The North Wind; the Summer Cove

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The North Wind; the Summer Cove Empty The North Wind; the Summer Cove

Post by Willowstorm on Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:09 pm

The Summer Cove is a sacred place for the cats of the North Wind, located in the centre of their territory and only accessible from early spring to mid autumn. It is a slightly raised area in the middle of their forest and because of this, often gets covered in snows before anything else. A ring of gnarled trees line the outside, good for climbing and hunting in, though it is in the centre that is what is special. A ring of white stones not unlike the ones in the Shelter surround a large, clear stone that shimmers in the sunlight and casts beautiful colours everywhere, attracting birds and smaller prey to the area, which the hunters take good advantage of as much as they can during the warmer moons. Not much in terms of healing herbs grow here but it is known as an area of peace; if you are feeling troubled, the Summer Stone will speak to you and guide you through whatever worry you may be having.


The story of the Summer Cove is spoken from the oldspirits to the kits, though it is only the greenclaws and their coldpaws that know the true details of it. The Stone was uncovered by North and his followers while they were first scoping out the new lands that their ancestors had guided them to, and it was by the stone that he was murdered by his own mate. The greenclaws say that it was his claws that first marked the stone, and he is the reason why the future leaders also choose to mark the stone once they retire too. When a leader is to be accepted they are taken in front of the stone and given a blessing by Terris, often bestowing upon them a hint of their futures too. The leaders can choose to do whatever they wish with the information.

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