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Season & Time of Day:
Newleaf (Mar/Apr/May)
Mid-afternoon (4-5pm)

Weather & News:
Snow is beginning to fall on the territories, covering everything in a blanket of soft white powder. The winds are chilly coming off of the mountains, and it is suggested that everyone save their strength for hunting and training to defend your territory.
WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Lily's Tragic Love Story And The Royal Knights and the one theif!

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Lily's Tragic Love Story And The Royal Knights and the one theif!

Post by Hela on Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:01 pm

Lily's Tragic Love Story:

'Imagine a world without love. That is the world where many of the cats live in today. For example, Littlelily, A young Forestclan she-cat. She fell in love with Darkshadow, who she now has kits with. However, Viperstar does not allow this. Cats must be paired with another cat of a different gender who has different genetics. This is so they can make the best possible offspring. Littlelily was a hunter of Forestclan, as with Sandpelt. They were to be paired together to make better hunters, however Darkshadow and Littelily became mates. Viperstar banished them and they went away, sadly.'

Chapter one, Toxicheart's Love:

"Toxicheart, look at our kits!"
Toxicheart looks down at the beautiful calico she-cat with their kits. He is one of the few cats who has been paired with his love of his life, Calicoheart. Next to the hunter is three beautiful kits. Toxicheart smiles, reaching down and licking Calicoheart's head. "Their beautiful.
The Royal Knights And the One Theif:

The Knight Code of Warriorclan Castle is very special. Unlike others who have just laws, they have a code. Now, that code goes like this:
Ask any of the castle's  for help if you need it; purple means they are an royal, and dark blue means they are a general. Please follow whatever they say, as they are more experienced and understand what’s going on within the site. Ignoring them or replying with abuse is only going to result in the banning process.

Everyone who is a knight on this kingdom has to follow the rules. If they do not, the process is as follows:
-THREE warnings will be issued initially.
-If the knight does not change, there will be a 24 HOUR BAN (1 full day)
-If the knight continues to disobey, ONE WARNING will be issued, before a 168 HOUR BAN (7 full days)
-If the knight still continues to disobey, a FULL KNIGHT AND KINGDOM BAN will be issued.
*No exceptions to these rules are allowed, except in serious occasions where a knight has complete disregard for rules. They will be completely banned immediately.

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