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Clan Information
Season & Time of Day:
Leaf-fall (Sep-Oct-Nov)
Dawn (6-8am)
Next Gathering: leaf-bare

Weather & News:
The cold of leaf-fall is starting to set in. Leaves lay thick on the ground, and prey is starting to slowly but surely disappear.
An earthquake has shaken the forest, causing an abrupt ending to the gathering. The Clans have yet to fully assess the damage done by the quake.


Leader: Robinstar (@Quake)
Deputies: Tigerstorm (@Lily), Scorchthicket (@Feather)
Medicine cat: Coldfoot (@Leopardspots)

Medicine apprentices: Tulipsnow (@Willowstorm), (reserved)


Leader: Finchstar (@Willowstorm)
Deputies: Floralight (@Jack), Feathercrest (@Aquastar)
Medicine cat: Tanglepath (@Leopardspots)
Medicine apprentices: Glowingstream (@Feather), Gullpaw (@Wish)


Leader: Turtlestar (@Leopardspots)
Deputies: Brindlestorm (@Snoo), Sharktooth (@Willowstorm)
Medicine cat: Autumnsky (@Feather)

Medicine apprentices: Sunshadow (@Jack), Peachpaw (@Daisyleap)


Leader: Snowystar (@Aquastar)
Deputies: Stagshade (@Leopardspots), Tawnyspots (@Sushi)
Medicine cat: Dovelight (@Lily)
Medicine apprentices: (reserved), Aspenpaw (@Skybreeze)


Leader: Poolstar (@Feather)
Deputies: Lupinfrost (@Willowstorm), Wolfwatcher (@Jack)
Medicine cat: Mintsky (@Aquastar)
Medicine apprentices: Quartzshine (@Metzi), Vanillapaw (@Sushi)
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