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Post by Daisyleap on Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:17 pm


Post your auditions here! If you have any questions or are wondering if it got accepted, go to out of character discussion to check! The audition form is below, an asterisk means it is optional to put.

Name: This is where you put the name of your character. They're humans, so don't call them Lollipop or Sugar like you would name a cat or something.
Age: Any age within the range of 15-27 FOR TEST-TUBE BABIES. Scientists, guards, and other ranks can have any age (sensibly, not a 93-year-old).
Gender: Male or female (transgender is allowed but it might be hard to roleplay).
Rank: The Dangerous Seven, Scientist (specifically, look at original topic for more info), Guard (specifically), Worker (specifically), other test-tube baby, etc. If you are making a test-tube baby, please put the generation and egg clutch they came from (all Dangerous Seven's are from the seventh generation, alpha clutch).
Appearance: Including your character's hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. *OPTIONAL WITH PICTURE*
Accessories/Scars: Any jewelry, other accessories, etc, or scars like scratches and bites. *OPTIONAL*
Personality: Just the basic traits of your character. It can be detailed or listed in columns; positive traits, neutral traits, and negative traits.
Powers: Only add this to your audition if you are making a test-tube baby! Other ranks such as scientists and guards do not have powers. Look at the approved powers post for more information.
Illness(es): Only add this if you are making a test-tube baby (ALL TEST-TUBE BABIES HAVE ILLNESSES). Dangerous Seven or otherwise, they were all exposed to the radiation so they'll have some sort of mental disease. Please be sensible when adding this and respect the people that might actually have this illness! The maximum mental illnesses one character can have is 2.
Past: Any history about your character can go here, like who their parents were, etc. *OPTIONAL*
Other: You can put anything extra about your character here. *OPTIONAL*

If you need a clean copy, copy and paste the one below! Feel free to customize the audition format but make sure to include this information. To see the characters and reserved ranks, go to the allegiances topic.


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We're Sick - Auditions Alleyo10
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We're Sick - Auditions Empty lulu verdale - dangerous seven

Post by Lunaar on Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:28 pm

We're Sick - Auditions Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjLNhvJ7XIKx2fchMcIZ8oXM4qKbuKR1Wy_o8Dkek6U8c9eiZq
lulu verdale holding roses
lulu verdale
16 year old girl
the dangerous seven
➤ a pretty short girl with blue eyes and dark pale
skin. she has dark brown hair and some freckles 
near her nose, she also has a scar in the shape 
of a rose on her neck.
➤ lulu is a quiet and judgmental girl, she
doesn't like to talk to people and gets bad
anxiety when she is in big groups of people. 
she is honest and reasonable, but can be
cold when arguing. she is intelligent, but doesn't
prefer to share her ideas, unless needed.
telekinesis [gets major headaches after using it
for a long time or lifting heavy objects]
poison [can poison things at will, but when upset or
aggravated can do it uncontrollably, gets short
nosebleeds after doing it at will, or passes out when
doing it uncontrollably, or at will.]
magnetic [uses telekinesis with this, to force things
to stick together, gets major nosebleeds and 
short, but hurting headaches afterwards.]
➤ illnesses-
hemophilia [bleeds longer
than others after injuries]
anxiety [gets anxiety when
in a group of people, or
put in the "spotlight"]

lulu was born on june 1st, and lived a normal life,
until she went into the rosebush. she got herself 
some cuts, they burned, and eventually healed. 
she woke up the next day feeling... weird. she felt
a pain on her neck and went into the bathroom..
to figure out she had a rose scar. she ignored it 
and did her chores, water the plants- she watered them,
then touched them, and they... somehow died..? she got
confused, and continously killed plants with her poison,
and managed to break a vase before her mother's eyes
with telekinesis. she got taken away shorty after, screaming
and crying. she isn't as social anymore, and doesn't have
many.. "friends."

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