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WaterClan is discussing a way to get rid of their alligator problem before leafbare truly sets in, while DuskClan is still facing an epidemic of sickness. FireClan and FrostClan have become cautious allies with BrightClan, since the prophecy contained all three Clans, and are trying to find a way to get rid of the rogues.


Jadestar (@Viper) - 9 lives

Deputies: Dragonmoon (@Aquastar), Heathermoon (@Valkyrie)

Medicine cats: Hollyshade (@Daisyleap), {reserved} (@Orion)

M/c apprentices: Tulippaw (@Willowstorm), {reserved} (@Panthermask)


Redstar (@Daisyleap) - 8 lives

Deputies: Sparkfeather (@Aquastar), Darkshadow (@Baydream)

Medicine cats: Soraflight (@Leopardspots), Mudstreak(@Aquastar)

M/c apprentices: Owlpaw(@Willowstorm), Flurrypaw (@Valkyrie)

Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


Sandstar (@Aquastar) - 5 lives

Deputies: Turtlesplash (@Leopardspots), Nightfoot (@Daisyleap)

Medicine cats: Peachcloud(@Daisyleap), Autumnsky (@Viper)

M/c apprentices: Beechpaw (@Baydream), {reserved} (@Savannah)

Notice: WaterClan's Camp is currently located in their Swampy Forest due to flooding.


Ivorystar (@Willowstorm) - 3 lives

Deputies: Lynxcloud (@Daisyleap), Snowpuddle (@Snoo)

Medicine cats: Hazelflight (@Leopardspots), Seabreeze (@Baydream)

M/c apprentices: Mistpool (@Orion), {reserved} (@Aquastar)


Dapplestar (@Leopardspots) - 2 lives

Deputies: Cloverlily (@Daisyleap), {reserved}

Medicine cats: Ivyfeather (@Aquastar), Falconswoop (@Willowstorm)

M/c apprentices: Longpaw (@Daisyleap), {reserved}
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Oceanspark of BrightClan

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Oceanspark of BrightClan

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:14 pm

Name: Oceankit - Oceanpaw - Oceanspark
35 moons
kit - apprentice - warrior - queen - warrior
Oceanspark is a short-furred tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. She has a soft, silky pelt that she keeps clean often. She has a nick in her right ear and a small scratch across her muzzle. Oceanspark has small legs which give her a disadvantage when running. She isn't very slender or tall but she still has a lot of stamina.
-Protective, Cunning, Honest, Quick-Thinking, Friendly, Motherly-
-Curious, Distant, Proud, Naive, Quiet-
-Abrasive, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Irritable, Blunt-
Oceanspark had a litter of three kits so she's grown to be very protective and motherly over really anybody now. She was taught by her own mother how to be very manipulative and get cats to do whatever she wants. Despite Oceanspark being almost the complete opposite of Ravenstep, she still holds on to that trait. Oceanspark is a quick thinker but she makes sure her actions will benefit everyone before she does anything. Oceanspark is friendly to her Clanmates but very fierce towards enemies. She always had a disliking for rogues and she isn't afraid to shred them to pieces if she wants to. She has been in a few physical fights with outsiders because of her curiosity and eagerness to get out of camp, but nothing too serious. She can be naive if someone puts enough effort to make her believe something, but that doesn't tie well together with her being manipulative as well. She doesn't like to talk much, and believes that actions are bigger than words. This makes other cats think of her as distant, but really she's just quiet. If Oceanspark has a goal, she will work towards it with all of her might. She is very proud when she finishes a task or has an accomplishment, and it can get to the point where she gloats to other cats. On the negative side of things, she can be abrasive, stubborn, sarcastic, irritable, and blunt.
Skills: Out of 10~
Fighting 4/10
Hunting 7/10
Swimming 5/10
Running 2/10
Climbing 6/10

Leadership 5/10
Memory 8/10
Stamina 8/10
Logic 6/10
Agility 5/10
Herbs 1/10
Stealth 5/10
Sight 9/10
Scent 8/10
Mother: Ravenstep
Father: Crowflight
Littermate: Ashfeather(brother)
Love Life:
Crush: Rabbitnose
Mate: Rabbitnose
Kits: Rushfeather(daughter), Thornwater(son), Lionkit(son)
Grandchildren: Storkkit(grandson)
Apprentice: none
Mentor: Blizzardpelt(past)
Other Relationships:
Rosedawn: Rosedawn is her daughter's mate, and Oceanspark is glad that Rushfeather met such a friendly young she-cat.
Brookfire: Rabbitnose's sister, someone who Oceanspark doesn't exactly enjoy to be around with.
Ebonypaw: Ebonypaw occasionally plays around with Storkkit and is always very nice to Oceanspark and her family.
Oceanspark was born into EchoClan to two brave warriors named Ravenstep and Crowflight. She was a playful, energetic kit and would do anything to just see outside of camp. Her littermate, Ashfeather, would always follow her around like a sidekick, but they'd often take the blows together whenever they got in trouble. One day when Oceanspark and Ashfeather were halfway through their apprentice training, a huge tornado hit EchoClan and StormClan territory, destroying practically everything. Oceanspark and Ashfeather lost their mother and father to the storm, and when the survivors from both Clans were brought together to travel to find new territory, they tried to be strong about it, but ended up becoming a mess when they reached BrightClan. Ashfeather became more distant after he met a she-cat and they became mates, but Oceanspark was still in grief and shock over the death of her parents. On top of all that, she was having trouble adjusting to BrightClan life. She met a BrightClan apprentice named Rabbitnose who was five moons older than her. He helped her with training and they quickly befriended each other. When they received their warrior names, Oceanspark and Rabbitnose grew closer and became mates. A few moons later, Oceanspark gave birth to a litter of three kits, whom she named Rushkit, Thornkit, and Lionkit. Rushkit and Thornkit grew to become Rushfeather and Thornwater, but Lionkit died at a young age from greencough. Oceanspark misses Lionkit dearly, and his death is probably the reason why she has become so protective and motherly over other cats.

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