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Post by Hela on Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:25 pm

Audition Guide
Every time you need to create a new character, post here with these guides. Please use the same post each time but edit it.


Name: Self explanatory. Except no modern names.
Gender: .... Male or Female or Trans etc
Age: ....
Rank: Hunter, Gatherer, Leader, Mage Etc
Other Pets: ....
Preferred weapon: WEAPON

Appearance: What they look like
Personality: What they act like
Skills: (Out of ten)
Fighting -
Fishing -
Swimming -
Herb Knowledge -
Speed -
Strength -
Stamina -
Climbing -
Inventing -
Leadership -
Shamanic knowedge -
Creativeness -
Intelligence -
Sailing -

History: Their history


Clean Copies

Clean Copy:

[b]Other Pets:[/b]
[b]Preferred weapon:[/b]

[u][b]Skills: (Out of ten)[/b][/u]
[b]Fighting -[/b]
[b]Fishing -[/b]
[b]Swimming -[/b]
[b]Herb Knowledge -[/b]
[b]Speed -[/b]
[b]Strength -[/b]
[b]Stamina -[/b]
[b]Climbing -[/b]
[b]Inventing -[/b]
[b]Leadership -[/b]
[b]Shamanic knowedge -[/b]
[b]Creativeness -[/b]
[b]Intelligence -[/b]
[b]Sailing -[/b]



Also note that they use different vocaburary then us. They call their family Kin, Son/daughter, their husband/wife is their name/mate etc
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.: WSA ~ Auditions :. Empty Lulu, Leader of SwanClan

Post by Savannah on Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:37 am

Name: Lulu (It means Rabbit!)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Rank: Leader of SwanClan
Other Pets: A dog named Hachi
Preferred weapon: Spear/Bow

Appearance: Lulu is short and stocky, the opposite of what you would think to be a leader. She has long black hair and wears traditional Navajo tribe clothing. (Look it up) 

Personality: Lulu is very kind and considerate. She will always think of others before herself. As an apprentice she put every bit of energy she could into training herself to become a great warrior and leader. She trained equally in each but he exceeded in fighting. Lulu is loyal to her warriors and her clan, but Lulu bottles up her emotions so as not to get others involved for fear of making them unhappy. Lulu is conservative in almost every way. She sticks to the traditions of the clans and continues to try and pass them down onto children and warriors, and she is overly critical and is always pointing out mistakes.

Skills: (Out of ten)
Fighting - 6
Fishing - 4
Swimming - 3
Herb Knowledge - 1
Speed - 8
Strength - 7
Stamina - 6
Climbing - 2
Inventing - 2
Leadership - 9
Shamanic knowedge - 3
Creativeness - 7
Intelligence - 9
Sailing - 3

History: Lulu was one of 3 out of her Kin. Due to Lulu's more hardworking personality, she was closer with her brother, not so much with her sister. She didn't get along very well with his parents since she wasn't like her sister, even though her sister was lazy and cruel. Her mom never seemed to mind, but it bothered her father more than it should. She lost her parents when she was young to a bear, and she was the last of her siblings become a warriors.

Crush: N/A (I'm the first audition I'll change it later)
Mate: N/A
Kids: N/A
Mother: Macha (Dead
Father: Elsu (Dead
Kin: Dakota (Sister, Open), Achanu (Brother, Open)
Sexuality: Bisexual

(Just to note this will give you name ideas if you don't have any)
(And yes I did research on all of this)

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