur in the corner of her eye. "Goodmorning, Thistle." She meowed, shortly yawning afterwards.
Thistle nodded in return, his gaze still fixed off into the woods beyond. After a few moments of silence, he turned to her. "Squirrel, I need to tell you something," He meowed, shifting his paws.
Squirrel nodded. "Go on." She hadn't ever seen him so nervous before.
"I'm," He began, stopping suddenly, and taking a short breath, "I'm leaving."
Squirrel blinked in bewilderment. She knew this day would come, but she never really thought of it clearly. She never expected it so soon after Berry's death. Did he not care about Fern? How frail she was these days? As if her mother could hear her thoughts, a ginger, and black pelt appeared from the den. Thistle opened his mouth to explain to her, but she shook her head. "I know, I was listening." She meowed, her gaze flicking away, avoiding his. "Just go. Whoever it is, I hope you start a good life with her."
Thistle nodded, and sorrow filled his gaze as he touched noses with his mother, and licked her forehead. "Goodbye," He meowed, nodding to Squirrel as well, "Hunt with me one last time?"
Squirrel didn't know what to say, but got up to her paws. With a nod, she followed him off into the frosty woods. The floor of the forest was cold, and hard, but the snow turned into smaller patches instead of deep slush. This was the last time she'd share these woods with her brother. The last time they'd talk about their favorite prey, and the last time they'd hunt together. With a halt, she skidded to a stop in a thick pile of snow, turning to face Thistle. "Why are you going so soon?" She blurted out, unable to hold the words in anymore.
Thistle dipped his head, understanding her feelings. "I want to start a new life, and I know I've found the one I love. I love her more then these old woods, and I want to leave to stay with her," He meowed, shrugging, "And It's not just about that, I want to see what's out there. I want to explore, not be stuck here!"
Squirrel nodded, although her throat swelled as she held in a sob. "I get it," She meowed, the itching feeling to run off into the distance bothering her. But the picture of Fern in her mind, weak, and old, dragged her back to home. "I hope you catch good prey, and-and have a good life without us. I'll miss you," She meowed, resting her chin on his shoulder. Thistle nuzzled her cheek, and flicked his tail, one final goodbye in his eyes as he turned, and went onward. Squirrel stood there, watching him go. Although his absence wasn't the only thing on her mind, but another thought. His choice to leave home and start a new life. Was it time for Squirrel to do the same? What about her mother?

The sun was lowering in the sky as she padded back to the den, a rabbit in her jaws. The prey was heavier then she thought, and her teeth ached by the time she set it down at her mothers' paws. The two shecats chewed on the meat later that day, quiet, but both knowing how each other felt. They were alone now, only having each other. Finally, after most of the rabbit had been finished off, her mother raised her gaze to meet Squirrel's. "Don't you think it's time you start your own life as well?" She meowed, causing Squirrel to stare at her, unexpected for her mother to accidentally read her thoughts. "I...I do," She meowed, lowering her green gaze down to the leftovers, "But, what about you? You're weak!"
To Squirrel's surprise, she heard a purr rumble from her mother's throat. "I know I'm old, you can say it in my face for all I care! My muzzle doesn't hide it anyways." She lifted her nose, her graying hairs visible in the setting sunlight.
Squirrel flicked her tail, shrugging. "It just doesn't feel right to leave you here alone."
Fern dipped her head. "I see, but I'm not going to force you to leave," She meowed, getting up to her paws, and licking her whiskers. Her mother padded towards the den, and turned to look over her shoulder. "Just remember, listen to your heart."
Squirrel sat out in the evening, listening to the birds chirp. But if she were to leave, who would she leave to? A distant memory of a gray tom, battle-scarred, but with deep blue eyes. Rat. Her mind wandered, would she leave her mother to live with him? In the twolegplace? Maybe it was what her heart wanted, but she just wasn't listening. With one last glance at the few stars twinkling above as the sky grew dark, she padded into the den, and curled up to sleep.

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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Chapter 2 is finished. Chapter 3 is a wip.

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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fox no

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 are finished.

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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Chapter 5 is finished!

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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Chapter 6 is up! Yea, sorry it's a bit short, but whatever.

I still have no idea if anyone actually read this thing. lol

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Re: Squirrel's Vengeance

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