The Order's Camp: Danica's Resting Place

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The Order's Camp: Danica's Resting Place  Empty The Order's Camp: Danica's Resting Place

Post by Viper on Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:02 am

The Order cats are known for their excellent climbing skills, which makes it easy to understand as to why their camp in actually in the Treetops. They named the place Danica's Resting Place, in representation of the deity Valen presents as well as the peaceful feeling the area offers any who enter. The leaves of the trees are dense and tightly packed together, which, with some reinforcement from The Order, became a strong barrier against the natural elements. All the dens are connected, with Valen's being at the outer most part of camp, and the nursery being in the middle. Closely surrounding the queens and kits are the dens for the Low Council, the Healer's den, and a cluster of leaves that serves as the place for the prey pile. On opposite sides are the Fighters and the Hunter's dens, with the matching apprentice dens being slightly inward towards the center. Each den is made primarily of leaves, but with dried mud, sticks, and other materials found on the forest floor, they were built up into the strong structures they are now; the new growth of plants only strengthening each den. Finally, the entrance to the camp in through a hollow tree which the cats must climb up before treading along the branches that serve as the camp floor. The entrance is directly next to the 'Blessed Limb,' a branch upon which Valen makes announcements and performs ceremonies.
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