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Post by Hela on Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:31 am

*You come across a old book sitting in the hall. No one is around, so you open it to find a letter scribbled.
'I give this book to whomever wishes to learn about the dragon's breeding habits. Please, pass this on when you have finished with it, for others need to learn.
-Áshildr Björnsdotti

You open the book and look at the first chapter.

Sharp Class:

Winged Dragons:

These sharp class dragons are very picky when it comes to mates. They pick the strongest, fastest or just the handsomest mate. The males show off by spreading their wings and roaring as load as they can into the sky. The females choose who they wish and they stay with the male for the rest of their lives. Another way is for the male to choose the loveliest female.
Wingless Dragons:

These dragons tend to just choose another dragon. They keep an eye out for the best one, the one who will give them the strongest offspring. The males use their speed to race other dragons and will also try their hardest on hunts to get mates.

Razorwhips are very protective dragons. They come together once during breeding season then they leave. If the males come across their young, they will attack and kill them. That is why these dragons are very picky about spots for their young.

Tracker Class:


The Tracker class dragons tend to mate out of the best hunters. The best female and male hunters get first pick while the worse ones get the dragons that aren't picked. However, these dragons tend to choose their mates out of attraction/love.

[spoiler=Boulder Class]
The Boulder class dragons become mates out of sexual attraction.
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