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Post by Daisyleap on Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:04 pm


Each test-tube baby (WORKERS OR OTHER CHARACTERS CANNOT HAVE POWERS UNLESS PLOT RELATED) can have three powers maximum. But they can't all be extremely powerful, like teleportation, mind-reading, and shapeshifting into a deathly tiger.
Each can have a positive power, which is their most used power and most powerful (ex, minor telekinesis, minor shapeshifting (maximum forms to shapeshift are 4), etc), a neutral power, which MUST BE an element (ex, shooting water out of their wrists, creating a strong gust of wind, summoning a fireball into their hands, etc), and a negative power, which is a power that is barely useful or has huge consequences to their body if they ever use them (ex, invisibility but every time you do it you slowly fade into nonexistence, etc). Please remember that each power, no matter positive, neutral, or negative, must have a tax. Nobody is that overpowered that they can just use their powers without being hurt. You may choose the tax of each person's power as long as it is reasonable. Most powers are acceptable as long as I approve of it, but it would be great if most of the powers are taken from the list below.



Telepathy/Mind Reading
Shapeshifting (1-2 animals, 3-4 animals)
Freezing Time (maximum of 5 minutes)
Flight (with recognizable wings, without wings)
(these are the most common powers seen with each test-tube baby, despite the rarity. if you would like a different positive power, please contact me)


Light (creating beams of light, blinding, create illusions)
Shadows (hide in the dark, control and create large areas of darkness)
Water (control and create large areas of water)
Fire (control and create large areas of fire)
Earth (control and manipulate earth and land)
Air (control and manipulate air and wind)
Electricity (creating beams of electricity, creating lightning and paralyzing people)
Cosmic (the abilities of space and the cosmos)
Poison (able to poison anything they touch)
Ghost (becoming invisible and cloaking anything they touch)

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