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Notice: FireClan camp is temporarily located within FrostClan due to the rogue takeover.


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Silverfang and Wrenfeather of WaterClan

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Silverfang and Wrenfeather of WaterClan

Post by Baydream on Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:55 am

Name: Silverfang
Mate: Birchfawn
Kits: Tansykit, Chervilkit, Sagekit, Mintkit, Turtleshine, and Wrenfeather
Father: Robionwing( Open, Alive)
Mother: Honeywish(Dead)
Siblings: None
                                      About the cat
Age/gender: 30 moons/ tom
Rank: Warrior
Clan: WaterClan
Appearance: Silverfang is a silverfish white tom with long thick fur, and a poufy tail. He was born blind in his right eye, and along that side of his face there is a patch of black from his ear base to his neck. He also has some black on the bottom of his tail, and darker grey on the backs of his legs. His good eye is a amberish gold, and he has a broad frame.

Personality: Silverfang is a caring wise cat that wants to help everyone and everything he stumbles upon. He is very loyal to his mate and clan, and would die for any one of his family members. He is a good father to his kits, and tries to spend a good amount of time with them. He likes to have fun and joke around, but knows when it goes to far. He is constantly butting into other cats problems. but only because he wants to help, and some cats don't like him very much because of that. Silverfang tries to care for his clan as much as he can, and often blames himself to much if he doesn't catch enough prey or a clanmate gets hurt.

                                                    Behind the cat
Past life: Silverfang was born as a blind only kit, and was smothered and spoiled as a kit. He got everything he wanted from his mother, but his father took another approach. He made Silverfang work for everything he wanted in the small amount of time Honeywish was gone. He was more of a disappointed leader to Silverfang then a father, and Silverfang grew closer and closer to his mother, trying to ignore his father as best as possible. When Silverfang was a new warrior his mother passed from Greencough. Silverfang was already friends with Birchfawn at the time, and with his mother gone, he started to spend more time with her. When he was around 15 moons he asked her to be his mate, and she agreed. The have had two healthy litters so far.

Fighting: 8/10
Hunting: 5/10 (His long fur makes hunting hard
Stamina: 6/10
Running: 3/10
Climbing: 1/10
Swimming: 7/10
Herb knowledge: 1/10
Memory: 6/10

Name: Wrenfeather
Mate: N/A
Crush: open  
Kits: N/A
Father: Silverfang
Mother: Birchfawn
Siblings: Turtleshine, Tansykit, Sagekit, Mintkit, and Chervilkit

                                              About the cat
Age/gender: 13 moons/ Female
Rank: Warrior
Clan: WaterClan
Appearance: Wrenfeather is a light brown lean she-cat with long claws and long slender legs. She has one white hind paw, one black hind paw, one white front paw, and one black front paw, along with black ear tips and a white tail tip. She has light green eyes and a pinkish red nose.

Personality: Wrenfeather is a cheerful and sweet cat that always tries to see the bright side of things. She tries to be nice and thoughtful towards her clan, but if someone harms her family or wrongly blames her, she would not be afraid to tell them off. She doesn't like cocky or self observed cats, and tries her best not to be those cats. Wrenfeather is not shy in the least, and would leap into action to defend her friends or family. Wrenfeather tries very hard to help the clan, and hunts as much as she can. She often eats last in the clan, or doesn't eat at all if there isn't enough prey.

                                         Behind the cat.
Past: Wrenfeather was born with her sister to her playful father and caring(?) mother. She has always been close with Turtleshine and loves her dearly. Her mother birthed a new kit in the same moon she became a warrior. Wrenfeather was a bit jealous at first, but has grown to love her three little sisters. She spends a good amount of time playing around with them and teaching them skills. She likes to push them, even at the age they are, to be as strong and fast as possible.

Fighting: 6/10
Hunting: 5/10
Stamina: 8/10
Running: 7/10
Swimming: 6/10
Climbing: 2/10
Memory: 5/10
Herb knowledge: 1/10

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FrostClan: Redstripe, Suntail, Oakpaw , Larksong, Thrushwhisker, Blackfrost Blossomkit, Owlkit, Sorrel(Kit), Pheonixpaw,

BrightClan: Nightmoon, Springpaw, Barkwing, Mudwhisker, Dovefeather, Ivypaw, Lightningpaw, Storkkit, Eagleflame, Seabreeze, Azureflame, Wishflight.

FireClan: Darkshadow, Ravenheart, Sedgekit, Sunflight, Fawnshadow, Wolfkit, Cougarki,

WaterClan: Riverpaw, Stormwing, Wrenfeather, Silverwing, Chervikit, Tansykit,

DuskClan: Honeyfllight, Lilypaw, Mistystorm, Ivorykit, Fawnkit, Icekit, Eaglekit, Thornclaw,

Rouges: Wind, Willow, Shadow, Dust, Sand, Ivy, Blaze, Flash, Scar, Thor, Hatuh, Lapu, Sevel, Breeze, Sparrow(Kit) or (Linx)

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Re: Silverfang and Wrenfeather of WaterClan

Post by Valkyrie on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:43 pm

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