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Ice's Sorrow

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Ice's Sorrow

Post by Aquastar on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:27 am

just a little thing I thought I'd make

The snow was falling and Ice was forced to find shelter. He ran through howling wind that  chilled him down to the bone. He finally found shelter, a small hole in the ground that led to a cave. He padded inside and a cat gave an awkward cough. "I have visitors..?" The voice rasped, Ice looked around and locked eyes with a russet she-cat. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude." Ice said as he started to walk to the exit. "No." The she-cats said, he arm stretching out for him. "Please stay here. It's so lonely." There was an odd moment of silence where the only thing the two cats heard was the howling wind. "Alright. Thank you so much." Ice said and sat down next to her. "What is your name?" The she-cat asked. "I'm Ice. Who are you?" He said. "I'm Denise. Nice to meet you." She said. There was something about her that made Ice's heart feel warm. Ice opened his mouth to ask a question but Denise put her tail over his mouth. "We should sleep. It's getting late." She said. She went to the end of the cave and Ice decided to stay near the entrance where she could still hear the wind. I think I'm in love with Denise. I know some cats who can heal her.... but what about Whitefeather? That doesn't matter. I'm not a clan cat anymore. Ice's mind was racing. I'll think about it later. He thought and lay down.

Ice opened his eyes and saw starry cats. "SoulClan? But I'm not a clan cat anymore!" He said. A very familiar shape padded up to him. "You don't need to be in a clan to believe." She said. "Primrosekit!" Ice said as he took a few steps toward his deceased kit. Primrosekit quickly stepped back. "You have betrayed mother and all of your kits." She said angrily. Ice laughed. "You mean Icebreeze. She's actually fine with this." Ice said. Primrosekit growled. "Don't you remember? She had more kits. They are growing up with the fact that their father betrayed the clan." Primrosekit stepped back to reveal 5 small kits sleeping in the apprentices den. "Lightningpaw, Ivypaw, Snowpaw, Breezepaw, and Blizzardpaw." She said. "Five little kits without a father." She snarled. "Five little kits who will nevertheless understand what it's like to have a full family." Ice felt like his heart was being torn into two. He loved Denise but he had his kits. "I'll go back to my kits. I promise." He said.

Ice ran out in the cover of the darkness. He ran and ran but was attacked by a wild cat. He fought desperately but exhaustion took over and he was left to die by the cat.

Whitefeather decided to go for a walk the day after the blizzard. Her kits were all busy with their mentors and she was left at camp. "What a lovely day." She said and then smelled something dying. "Probably a rabbit." She said to herself but the scent was too strong to be a rabbit. Then she saw it, a very familiar gray-white shape was laying right in front of her. The smell of blood hit her nose as she tried to recognize the cat through all of the blood. "W-Whitefeather? Is that you?" The voice said. Whitefeather no couldn't believe it. "Ice!" She screamed. "I need to find cobwebs and...." she trailed off. "No... its fine. I can hear Primrosekit calling me. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you. Do me a favor and tell our kits that I am very proud of them for being strong. Goodbye Whitefeather, I will always love you, even of I don't make it to SoulClan." Ice rasped and closed his eyes.

Whitefeather sat with Ice until his last breath, then buried him next to Primrose's old grave. She will never forget his promise of love, even when she dies.

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Re: Ice's Sorrow

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:30 am

I love this Sad

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Re: Ice's Sorrow

Post by Willowstorm on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:13 pm


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Re: Ice's Sorrow

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