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HTTYD: Dragonese Guide

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HTTYD: Dragonese Guide

Post by Mistpool on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:27 pm

At the Request of someone, I have added Dragonese

This is a guide to talk to your dragon!

Basic Words
Howdeedothere - Hello
Mama - Mother
Pappa - Dad
Nee-ah - No
Yesse/Ta/Yow - Yes
Miaowla/Miaw miaw - Cat
Na - Don't
Yum-yum - Bite
Di - The

More Vocabulary
Pishyou - Please
Thankee - Thank you
Munch-Munch - Eat
Crappa Cack-Cack - Poo
Botti Bum - Bottom
No like it - I don't like it
Me like it - I do like it
Gobba - Spit
Botty-crackers/Buttok-thunders/Smelly-breezers - Farts
Chuck-it-up - To be sick
Yum-yum on di bum - To bite someone on the bottom
Yum-yum on di tum - To bite someone on the stomach
Yum-yum on di thumb - To bite someone on the finger
Dim-woof - Dog
Squeaky-snack - Mouse
Pestistings - Nanodragons
Randifloss - Rabbits
Scrumlush - Delicious
Doubly yuck-yuck - Disgusting
Sleepy-Slab - Bed
Do di chuckli ha-has - To laugh
Piss-people - Enemy
Do di wobbly screamers - To throw a tantrum
Do di screemi beserkers - To lose your temper
Swappa da yucki/Do di heebi jeebys - To kiss
'es alright reely - To love
Da wingless - Humans
Snotting-gum - Boogers
Ow-lika-dentipull - Agony
Farin okey?- How do you do?
Warm Woofs - Hot dogs/sausages
Me likee - I like you
Di out abba-me? - Go out with me
Do di onga - To play
Chocklush - chocolate
Greenclaw crapspot - Dragon toilets
Snik-Snak - Biscuit
Bang Splosh - Bang splat
Middling - middle
Some Basic Phrases
Nee-ah crappa inna di hoosus, pishyou. - No pooping inside the house please.
Mi Mama no likeit yum-yum on di bum. - My Mother does not like to be bitten on the bottom.
Pishyou keendlee gobba oot mi freeundlee? - Please would you be so kind as to spit my friend out?
Doit a wummortime. - Let's try that again.

Ok so you don't need to post these. Just do it in a different colour or something

Credit to HTTYD wiki
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